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Caption Contest


What do you think President Obama is thinking? Comment your funniest, most random captions at the bottom of this page! Three entries per person, from which you get to choose. If you don’t like one of your entries,  you can put a different one that will replace the one you don’t want. Here is an example of a comment…



  • Your words on this picture and put into the next post with your name and a link to your site.
  • Your name and a link to your blog/website on this page forever.

Note: There’s a new caption contest after 30 comments!

Click here to comment if you’re lazy and don’t like scrolling down!

Past winners: (Click to enlarge)










Great Akoo

















wtf_pictures-macho-macho-treecar.jpg picture by Sssaam1























Minty Hippo











Michaela Nguyen





Minty Hippo








Kid Robot





captioncontest-melges24worlds-1.jpg image by Sssaam1








37 Responses

  1. 3 entries per person! No copying!

    The Panic Button

  2. 1. Ohhhh, I sure hope Hillary is getting my $40 today!
    2. I can’t wait ’till I get my Christmas bonus!
    3. Hurry up! I have to tape Dancing with the Stars tonight!

    I’m not sure you’ll like them, sence this is my 14th or 15th attempt at being the caption contest winner!

  3. 1. The Pee Dance!
    2. whoa……. I’m not blurred!
    3. 90% of all gifts!!

    This was a hard one!!

  4. 1. *insert funny joke about president Obama here*

    Wow I can’t think of anything. Lol.

  5. 1. She did NOT wear that shirt with those shoes!
    2. What do you mean, Santa’s not real?
    3. Oh no, Michelle noticed my bad haircut!

  6. 1. that fly is DEAD!
    2. hello there hillary.
    3. what IS michelle doing over there with tiger woods?

    those are my entries, stay cool

  7. 1. Oooh thats a big cookie.
    2. Come here, doggie, come here!
    3. What ya got there?


  8. 1. Haha! John McCain is trying to beat the secuirity guards! 2. He can run, but he cant hide! Ooooohh! That’s got to hurt! 3. That clown is more embarrassing than John

  9. 1. Oh my gosh it’s her! It’s really her! Hide me!
    2. Oh those pancakes look good….
    3. Dang, that white gurl’s fine…

  10. 1.Omg my dream’s come true!
    2.Wow this is the second time I’m a caption contest!
    3.That is the awesomest Christmas present ever!

    That’s all I got for ya.



  12. 2. Hah! Im so better than the queen at Guitar Hero!

  13. 1. I need to pee!
    2. Oh! I needed to let that fart out!
    3. Ewww! It’s Sarah Palin!

  14. 1) Jeez, I’m actually getting away with this!
    2) First, the election, and now I’m kicking his butt in Wii bowling!
    3) OMG, my ears really do look big on TV!

    Thanks, Konrad
    Pablo: Changed one of the words to make it “family friendly”, and the works.

  15. 1) Really I won!?
    2) …Michelle?
    3) ELMO! 😀

    Thats all I got. :p

  16. 1) Is that a burger I see?!

    2)That cameras really close here.

    3)Whoa…Everythings fuzzy like the matrix.

    Lol,all i got.

  17. 1. I won!?!?
    2. What do you mean Santa Claus isn’t coming to town!
    3. Michelle, whats up with that hair cut?

  18. 1. do I really have something in my teeth?

  19. i would just leave the thought bubble blank, obama doesnt really think about anything.

  20. 1. (cool mom!)

  21. 1. Forz Da WINZ!!
    2. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Spinny chair like to turn.
    3. I’ll give you sumtin to stimulate….

  22. Hi1
    I really like this contest!
    I have a question,
    How did you get a popular blog and could I also make some contests like this please?
    My blog is http://www.cyboy.wordpress.com

  23. wow this site is so good can u tell me were i can make 1 lyk this

  24. Please God, send me more pie.

  25. If tiger can do it……

  26. 1. I wonder why kids don’t like me…..

    2. Ima Firin Mah Lazor

    3. Bo did what with the neighbours dog?

    4. (because i can) LOL LOL LOL LOL


  27. 1: what do u mean” the toilet water is leaking into my office”

  28. 1. OH no, is that Oprah?
    2. Ugh, fly up my nose.
    3. WTF

  29. 1.oo look at that!
    2.ow my zipper!
    3. *passing gas*

  30. 1. I just caught a glimpse of America’s future. Can’t wait for time machines so i can drop out of the race in 2008

    2. And now we sacrifice Biden to you, Lord of Darkness!

    3. They did NOT do a good job on my Halloween costume

    4. Obama does his horse imitation and fails miserabley.

    I know i didn’t spell miserabley right lol

  31. 1.please god,send me more pie! PIE! thank god for that…
    2.is that ROBERT LUSSIER?? whats that? dont know how to spell it? thats R for…ROBERT LUSSIER…O for…OMG its ROBERT LUSSIER…B for…by god,its ROBERT LUSSIER…E for…everybody loves ROBERT LUSSIER…R for…ROBERT LUSSIER…T for…Tim,look over there!its ROBERT LUSSIER…L for..look over thre,its ROBERT LUSSEIR…i thinks you get the point…
    3.EGAD! a ball! MUUMMY HELP!

  32. 1.Wow….all this money and such bad economy… OHHHHHH that was my fault

    2. See? Im running for president. My mommy promised!! Either that or the country promised

    3. Ohhahhh. Now that we owe debt i will make gas $50 per gallon

  33. 1.Hey it’s Osama Bin Ladin!!!
    2.30% off T-Shirts. I’m there!!
    3.Oooooooooohh it’s a dog! Can I buy it Sergeant?

    I know i spelt some words incorrectly but u get the idea.

  34. 1. HOLY CRAP!?! ………………………. Who put this speech bubble here?
    2. SQUIRREL!!!!!!!!!

  35. 1 omg what was i gonna say
    2 nice ass
    3 hello cutie

  36. 1. Woah! i dont think i was supossed to see that 😉
    2. mhmmm nice ass
    3. *smileing* *thinks* will you shut the fudge up??

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