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The End Of The Road…

Update 3/23/10: I am checking back every so often to look at comments and stats. Strangely enough, we’re still maintaining the same statistics that we had before. We’ve surpassed 700,000 hits, and maybe one day we’ll reach one million. I would like to thank everyone who is still visiting regularly, and viewing my YouTube channel. It means a lot.

Update 2/22/10: It’s been almost a month now. I have spent my time pursuing different goals. I plan on making at least one video a month. I’ve been creating videos using stop motion animation, and am working on a short film called Lazy Sunday. I have a big trip coming up this summer, which involves 3 different continents. The domain of The Panic Button (panicbuttonblog.com) will expire on April 13th. If you wish to come to the blog after that date, you must use cstarr.worpress.com. That’s just about all. Thank you for the wonderful comments :). Please continuously check my YouTube, and Twitter.

Update 1/30/10: We’re going to be keeping the site up. Although we won’t be posting, you can always come here for your daily dose of laughter.

Almost two years ago on April 20th, 2008, Carter and I were slacking off on the Web whilst compiling a science project (for which we received an A, might I add). We had nothing better to do and more civilized than create a blog – for the purpose of which, was unknown. The decision to create a blog was of complete random, and was not discussed nor appropriately thought out. And yet, something with the intention of nil, became an item with profound, undiscovered excellence.

Today, over 1300 posts later, it seems as though we’ve finished our journey.

With this new year many new things have been brought before us. Some of them we would consider hassleful, and others are more initiative. As life progresses, it presents you with more and more tasks to carry. Sometimes you need to let go of some tasks every now and then. The Panic Button is one of them.

In simple, it’s been a long road, but we’re far too busy and old to be involved in the blog anymore. It was fun while it lasted, and it provided us with plenty of great things along the way. Among other things, blogging has inspired me to learn how to make videos, images, web design, and how to appeal to the people. These are skills that will effect the rest of my life, so I consider The Panic Button a milestone for me.

On behalf of The Panic Button we would like to thank you for showing your support, and for visiting frequently.

Contact me:

Sssaam1 @ gmail.com

YouTube: ThePanicButtonBlog
(which I will continue to add videos to)


155 Responses

  1. First Comment 😀

    sucks that your leaveing 😥 i like tpb but ill definatly talk to you later.

  2. NOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😥 😥 why! why! why!!!!! i love this!!! u allwase made me laugh!! why must you guys quit!!! 😦


  4. im crying………………………..

    yfrog (spare profile) so long…….. and thanks for all the fish.

  5. That’s gay….

    lol Just kidding I completly understand.

    Sophmore year has really hit me head on. I dont have time for anything anymore. 😦

  6. Awww :[ why don’t you just use the blog for an every once in awhile thing instead of an everyday thing?

    …awkward moose

  7. Nooo! Please don’t go! I come here EVERY DAY!!

  8. nooooo 😦

    I AWLAYS come here after school! Why are you leaving??? It would totally ruin my afternoon if TPB didn’t have all the members!

  10. No warning? No, “I might be leaving guys” just this?

  11. NOOOOOOOO!!!! 😦 I wish I discovered this blog earlier 😦

    I’ll have to make an AIM so I can talk to you

    Blaah, this SUCKS!

  12. You took care of this nicely.Alot of quiting post are quick and “I don’t care about you guys any more”
    I always loved this blog and will miss it.

    I hope when you made this post you were planning to read the comments.If you do,it must make you feel good what all these people are saying.

    I will miss this blog.But I will still come back every month or so just to be sure you don’t decide to post again.

    Well later……

  13. Hello.

    Its funny that the one time I come on here I see that you are quitting. I understand how these blogs can affect your everyday life and that is why I had chosen to stop my blog last year.

    I’m glad that you have the courage to end this blog that you have made popular and worked hard on.

    Happy Trails!
    (You know me as Jc4x4)

  14. aw darn… well the other day when i meant im not coming any more, i meant i made a new email so im not coming on my old one! but AWWWWWWWWWWWW darn! well, if you guys ever get the chance to post,please do. not every day i suppose, but if you can. i wish you well in life and hope you find all the things your are looking for and i hope you accomplish all the things to your best limits. i bid you farewell, The Panic Button Crew.

  15. Please, tell me you’re joking! You can’t leave, I mean, GUYS!!; think about all the people’s life you ruined, at the beginning, when I discovered this blog, I was a great addict, then I started to understand WordPess a bit more and lately I didn’t came so much, today I came to see what’s new and, it happend, I allways knew everyone has to quit his blog sometime, my blog is still on the “Begining”, I can tell, but I won’t think of quiting right now… Please, if think givving this blog to someone, think on me… http://theninjalaugh.worpress.com


  16. I understand and thank you for letting us know. I and everyone who comes here will miss you. you guys have made me lol so many times and many other people.
    Good bye panicbutton, good bye.

  17. I’ve laughed my way through my times watching this blog. You can go to failblog, graphjam, icanhazcheeseberger, and get tons of pics. But on here you have the variety of everything funny you can find. And that’s great. It makes it amazing.

    I’ll miss looking at this blog everyday, I’ll miss checking out your pages, I’ll miss looking at blog of the day stuff, I’ll miss the funniness of thism blog..

    But you gotta move on i guess.

    Thank you.


  18. r u going to keep to posts up? please do!

  19. no nummy. they aid they are quiting

  20. If you can’t update your blog then leave it alone like me.

  21. I guess all good things come to an end 😦 We will miss you SOOOO MUCH! D:

  22. 😦 I have been coming here for about a month and just made a blog that was inspired by this blog. Then I looked at this 😦 too bad all good things come to an end

  23. Whoa! I would have never expected this. I’ll have to contact ya some time and talk! Are you going to end TPB here, or maybe come back and post once in awhile?
    It’s been great watching this site grow from the beginning, this is probably the best of blogs!

  24. WHAT THE F**K?! NOOOOO!!!

  25. GAH!

    You’re… you’re quitting? Ugh. But the blog has been going for a long while anyway, and everyone has to quit eventually. Good luck in whatever you guys decide to do, and we’ll all miss you. Bye. 🙂


  26. Well everyone has to quit some time in there life. Counting me, for my 7th time was my last. My new blog will be my life journal. I will never quit. I will carry its memories with me for ever on end. I hope you guys, especially Sam (because he was a good friend to me), have good lives. I hope you’ve made a wise decision. Please come back if you feel like it but it’s your life. I’ll miss you guys.


  27. Awww your quitting I hope you guys succeed in your new goals and i hope we will meet again in the future.

  28. 😦 At least Pablo said my name 4 times

    One of you please keep posting (Sam, Pablo, or the guy that had an itch on his crotch)

  29. We’ll miss you! You inspired my blog 😦

  30. Ugh so i guess ur not doing live thing anymore that was weird and funny the ”STARE” bum bum bum!

  31. noo don’t leave us! just update once in a while (btw, this is Bluwaddles)!! now what do i do if i want to ROFL on the internet? now i can’t tell my friends about all the hilarious things on here! well, i guess this is goodbye….peace…. 😥

  32. Lulz, just saw the update, didn’t even know about it. A ton load of comments on this post, feel free to use this page as comment version of chat when we’re away.

  33. omg that is so sad…but you gotta do what you gotta do. i’ll miss the panic button so much!

  34. Cannot believe that you are quitting The Panic Button. As Josie said, everyone has to stop at some point, and your point is now. Thanks for the laughter, the fun, and everything. You inspired me to blog, and I just wanna say thanks. We will all miss you so much. Love to all of you, and good luck in the rest of your lives. Sam, thanks to talking to me on Twitter every once in a while, I always found it great to have you chatting.

  35. okay everyone… stop sayingg all this because its not gonna make them come back… its just gonna make them upset, i see that they might but not full time. I completly understand, i have the same problem, but im choosing to deal with it and balance out the rest of my life, because i love blogging, its a way to express myself and i just cant leave it like that. So I wish you good luck in the rest of your life and im sure ill be talking to you*(: and imma be blogging so stop by every once in awhile*(:
    -Luhy :mrgreen:

  36. I Agree with what Carly said. Loved your blog while it lasted! 🙂

  37. I am just curious ur going to let people skype u?

  38. nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!1 dont leave!!!!! the panic button is my favorite site ever!!!!! my life will end if you quit!

  39. Guys, how about you hand the site down to someone else? Maybe 4 new kids to work on the blog. Like a hand me down. It could start as a tradition and will always be handed down to whom ever the 4 may be when the last 4 wish to quit. I think you should, to keep the panic going.

  40. Man, I love this site! It stinks that you guys are gonna stop posting and all. But brett had a pretty good idea! Just give it too some friends who wanted to join. It sucks that this blog is going down. 😦

    • I know right! Seth doesn’t care, which I can relate to, but he should be more open to this. I asked for the site but I think I wont get it. Pass it on to the 4 main viewers of TPB. They should know more than us.

  41. Just get over it people! They did what they wanted to its not the end of the world!

  42. As long as you guys are happy, im cool with that.
    The Panic Button is a place where I can go and leave away all of the problems of my life and just laugh and have some fun.I know you will be back, i just know it 😉
    well if im wrong,
    Goodbye 😦

  43. i keep coming back for a post but…

  44. aww man… Well have a good life Panic Button crew

  45. jeez what if you quit bloggin and it was as bad as this. i feel bad for tpb crew. sad they quit, but not going to freak out like crazy hoping they will come back. you can still contact them!

  46. lol in lots of these comments it sounds like we just got dumped or something 😆

  47. Thats sad to hear sam. You should of waited to 1 million hits. Oh well. You should design your own website wo/ wordpress.

  48. WHATTTTTT???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    aww im going to mis u guys 😦

  49. Awww yay! I’m so glad you guys are keeping the website up! ~~Tato

  50. Oh, that sucks. I know I haven’t visited you much but you guys were awesome. Please don’t leave completely, do what I did and come back later. Byeeee

  51. I just can’t believe you guys are quitting

  52. jeezum.keep coming back. i know you said you can always get the dose of laughter but,… its just not the same. oh well. hope you guys will post once in a while when your bored or something. its okay i guess. i could kinda, only a little though, see it coming, because posts were going from day to day, to week to week like a weekly thing, once a week, so i actually was still shocked but not surprised. does that make sense? oh well, bet it doesnt. too lazy to go back and retype. ok way off topic here, i mean WAY OFF TOPIC, but im gonna make a garden with tons of plants and vegetables. we got a topsy turvy for strawberries and tomatoes too and tons of freaking seeds. told you off topic. from now on, im just gonna come here to type about what im doing. beats me why i am doing it, but it feels good to simply tell other ppl wat your doing. so i will catch you fellow commenters later(dont actually think any body will read this.)!

    – New daily commenter, Saphire9410.

  53. holy crap, that comment was bigger than i thought…

  54. Woah, man! The blog’s gone, but you have still a good dozen of people!!!


  55. Aaw, that stinks 😦 Well, like everyone else is saying, we support you in your decision and hope to see you again 🙂 Farewell friends.


  56. Ok back for my daily comment, i am just going to use this page for a place where i talk to myself! yay! ok today i am going to put fertilizer in the soil for my garden. you know what that means. like 4 tons of freeking cow poop. not looking forward to it. when we were driving home with it in the car, it smelled like #$%&! yuck.i would type more but were are gonna do some stuff to strawberries.
    -Daily Commenter Saphire9410

  57. DAILY COMMENT! i sware, you guys are gonna have like, 100 comments on here by the end of the month. you lucky ducks you. well flute lesson got canceled due to traffic. guess what? all these police cars and fire department dudes and medical guys zoomed past us while stuck on traffic. i was already running late to my lesson, but when we got close, we saw what all the hubabbub was. like, 4 cars went WAM! into each other and pieces of cars were everywhere and it was so friggin awesome! flute lessons got canceled though, but by the time we got there, it would have been the end of practice, so we just turned around. kinda sucks. got back bought an hour ago so pssh im so bored. well, gonna go play freerealms. WOOT!and i am sticking to this site until i, um…….. forget!
    Daily Commenter, Saphire9410

  58. Yes your gone!!!!!! I win.

  59. Ooo? winning? oh ho. coolio. well school sucks eggs, and homework is easy. i am running out of words to say. im tired. i took a nap and havent fully recovered. which is so unlike me. i never EVER take naps. this comment today is gonna end short cause i so tired.
    Daily (tired) Commenter Saphire9410 myeh

  60. Jeez Louise, it seems I;m not the only one still coming here! Let’s see, do I have anything interesting to tell you? Hmm…

    Well, on Friday my school is having a vlentines dance. I WAS goning to take my best friend Riley but two girls smuggled her away. Might take Stephanie (You’ll see her as FlyingFrenchfry) Umm… SUnday my sister is going to her friends house and I’m coming along cuz she has a little sister my age. On Monday me and steph and riley are going to Percy Jackson.

    That;s about it. BTW, I love your ‘snow day’ video 😛 🙂

    • Woah, I should start proofreading my comments. *kills shift key*

      Let’s correct my typos…

      *I’m, valentines, going, Sunday, that’s

  61. lol DIE SHIFT KEY DIE! lol havent been coming cause been busy with a report. sigh. got some candy today. chewing on a stick of pure sugar. meh butt tired today.too much sitting. listening to some crazy music. lifes good.
    -Daily Commenter Saphire9410
    (mmm good pure sugar…drools…)

  62. haha, there the shift key is dededd!

  63. lol poor shift key! well i am goin rock climbing today. my eyes are killing me. my dad is watching night at the mueseum. i am about to go on freerealms. life is good.
    – Daily Commenter Saphire9410

  64. Hello! I hope you remember but my site hasn’t been doing so great. My views yesterday were 4. But fortunately, if you do remember, my site was under construction. But you can be there to recieve great prizes and have lots of fun on the grand re-opening on Wednesday. Read this post below:

    Note: Sorry if you consider this spam, or annoying. This also is a re-posted comment to inform my friends (yes, you) about my site. Thanks.

  65. Last year, my brother (you’ll know him as tvverde) was surfing the web, working on a project. He came across, on google, a small blog called cstarr.wordpress.com. He looked at it, and he laughed. This was back when Cstarr still posted. Well, during the summer, we were inspired to make our own blog. However, we read more panicbutton posts then we ever created. I used to come here 3 times a day to see if you posted. Now, it’s all done, and i dont see why. We stopped posting for 2 months, but we still post. I’m not begging or anything, and you don’t have to come if you don’t want to, but check it out.

  66. well bored today. where has my laughter gone?

  67. I’m sorry. This is a very sorrowful thing. I’ve been hooked with this blog since 2009 (If I remember strait). It was and always will be a wonderful, exciting, funny blog. But I understand, there isn’t much time to do many things anymore, like blog. Although, I feel that it doesn’t really matter what age you are. Blogging is a part of life. It’s something that you are inspired to do. And, it can be about anything! It’s really a passage to something special. I understand. Hopefully, some day, you’ll decide that you want to blog again. Maybe not about “this”, maybe something different. Well, thanks for the memories!

    One of your biggest fans

  68. I don’t know why i still go here 😛

  69. ELMTREE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀

  70. Dude! after the domain expires you can’t update any of the posts— it happened to my blog. Like you have to renew it do even update a post, or make a new post, you can’t even view the blog, untill you renew it. … Unless you knew this or you did something different… ❓

  71. Hi! I want pie. lets get this post to 100 comments by the end of the month!


  73. awww…. I only started viewing this site like 2-3 months ago. It’s been a really cool experience coming to this site and seeing what’s going on and all the funny stuff you post. This site is really popular and I can’t believe that there aren’t going to be anymore posts.

    *A kind of new viewer =(*

  74. I’ll miss u 😦

  75. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIRST SKATA NOW YOU! lol

  76. I know this is sad, but I wanted to see who could be the 100th commenter. Me!


  77. This is sad. But there is a silver lining to all Panic Button fans. I would very much like to BUY The Panic Button. I can go get a prepaid credit card and use pay-pal to buy this place. I would like to very much, and TPB admin, you may respond to this or email me to arrange a price.

  78. Hey Panic Button-ers. Dang, I can’t believe this. I sadly stopped visiting your site, sorry. Well, it was a great run. Sorry to see you go, this was an amazing site. 😦

  79. Since you guys are stopping, you know, can I in any chance become a tpb member? (you will probably say no)

  80. Dang, the website expires today. THIS SUCKS!!!!

  81. It expired yesterday. It still works. THANK YOU WP FOR YOUR ACCIDENTAL ERRORS.

  82. NOOOO!!!!!
    Oh and BTW it’s April 14 and the domain hasn’t expired yet 😀 . Kinda weird…..

  83. April 17. No expiration. I would say woop woop – but we are we still getting excited over a domain? xD

  84. Well guys, yesterday was our 2nd year anniversary, /yay/. And also, the domain is being funky, just ignore it.

  85. aprils 22, no expiration. happy birthday, panic button. : (

  86. I just wanted to say that I think the Panic Button is one of the coolest blogs out there! I just created a blog a month ago(was my first one ever) and I got so many cool ideas from you guys(not trying to copy – I gave you guys credit for them) and I come back every day even if you guys don’t update any more. I love all the funny pages that make me laugh and smile and all the awesome widgets and stuff you have. You are my blog inspiration and I will miss it. 😦

  87. You can forget about that last comment I posted, it’s ok. I forgot to pay my all do respects for The Panic Button. I will say in poem.

    The Panic Button is red, its background is blue. The Panic Button is friggin’ sweet, but what will I do? The Panic Button is closed, and I am hosed.

    Cya l8r Panic Button, and yes. I am hosed. 😉

  88. This is a shame. Of course I am commenting late because of testing at school and everything else. But I know one thing, there will always be fans for you guys out there, still knowing that the PBB is still in their hearts. (AND their internet!!!) But I’m pretty impressed. As I’m commenting you have 20 VIEWERS!!! (Woo!) So, anyways. Live on Sssaam 😀

  89. Still havent taken the domain down. Maybe wordpress knows a legend when the see one.

  90. the domain at the top returned to cstarr, yet i can still get to this site using thepanicbuttonblog.com

  91. So long Panic Button domain. 😦

  92. Well, 😦 I guess that’s it… TPB is DEAD…

  93. The Panic Button… has fallen…

  94. I miss getting a good laugh out of every day. 😦

  95. Why do I still visit here.

  96. That’s true 😀 so how is everything Sam?

  97. Hey people who still come here! I’m inviting you to a really cool game. When you sign up you get 5 days of subscription so hurry up!


    by the way i really need the ref. point so please sign up!


  98. Seems strange to think the last time you updated was in March. Anyways, much love to PB. Even if it is Qasi-abandoned.

  99. I joined the panic button blog on face book.

  100. i miss you guys 😥

  101. Wow,I typed in


    and saw the blog has been deleted (Thinking it was TPB) and I almost had a heart-attack.

  102. visit my site at danielkool.wordpress.com

  103. I keep on coming back here…..

  104. Wow,
    I’ve done a lot of maturing since you’ve made this post and I commented, and I must say, I give serious props to you for being able to make a goodbye post, I sort of just let my blog to the dogs updating it if I felt the inspiration. Like everyone else, I really will miss coming here daily for my ‘daily dose of laughter’, but I completely get your reasons for leaving, good luck in your life in high school and beyond, maybe someday our paths will cross again, until then, Au Revoir, Masalama, Adieu, Adious, Shalom, salut, goede nochte, good bye!

  105. Came on here for the firs time in a few months, surprisingly the sites still chugging along with 200-400 hits a day without doing anything. I might make an “Hey Guys, here’s what we’re doing now” comment in the near future, if I get motivated, that is.

  106. Heya! Sam Don’t Know if you still check the mail thing (or these comments) but if you read this please look at it

  107. Yay, second comment of the new year, and first one of mine in about 8 months!

  108. 1st comment of February 2011! 😀

  109. … And First comment of March 2011! 😀

  110. How did this website not have a million views? Lawl.

  111. 1st comment on April 2011! 😀

  112. 1st comment of May 2011! 😀

  113. Hey very few people that still come here for some unexplained reason, hopefully a few of you still remember me. Most of you know me as Pablo, but I prefer to go by Grant nowadays. I was checking some stuff around and I stumbled upon here again for the first time in a long while. Thought I’d give you some updates.

    For the blog: No plans of us coming back anytime soon. Never really had a plan for that. But for the blog, we’re still somehow managing about 300 to 500 hits a day doing absolutely nothing for over a year. Wow.

    More personally, we all survived a year of high school and came out just fine, getting tons of new friends along the way. It really is great to meet everyone new.

    As for if you like updates, make sure to keep checking in on Sam’s Twitter and Youtube. The guy’s a creative genius on Youtube, and his videos are great.

    That’s all for now. If by some chance any of you have questions, you can just leave a comment and whenever I come around to checking on this blog again I’ll try to answer them.



  114. 2 years of our lives. Wow.

  115. I miss this website.

    What was my name on here again? Cali? Haha. It’s been a while.

    :[. The Panic Button.

  116. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo now what will i do for a living??? wuhuhuhuhuhuhuhy???????????????
    now i need a new diaper :[ CRUEL WORLD!

  117. youve also gave me my successful (kinda) goal! click my name to see!!!!

  118. When i get older i will make a site to resemble The Panic Button….
    i love your site guys….. i checked the site every day….sure you dont post anymore, but i still visit. I hope you meet your goals and have a good life, good luck Panic Button Crew.

    P.s. Do any of you panic butten crew members play ClubPenguin?
    ive saw a couple of post feauturing CP and its even on the games page.

    P.s.s. Nuff’ said.

  119. oh yeah and if you do play cp visit http://xat.com/CPCPTrackers and my Username is: Black66167 and screename is ๓๏๏קเє_๔๏๏๔lє (moopie doodle

  120. Sorry so many post, but theirs milloins of funny sites out their, and guys, its not a funeral, the computer doesnt affect our lives (exept for school work and reasearch), we can live withour TPB. i will still miss you guys though

  121. The diet consisted of 25% of energy from protein and 45% of energy from low GI carbohydrates such as fruit and vegetables, grains and pulses.
    You can rub a little portion of garlic on your acne, more than once in a day.
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