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    <div class="textwidget"><img class="aligncenter" src="https://cstarr.files.wordpress.com/2008/09/about.png" alt="" />The Panic Button contains funny pictures, videos, and everything worth laughing about on the internet! The Panic Button was created by Sssaam, Cstarr, Yoitspablo, Jjacobb, and Srimer. 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Blog Of The Day Signup

Do you have a blog? Do you want it to get noticed and get more hits? You can sign up for blog of the day. At the end of a daily post, we add a link to your blog/website!

To sign up, just make a comment on this page with the following…

And click the magical button…

It’s that easy!


Your blog cannot have inappropriate material, and must have less page views (hits) than us. You can only sign your blog up once. You can sign up someone else’s blog if you’d like, regardless of whether they have already signed up.


Everyone who signs up will be chosen in order of when they did. The first person will be chosen first, their comment will then say -USED-, and the next day the next person who signed up will be chosen and so on.


33 Responses

  1. The new season of blog of the day starts today, December 30, 2009. Those who have signed up before then may now sign up again.

  2. -USED-

  3. -USED-

  4. Name: Ilan
    Site: http://theappdata.com/
    Why: Because i love this site and i think it would be great for mine too. 😀

  5. Name: Penguins Behaving Badly
    Site: http://firepeny88.co.uk
    Why: Your site rules! And I really think my site could do with an awesome start to the new year with 20,000 hits as our target for the Summer!

  6. Name: Miranda

    Site: http://mirandasinging.tk

    Why: I made this blog recently and could really do with some hits to start me off =) I’d be very grateful! Thanks.

  7. Name: Stephanie/Sony24dah
    Site: http://stephystephanie.wordpress.com
    Why: This could get me more hits on my blog, and also my blog is pretty good, and If you comment on the “birthday page” you get a surprise! LOl.

  8. Name: Samm

    Wesite: http://sasammygirl.wordpress.com/

    Why: I like people to read my articles, no other reason…yup.

  9. Name: Annie
    Site: http://annieapple.wordpress.com/
    Why: I love reading your posts and it’d be great for my blog to be mentioned for some views 😉

  10. Name: Pizzaman633
    Site: http://www.thelaughbag.wordpress.com
    Why: Because I need some hit’s and my hits I have now are parachuting down. So thanks!

  11. thegreenllama
    Because we stopped posting for awhile and lost some views, and would like to start posting again and get those viewers back

  12. Name: Animalluver
    Your Website: http://animalluver.wordpress.com/
    Why: I post things up, but no one comments/reads my blog and my hits are going down. So I stopped posting, and I’m starting to post again but no one comments. So I want more hits?(x

  13. name: flabbydude
    why: i need viewers and its about a game called pandanda

  14. Name: Emma
    blog: http://asitebyemma.wordpress.com/ or Emma’s Corner
    Why: I started a webshow series that not a lot of people are checking out ;( I would like more views.

  15. Name: Charraze111
    Blog: htpp://clubpenguinallthnews.wordpress.com
    Why: Im getting close o my total of 2000 hits!

  16. Name: Birddog202
    Why:I am 1,000 hits away until 15,000 and that I have nothing else to do 😛

  17. Name: AmberFireFeather
    Blog: http://www.neopetsvalley.wordpress.com/
    Why: I could use some extra hits!

  18. Name: Rsnail 1st
    Blog: http://piplupuu.wordpress.com
    Why: Because I thought I put my blogs name on here, but it turns out that I didn’t… I think. And I need a few extra hits.

  19. Name: Gil Segev
    Blog: http://www.farmvillevalley.wordpress.com/
    Why: I need more views!

  20. Name: Pacci/Chaos42/Chaos4255
    Blog: chaosCP.wordpress.com
    Why: My site is just starting, and I need some more hits, but also I think my site can be very helpful for those who want Club Penguin news and cheats.

  21. Name: John
    Blog: ArkansasNERF.tk OR http://johnnpikachu.wordpress.com/
    Why: I want to introduce more people to NERF and how fun it can be!

  22. Name: Moon
    Blog: http://moonspeaks.wordpress.com
    Why: I’d like more people to read and enjoy my posts

  23. i know this is late but just in case you take these still
    name: skittaraps
    blog: somethingtrulyepic.wordpress.com
    why: because my blog WAS doing well, but since i lost my phone that i work on it with, i get only 1 view a day and am hoping to get it back on track. also, its related to this website!

  24. Okay, so I know you don’t post anymore, but if you ever restart:
    Blog: justanothertimewastingwebsite.wordpress.com
    Why: My inspiration for this blog was you. Sure I came across you when you ended your blog but who cares? There are so many posts, it feels like you never left. I created this blog to make people laugh, just like you did, and I think you’d really enjoy it. PS I used some of your Things To Do, but I gave credit!

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