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Sunday Comics!

Hey everybody!

Yesterday I had my first swim meet and got second place in my 50 freestyle with a time of 29.72, which isn’t bad for someone who hasn’t even swam for a year now. I feel pretty happy, as my goal was to beat the time of a friend who’s been swimming for four years, a goal that I accomplished.

Here’s some comics by Tony Carrillo!

F Minus - January 10, 2010

F Minus - January 9, 2010

F Minus - January 8, 2010

F Minus - January 12, 2009

F Minus - January 13, 2009

F Minus - January 14, 2009

Have a good Sunday everyone!


The Friday Special!

I really like The Beatles music. No, I treasure their music and listen to it frequently. In my opinion, there’s a Beatles song for all emotions, ideas, thoughts, experiences, and feelings. Last week was an I Am The Walrus week, yesterday I was feeling rather I Want You (She’s So Heavy), today was a mixture of Revolution and Octopus’s Garden, and now Imagine is playing. The Beatles truly revolutionized rock at their time. The beats and rhythm of some of their songs were way ahead of their time. Their music often started at a low tone, and escalates to a climax. This is clear in Strawberry Fields Forever. After each repetition of the chorus, a few more instruments are intruduced and the beat begins to get more intense. This method is especially noticeable in Hey Jude when, at three minutes in, the band’s voices rise into screams and break into that unforgettable chorus.

I’m the kind of person who can’t get something done if I’m not listening to music. Music frees my mind and let’s me loose, especially The Beatles. Their music is like air to me, and everyday I find new songs. Sometimes I just listen and try to visualize.

Here’s a new Jake and Amir episode. I love any episodes where Amir throws up because it’s always at a completely random time and he’s completely oblivious to it.

Gotta love College Humor.

What’s Today? Thursday?

I kind of lost track of the days for a second. Time’s been going by really fast lately. I woke up this morning expecting a snow day because of the weather forecasts, but we ended up going to school anyway. Predictably, school was dismissed two hours early when the snow and wind started to pick up. Right now the storm is calming down, but tomorrow is supposed to be worse. A lot of teachers presume that we’ll get a snow day tomorrow, or a late arrival at least. Today simple, non-eventful day for me, nothing special. Hoping that someone will recognize that next Monday is my birthday without me having to tell them. That would be nice. It’s always pleasant to know that someone cares about you. I’ve landed a reffing course later this month which will teach me how to referee soccer games and permit me to do so. It’s pretty well-paying and I love to watch soccer. My birthday is coming up, I didn’t realize it until the beginning of January. Would you believe that it’s been 14 years since I was born? 14 years since I began living.


My, how the time flies.

F Minus - January 4, 2010

Today’s blog of the day is…


What do cats think about?

A Pleasant Wednesday…

Today, and this whole week for that matter, have been really good days for me. It seems like every day something happens that makes me feel great about myself. I’ve laughed a lot lately, but that may just be because of Jacob. I’m learning new things and I transferred my music from one computer to another.


I’m really sore now because I was playing a new Wii game we got in the mail, Just Dance. It’s a really fun game for Wii that prompts you to dance. Most dance games for Wii don’t actually encourage you to get up and dance, seeing as you’ll score the same amount of points sitting down, but Just Dance won’t count points if you aren’t actually up and synchronizing. This game is great with a large number of people playing. It’s a great exercise contrary to people who believe you can’t get exercise out of a video game.

So as I’ve said before I’m feeling quite good about my circumstances, knowing that there is always someone in worse ones. I saw that Josh had made a review of our blog. He said some great things and gave us a 4/5. Thanks Josh!

Right now I’m in the process of downloading some podcasts, one of which is the College Humor podcast. I’ve been working on an impression lately after messing with Jacob while he did his homework in study hall. It was an impression of Gale Beggy, a character from College Humor. Check out Gale Beggy in this video!

Haha! I was started doing that when I didn’t want to do homework and I started asking what’s wrong with me over and over, it was the craziest thing. Sometimes I stutter when I do it. Today’s blog of the day is…


Tomorrow might be a snow day :D.

How’s the weather around you?

5 Random Facts!

There’s a blog posting phenomenon going around where someone posts five random facts about themselves and tags other people, thus inviting them to make a post with facts about them. I was tagged by Josie, so here’s some facts that you may not have known about me.

  1. I’ve lived in 3 different states. I was born in Chicago, Illinois, but my family was living in Kentucky at the time. My parents decided to have me in Chicago because my sisters and my mom had also been born there. I lived in Kentucky for the first three years of my life, then moved to Iowa. I have lived in Iowa for 11 years.
  2. I am a first generation American because my dad was born in a different country. You probably couldn’t tell just by looking at me, I don’t look foreign at all :). When people ask me where I was born, expecting me to say a foreign country, I say, “I was born in a small rural village with a population of less than 50. We call it Wapsinak… although it’s better known as Chicago.”
  3. Music is like air to me. Occasionally I tend to lay on my bed and simply listen and take in every bit of it. My favorite band is The Beatles, and my favorite song is Strawberry Fields Forever.
  4. I can fart with my hands. It holds the same properties as armpit farting, except I do it by pressing my hands together. I can make five different sounds including watery farts and high pitched ones. They sound very realistic so occasionally I’ll do it behind someone’s back and accuse them of farting :).
  5. I have been to Asia and Europe, but would love to go to Australia. I have an aunt that lives there so maybe someday we’ll go to visit her.

Well, that’s five facts about me! I tag…




And because it’s Sunday, here’s your Sunday comics!

F Minus - January 3, 2010

F Minus - January 1, 2010

F Minus - December 31, 2009

F Minus - December 28, 2009

F Minus - December 28, 2007

F Minus - December 27, 2007

F Minus - December 25, 2007

F Minus - December 24, 2007

F Minus - December 23, 2007

F Minus - December 22, 2007

F Minus - December 21, 2007

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

Tomorrow we have school :(. Today’s blog of the day is…


What should I spend the rest of the day doing?

Happy Saturday & New Tutorial!

Unfortunately Winter break is almost over and there’s no Saturday Night Live tonight. But it’s okay, it’s Saturday.

I uploaded a new video on YouTube this morning. It’s a WordPress.com tutorial showing you how to put flash objects on your blog. Flash is a really neat thing to have on your blog. It allows you to put games, interactivity, and all kinds of videos on your blog. Please check out this video.

Using that method there’s a huge amount of stuff you can put into posts and pages! You can put your favorite online multiplayer games, videos, and even live web cams! The possibilities are really endless!

The Friday Special!

Happy New Years everyone!

I hosted a New Years party at my house last night, and we broadcasted live! So far everyone said it was really fun. We answered questions, chatted, and documented our night. Due to an unfortunate series of events (Jacob’s fault) we could not archive the three-hour broadcast. After we broadcasted, we spent the rest of the night watching TV, movies, and drinking way too much soda. We watched the ball dropping in New York city, and got some clips of England and Hong Kong’s celebrations. For some reason I couldn’t get to sleep, so I stayed up talking to Grant, Jacob, and Seth’s unconscious bodies.

Not only is today a new year, but it’s also a new decade. Here’s a review of the entire decade.

It’s been a very eventful decade to say the least. Some events much more tragic than others, and some events more innovative than others.