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The Panic Button Computer Game!

In The Panic Button Game you play as one of the admins of The Panic Button. You go from level to level, fighting off enemies, and collecting coins. The characters of the game are

How To Play

You begin the game with 10 lives. If you collide with an enemy you will lose a life. The number of lives you have will be shown on the window bar.

When you have 0 lives, it will render game over. You will then have to restart the game. To get more lives, retrieve a life.

There is a life in almost all levels. To receive points you must retrieve the cookies and popsicles.

To retrieve these items you can either collide with them, or shoot them. Each character can shoot ketchup by pressing the spacebar. Your score will also be shown in the window bar.

Each level contains a Panic Button Portal. When you hit the Panic Button Portal you will advance to the next level. The Panic Button Portal looks like this:

The enemies of the game are

 Ronald Mcdonald: He is either moving left to right, up to down, or randomly bouncing. You cannot kill him. If you collide with him, you will lose a life, 5 points, and the current level will restart.

Red ball: This ball rolls from left to right. You cannot kill this item. When it hits a wall, it changes direction. If you collide with it, you will lose a life, 5 points, and the current level will restart.

Hot-dog: This enemy flies from left to right. You are able to kill this item by shooting it. When it hits a wall, it changes direction. If you collide with it, you will lose a life, lose 5 points, and the current level will restart.

The destructo button appears in one level.

If you collide with it, or shoot it, every enemy in that level will be killed. There are locked walls in the game. You must retrieve the key that corresponds with the color of the locked wall to unlock the wall.


When you’re ready to download the game, make sure to click the download button on the Plunder page.

Do you think you’re ready?

To play this game in your browser, you must have FireFox. Click (here) We cannot be held liable for any damage to your computer through downloading or opening this file.


45 Responses

  1. cool you should make it so theres a high score contest each week.

  2. It’s not good…..

    • Instead of just basically saying it sucks, tell us what to fix. We’re bloggers, not game designers either. And what’d you expect, a MMORPG? (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game?) Or a First Person Shooter?

    • Seriously, what did you expect. If you had any idea how hard it is to make this kind of game, you would understand. The game contains over 40 sprites. Each sprite requires about 5 minutes of touching up. There are about 50 objects. Each object requires 10 minutes of programming. There are 20 rooms. Each room requires a certain amount of objects that fit together to make difficulty in playing. Although it would have been pretty cool if it was a first person shooter type thing, but I can’t do that using Game Maker 7.

  3. Cool game dude!!

  4. either its hard or my life is an epic fail.

  5. 546 is my score, 😛

  6. ZOMG!
    I can’t download it!
    Stupid macs 😦

    • Me neither 😦 😦 😦

    • YA THINK?
      trust me i have a mac. and dont call them stupid, sometimes i dont like them for not letting me download certain things, but there are also things that only macs can download and not pc’s
      yea i wish i could download the game but i love my IMac, somethings are just like that… macs are better than stupid pc’s

  7. hey how do you shoot side ways?also its a good game.Like you said it couldn’t be any thing really awesomely wonderful



  9. Pretty Good Game. 🙂

    I only got to level 11 with 1821 as my score. 😆

    Also if you want feedback,

    Can you put more then one song in the game? Nothing against the song, it’s awesome but it can get kinda boring.

    Also, that Ronald McDonald that randomly zooms around, is going to haunt me in my dreams. Good pick for a bad guy. 😉

  10. Dumb question, but, will the game work on Macs?
    I’m assuming it doesn’t, because it didn’t when I tried it… but just wondering…

  11. i got to level…id rather not say it, its too low! i tried making my own with game maker 7, but its to hard…:cry:

  12. I just beat it again, 🙂 My score is 1933 WoooooHooo!!!!!!!! A personal best.

    Awesome game!!!

  13. I GOT TO LEVEL 10!!!!!!!!! and I died D: when is the end? you know of the game? and also can you help me with yoyo games maker? ive had it for a while but I don’t know how to use it.

  14. I only made a sprite =P its a penny wars game. please watch pennywars 1 through 4 and hoboz. and any other video weve made that looks interesting. thanks!


  15. and im hobo 1 the one with brown hair. well you cant really see im wearing a bag! lol

  16. RRRRRRRRRG LEVEL 11! i died at level 11!

  17. its awesome really really (1,000,000 reallys later) good game

  18. Insanity! Wow your own game. I can’t play it because i have a mac but i am sure it is amazing.

  19. Hey love the game looks good. but just one thing that bugs me the controls need to be fixed like to tip the arow key and you player jumps 5 spaces. but other than that looks really good. ps congrads on 500k!

  20. okay baiz im goin to play the AWESOME PANIC BUTTON GAME

  21. When I was downloading this game, I’m like, “Crap, this isn’t gonna be worth it.” Well, it’s actually a fun, addictive game, and even though I suck at it, I can’t stop. Great work, Panic Button!

  22. My main problem with it is that it’s a downloadable game and it has an unknown publisher. I’m super protective over my computer now that it’s gotten 3 viruses even with really good firewalls and the whatnot. I really don’t like having things that aren’t trusted on my computer (even though I doubt you’d give me a virus). Losing all my pictures again (I’m not kidding, I cried when that happen) isn’t worth it. But if it was a game that was online and not downloadable (unless it was optional) then I’d play it.

    probably sounds really mean… sorry.

  23. uhuh I WON THE GAME WOOOOOOOOOOOO im awesome

  24. wow the game is actually pretty addicting ;P

  25. its not working for me


  27. sam i found this other game making site it’s cool it’s called http://www.sploder.com/ . i made my own game on there. If you want to play it go to http://sploder.com/?s=huesfwph and tell me what you think

  28. Awww! it Does NOT WORK ON MACS! Can u make one 4 Macs?

  29. i really dont know wat i have for a computer but i still cant play it. its okay. it would have been really nice to play but i just read the instructions and look at wat ppl think of the game. i try to imagine wat its like but its so crazy i cant even imagine it.

  30. oh and lol my picture looks ticked of

  31. wow, is there anything else amazing u have on this iste? nice game! luv ur site!

  32. omg cartoon cstarr looks insane. sweetness guys!

  33. I couldent agree more with the author on this one evem tho there are a few points I have diffrent outlooks on.

  34. I thought this game would be good, but in vain the game does not download. There is no demo version as well. I always prefer viewing the demo of a game before playing it. I play games such as http://www.horseracegame.com/ which after watching the website will make you download it and start playing.

  35. Awesome Game! Works great on my PC and it is addicting – and hard!

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