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An Update


It’s been a very long time. In that time, a lot has changed for all of us. After looking back at all the posts we’ve made on this blog, I’d say we’ve matured pretty well. I think I can speak for most of us when I say this blog really helped me better understand and develop myself as a person.

As for now, we’re in our second year of high school, and we’re all still friends. I for one still enjoy making videos, acting in the theater, and playing soccer. I still regularly update my YouTube channel.

This blog is almost acting as a virtual time capsule. I’m looking back at some posts and it’s bringing back a lot of memories. Two years of our lives are documented in 1400 posts. That’s a pretty incredible collection if you ask me.

And what’s new with you? I hope in the last two years you’ve done well with yourself. I remember some of you had a blog of your own, and I’m wondering if you’ve still continued it. I hope that with time came change for you, and I hope that that change has been positive.

Enjoy your life,


The End Of The Road…

Update 3/23/10: I am checking back every so often to look at comments and stats. Strangely enough, we’re still maintaining the same statistics that we had before. We’ve surpassed 700,000 hits, and maybe one day we’ll reach one million. I would like to thank everyone who is still visiting regularly, and viewing my YouTube channel. It means a lot.

Update 2/22/10: It’s been almost a month now. I have spent my time pursuing different goals. I plan on making at least one video a month. I’ve been creating videos using stop motion animation, and am working on a short film called Lazy Sunday. I have a big trip coming up this summer, which involves 3 different continents. The domain of The Panic Button (panicbuttonblog.com) will expire on April 13th. If you wish to come to the blog after that date, you must use cstarr.worpress.com. That’s just about all. Thank you for the wonderful comments :). Please continuously check my YouTube, and Twitter.

Update 1/30/10: We’re going to be keeping the site up. Although we won’t be posting, you can always come here for your daily dose of laughter.

Almost two years ago on April 20th, 2008, Carter and I were slacking off on the Web whilst compiling a science project (for which we received an A, might I add). We had nothing better to do and more civilized than create a blog – for the purpose of which, was unknown. The decision to create a blog was of complete random, and was not discussed nor appropriately thought out. And yet, something with the intention of nil, became an item with profound, undiscovered excellence.

Today, over 1300 posts later, it seems as though we’ve finished our journey.

With this new year many new things have been brought before us. Some of them we would consider hassleful, and others are more initiative. As life progresses, it presents you with more and more tasks to carry. Sometimes you need to let go of some tasks every now and then. The Panic Button is one of them.

In simple, it’s been a long road, but we’re far too busy and old to be involved in the blog anymore. It was fun while it lasted, and it provided us with plenty of great things along the way. Among other things, blogging has inspired me to learn how to make videos, images, web design, and how to appeal to the people. These are skills that will effect the rest of my life, so I consider The Panic Button a milestone for me.

On behalf of The Panic Button we would like to thank you for showing your support, and for visiting frequently.

Contact me:

Sssaam1 @ gmail.com

YouTube: ThePanicButtonBlog
(which I will continue to add videos to)

Just Some Freestylin’

I’m compiling a list of my favorite activities. One of them is

Freestyle Image Editting.

I like to take images and just go crazy on them. I like to change and adjust them, and basically just screw around until I have something cool.

Recently I’ve been doing the iPod silhouette advertisement design. Check out some of my latest ones.

The Beatles – Abbey Road

Conan O’Brian

Jake and Amir


Marco, Polo!

I saw this video on College Humor, it’s hilarious!

Movie In Review: Avatar

I’m really quite speechless about this movie. It was packed with action, adventure, romance, desperation, grievance, and a nice moral along with a great story.


This movie takes place in the year 2154, and tells the story of Jake Sully, a disabled ex-soldier who is taken to the newly discovered Earth-like planet of Pandora. Humans have settled on Pandora and have learned how to put the soul and being of people into embodiments called avatars. These avatars were made with the characteristics of the native intelligent species on Pandora, the Na’vi.

The Na’vi are an indigenous group of blue-skinned humanoids that have their own language and worship nature. They believe that the trees act as a God and they are all interconnected in a vast system of information. Each Na’vi being is equipped with a (for lack of better term) plug that extends from the tails of their hair. They can connect it to animals and plants and can interact with them. They store memories in the large trees.

Pandora is a planet with a magnificent landscape. It is a great example of how far we’ve come with computer graphics. The plants are so detailed and the animals so vividly textured. I saw the movie in 3D, and it was spectacular.

The story depicts the conflict between the Na’vi people and the humans. The humans insist on tearing down the trees so that they can mine the rich rock beneath the ground, but the Na’vi do not want their land to be destroyed. The movie finishes with a spectacular action scene with planes, floating mountains, colorful birds, explosives, and plenty of epic sequences of events.

The movie concludes with an untold moral about how every living thing has significance, and nothing is more important than memories and love.

Go out and see this movie! It will blow your mind!

It’s Saturday Night!

Tonight on Saturday Night Live, Segourney Weaver is hosting!


She played Dr. Grace Augustine in the new movie, Avatar. Unfortunately I’ve been way to busy lately to see the viewer-proclaimed “amazing movie,” but I would like to soon.

Musical guest is the Ting Tings, best known for their songs That’s Not My Name and Shut-Up And Let Me Go.

Have a great Saturday night!


Sorry For The Delay!

Life’s gotten pretty hectic lately. Different situations being thrown at me, and the improper expectation that my abilities enable me to dodge these obstacles with ease. That’s what growing up is all about – experiencing things for the first time so you know your comfortability level with it and so that you don’t act a fool when you do it a second time.

Sometimes laughter is the best way to resolve anger and sadness. Laughter is a type of stimulation usually caused by something being funny. Oftentimes people getting hurt is very funny.

I was messing around with my image editor and decided to make iPod silhouette advertisements. They’re really fun when you get into it!

Here’s me.


Here’s a polar bear!


Here’s Elmo!

In case you can’t tell, Strawberry Fields Forever is playing on each iPod :).