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People Who Own Panic Button Banners!

The following people currently have a Panic Button banner on their site, please check them out
















Wanderings of My Spirit





























Maya’s World













WiiFan7 10







It’s Magic





Tato’s Music






Funny Gang







and Dynamite11

Wanna be on this list? Just add a Panic Button banner!


It’s that easy!

Note: If you have a banner on your site and your name isn’t listed above, please comment below.


120 Responses

  1. sssam my name is ned2007 not ned007

    Sssaam: Woops sorry, I fixed it! A lot of people mess up on my name also, lol!


    Sssaam: Oh, thanks for telling me, I’ll add you right now!

  3. Cooooool! Thanks Panic Team lol! Sssaam you rock! 😉 I luv this site!!!!!! 😆 😀

  4. MY SITE! I’ve had it there for like… 8 months!

  5. My Hobos 4 Life site has had it for a LONG time! And I’m just about to add one to Club Penguin Secrets!
    Hobos 4 Life: http://carsgovroom.wordpress.com/
    Club Penguin Secrets: http://fire104.wordpress.com/

  6. i have it

  7. what do you post it on? like on widgets under what widget do you put it under? thats the only problem!


    Sssaam: k, thanks for telling me. I’ll add you right now!

  9. Can you put my name up there?

    Sssaam: Yep, thanks also for telling us!

  10. Its on my site 😀

  11. AwEsOmE! Thanks! 🙂

  12. I got it! 🙂

    ~Cali 😀

    Sssaam: Sweet! Thanks!

  13. I have one!!! can u add me?? thanks


    Sssaam: I’m really sorry, but I noticed ur widget is a Panic Button for your site. It’s not a banner. If you’d like to get on the list, add a banner from our fan shop.

  15. Here is my link:

    Scroll down and click on the affiliates link at the bottom.

  16. Thanks so much! you rock

    Sssaam: No, thank you!

  17. Hey I added the banner http://unitedserversofcp.wordpress.com/ thats my site!

    Sssaam: Sweet thanks!

  18. I added you! http://cpcheatsiteiscool.wordpress.com Hey sssaam remember me from toolys site?

  19. I added one to my site, http://shyshy6510.wordpress.com

    Please add to list.

  20. hi i added one to my site, http://scruffies.wordpress.com

    BTW LUV THE PANIC BUTTON!!! my fav thing on here is probably the things to do at a mcdonalds drive thro!!!!

  21. wow ur fast!

  22. eh hem i have one!

    Sssaam: Oh, thanks, I’ll add you right now.

  23. I have one!

    Sssaam: Cool, I’ll add you right now!

  24. Cool im FIRST!!!! Oh and its a lowercase g. 🙂

    Sssaam: k.

  25. I own one!

  26. ummm can you change my link, this stupid guy deleted mine for no reason

    Sssaam: What should I change it to?

  27. nevermind i got it back, and his blogs deleted. but i cant edit my blog 8-l but ill find out how

  28. ill put one on

  29. i added it to my site
    you guys are cool 😛

  30. how do we add one up there? i made one and it kind big, (kinda) but it took five days! 😛 it dosent seem like it, but theres alot of panic buttons in it! 😛

  31. so….. how do we submit our panic button thing?

    Sssaam: If you’d like to send any pictures that you want us to take a look at, just click the send you pics button on the right sidebar!

  32. actually, i meant, how do we give you guys a panic button banner WE made?

    Sssaam: Use the “send them” button under “your pics” on the right sidebar.

  33. Ok. Can you add me?

  34. I could just delete your banner and then your delete me off here, then I’ll put it back up and I’ll be at top again! 😀 Lolz, great plan 4 views from this site! 😛 Lolz, JKz! Dont do this idea pplz! 😆

    Sssaam: Lol, I thought u were doing that! jk jk lolcat!

  35. I got question, if I create another site that like a funny blog like yours, and i put a banner on it;will you add my name again?XD
    Sssaam: Yes, of course it does!

  36. are these links in any specific order? O_o

  37. Sssaam i was the maker of bestacpwebsite and i want to tell you we moved to http://24keyser.wordpress.com and we have a panic button banner

  38. i added one!

  39. wow u changed my sight thx!


  41. i have a panic butten banner

  42. I have one too! Actually, I have two, but I’m gonna add more! THIS SITE RAWKS!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  43. I just realised I’m already on there! ROFL!!! Shows how much attention I pay to stuff like that! XD

    i have the TP one at my site

  45. I made a banner and the HTML code for it is .

  46. I just added a banner to my site.If you don’t know what my site is it is http://dippydippyd.wordpress.com

  47. my site has a PB banner on it

    Sssaam: You have to have it on your sidebar, It can’t be deep within a page.

  48. Hey. You probably recocnize this is tatosmusic. I made another wordpress account lol. I added your widget to my site! (the Tipi one! 😆 ) I finally figured out all of the widgets!

  49. i got one my site is the wizards corner

  50. It’s on my site.

  51. I have one on the sidebar now.

  52. Thanks mates.

  53. Can you change the bluecityfan to adrulzzzzz. Btw I’m bluecityfan.

  54. Horrah. I just found my name. Sorry for the previous comment about my site and why the name’s not there.

  55. I put it up at http://cutebubs.wordpress.com/

    Sssaam: Thanks!

  56. Thanks so much! Thank you again for putting me 2nd! I hope it ranks up the hits 😉 !

    Sssaam: Any time. And btw, I put whomever adds a banner the most recent on top.

  57. I have a banner!

    P.S. I’m ilan’s sister, i love your site.

  58. So sorry sssam, those last to comments are from my sister. She was logged in as me, she loves your site and just added a banner.

    Sssaam: Awesome!

  59. hey can you change the accessorycp one
    put accessorystudios.wordpress.com
    or superbanditfilms.wordpress.com
    or clubpenguinmagical.wordpress.com

    (clubpenguin: clubpenguin magical
    video/film : superbanditfilms
    fun/random : accessorystudios)

    i guess just put accessorystudios

    !please change it!

  60. Change Mine To Accessorystudios.wordpress.com


    Im Going To Add Every Banner….
    But For Now I Just Have Like Umm
    or something

  61. WIIFAN7 10
    I put another one on my new blog http://w710v2.wordpress.com

  62. Sorry. I decided to delite the Cute Bubs site. But don\’t worry, I have still got the banner on http://thefunnynessblog.wordpress.com/ and I\’ll give you credit in the FAQ for the idea of a funny site and (running out of breath) I hate the Tubbos and YOUR SITE ROCKS!!!! 😉 😉 😉 !

  63. I have a banner! I love the Obama funny pictures! U ROCK! Add me to this list! BTW my site is yaywiuywa.wordpress.com! Thanks!

  64. Thanks for putting me up there!

    Sam: No problem! I have to, it’s like the law.

  65. hey ijusted added a lil sumtin from da panic buttun 2 ma site and meh name aint on da list, u gonna add it?

    Sam: Yeaaaah I gonna add it boiii!!!

  66. omg a panic button admin just responded 2 ma comment! Ahhh i feel so luved lol (check out ma site)

  67. Happy Father’s Day! (Tell ur dad I said that, you don’t have to though) 😉

  68. I have a banner. Check out my site http://cdawgsblog.wordpress.com


    Also can I put a panic button on this site and have you link to another website. I want to use my site http://cpssworld.wordpress.com

  69. i have one. http://bluwaddlescp.wordpress.com
    no, my site isnt deleted, this is a new one.

  70. oh sam, i made a new blog and deleted my old 1, my new iz http://www.thelaughbag.wordpress.com

  71. Hey Sam, I sent you a message before you made the page for having your banner over 2 months now! My name is Spiros and my site is http://spirosweb.tk Please add me 😉

    Sam: Oh, sorry!

  72. The PAoA has one now! Kool Site!

  73. I got one and it wasn’t listed. please list it. 🙂

    Sam: K

  74. I now have a banner!

  75. Please add me, I have one…

  76. I got a banner.

  77. There’ an error with the domain name gooner-world.page.tl so can you link my name as gooner-world.de.tl.

    If you go on the .page.tl then it’ll say then link’s suspended but with .de.tl you can see it!

  78. I have a banner why not add me?!

    Sam: That’s what this page is for; to inform me if you have a banner.

  79. I now Have a Panic Button Banner (I had a Panic Button, But Not a Banner) Please add http://nfofcp.wordpress.com/
    To Da List of Cool People 8)
    (Of Course Only use that as the Link, PUT DOWN MEH NAME (D) 😛 )

    Sam: NFOfCP has been up there for a while. Make sure you look at who’s already on the list. Remember, I can find you very easily if you have a banner.

  80. Antneecb works 2

  81. http://cpnnarmy.wordpress.com has the panic button

  82. cpnn army of cp or anything like that will be good

  83. Yo pablo, where did u find da chinese charactors for ur new banner cuz when i use google to find some translators, they just come up with those weird boxes, same 4 japanese
    Pablo: What? O_o What are you talking about? And characters that come up with boxes can’t be displayed by your computer I think..

  84. Ok, that banner, ur newest banner that sed “So funny China had to block us. The panic Button” and there some chinese charactors on it. How u get those?
    Pablo: Ask Sam, he made it.

  85. sssaaaaaaaam, pablo wants me to ask u wut i asked him earlier

    Sam: I got those characters through translate.google.com.

  86. Ok i tried dat, and i got the 袋’s again. Wut do i do nao?

    Sam: You copy them and use them however you choose.

  87. But im getting the boxes, but on ur newest banner, u got the actual charactors, y is that so?
    Pablo: I said before cause probably it’s because your computer doesn’t know the symbols. What do you see here: この記事を読むことはできますか

  88. Ohh, well i c box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box box
    Pablo: Yeah, you can’t view the characters.

  89. Well, sence ur comp. can read it, could u translate “The Laugh Bag” (without the quotes) in2 japanese bout half the size of the font u used 2 make ur china banner please?

    Sam: Here’s your image.

  90. Sam did you make the site your self or is it a company thing?

    Sam: All your questions are answered in the magical FAQ page.

  91. hey i added a pb banner to my left sidebar =]

  92. I added one! 🙂

  93. Very nice site!

  94. I have a banner, and ummm…I’m not up there.

  95. um. sorry. *smiles apologetically*

  96. i have one search squirtle 189!

  97. I have one at cpsafechatarmy.wordpress.com its in the news.

  98. Ok, I have added a banner to my site. My site is

  99. its gone 😦

  100. I’ve added one on my main site 😉 Could you possibly add one of mine? Its okay if you don’t, I’m just trying to get more visitors.

  101. hey! i have one why am i not on there!!!!

    • You have to tell us about it first, we just don’t go around looking for them, you want to get on here, you have to tell us. I’ll add you right now.

  102. My site has one. Im going to add it to my other 2 sites.

  103. hey guys, i added the #28 one made by josie, my fav 1 and my 2nd is the yo momma one with the tv, hahaha lol.

  104. thanks for posting me so fast 🙂

  105. By the way,I just finished adding the panic buttons to all of my websites. Now it’s on:




  106. Just added a Panic Button widget to my blog. 🙂

  107. Lol…thanks…now im up three different times…

  108. I just added one!

  109. Idk if this matters but I put one on my blog

  110. When someone writes an article he/she maintains the idea of a user in
    his/her brain that how a user can know it.

    Thus that’s why this paragraph is perfect. Thanks!

  111. It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d without a
    doubt donate to this fantastic blog! I guess for now i’ll settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed
    to my Google account. I look forward to brand new updates and will share this site with
    my Facebook group. Chat soon!

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