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No profanity: Inappropriate language.
No racism or hurtful stereotypes: Stating a bias or stereotypical opinion that may, in any way, be found hurtful to someone.
Owners: Please don’t ask to be an owner on this chat. The admins of this blog are the only owners.
Have fun: This chat was made so that you guys could talk amongst each other and to us about anything.

Owners: Sssaam, Pablo, Cstarr, Sreimer, and Jjacobb.
Moderators: Ilan and Kaveman722.


51 Responses

  1. why did ribsythedog get?

    Sam: I can trust her and Ilan. To be quite honest, being moderator has no difference then being a member. I doubt that they will ever actually ban or kick someone, because it probably won’t happen.

  2. Srry, i hope askin dat isn’t against da rulez

  3. Hi sam!
    Cool! You added a chat!
    I’m sorry I keep asking you to go to my chat. I must be really annoying you!! But now, instead of asking to meet in MY chat…
    Meet me in your chat! lol


    PS: Nobody is moderating the chat right now!!! (I’m a guest. :[ )

  4. correction 2 question: modded, y did ribsythedog get modded

  5. Sam….
    Ok about the entrance I usually do that on another website so yea, I’m going to be doing that for now on. No, it’s not serious lol.
    Anyway, when you replied to pizzaman663, and you said they won’t accually ever ban or kick someone, don’t count on THAT. I’ve seen people get so gross it’s sick to say! And people swear A LOT. I’ve been on a LOT of chat boxes. Well this is just letting you know, be careful!
    Also, with asking not to be an owner, does it count for moderators, too?

  6. Hello Sam! This blog rocks!

  7. im chatting 2 u now lolz

  8. Thank you for making me a mod Sssaam, thank you!!!!

  9. Wow! Great, Sssaam! How do you put the chat on the blog?

    -Laughing Ninja

    Sam: You go to your chat and click add to page. Then click WordPress and put in your username and password.

  10. Wow. Really cool finding! Flash on wordpress? Try it not to be spread. WordPress doesnt want flash on wp. They say it can destroy the whole wp so be careful. XD

    P.S: But this doesnt meen i dont know how you did it. 🙂

  11. I have a question,
    What is the code for Club Penguin- How do you do it?
    I have a club Penguin site and it would be cool to have that. I will give your name for the credit with a link to your site.

    – Violin Playa

  12. Please Sam tell me how to put flash in my site because i am playing planetcazmo and i was trying to put the game on my blog and i couldnt!!!! Please if you can tell me i will be very happy….


  13. OMG Club Penguin! Yay! 😆

  14. cool what other games you gona put on

  15. Club Penguin! YAY! I love Club Penguin!

  16. i know a good game i use to play.Extreme Pamplona

  17. sssaam- I’m a mod too. Remember my bday gift. lol GUESS WHA!!!! MY BDAY IS WEDNESDAY!!! YOU SHOULD MAKE ME AN OWNER!!!!!!!!!!! lol jk (you can if you want)

  18. Hey, I have a question about putting a chat on to a page. Once you’ve chose the size and background, what code do you copy to get the chat on your page, or what do you do?

  19. Nice page! I’ll try to get on chat some times.

  20. Ohmygawsh! How did you get CP here? What’s da code?

    Sam: Check ch-check check ch-check it out.

  21. hey
    sorry its hard to type, im in the internet on my DSi. i wish i could join ur chatbox, but my DSi cant download Adobe Flash player. 😛 well see ya later!!!!! 🙂

  22. Hey sam! I finally beat all da levels on Sling! U probably have alredy but in case u didn’t its awesome. I luv playin da last level again. And the reward u get 4 get gold time on all is great, itz dis bonus level where u have 2 get 100 coins in 180 seconds. Itz kool.

  23. U can go on da INTERNET wif a DSi 2! Holy freakn crud wut else can u do wif dat revoulutionary gizmo?

  24. Aw, I got to level 18 on Sling. I’m terrible at that game, lol. 😐

  25. lol u can download games and stuff. get one! 😛

  26. Hi! I HAVE A NEW PENGUIN. SUN PONY 12!!!!!

  27. why did your chat box tell me to let go of the pickel and then called me tom?My name in isn’t no tom!

  28. 😀

  29. […] know that song? Meet me on chat […]

  30. I got new chat box.Whats the size you used for that?

  31. Wut is the HTML code for sling?

  32. whats the code for presidential paintball?

  33. can u add the game “Sneeze” from miniclip on here?

  34. whats your name on club penguin? mine is bulit thats why all of my other names are bulit on anything else

  35. How Did you get Club Penguin On There!?!?

  36. What is Club Penguin’s Code?!?

  37. what happened 2 ribsythedog now it says Kaveman722

  38. hey i have an idea lol ya kno how u have games on here i think u should put the panic button game thing on too

  39. where r the games?

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