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This page is for Frequently Asked Questions . A lot of people ask questions and I think it would be easier to just answer them all in one place! I went through the comments and picked all the questions people seem to ask a lot, Here they are…

Note: These answers are given from Sssaam’s point of view.

How Was The Panic Button Created? Cstarr would always send me funny pictures through email and instant messenger. On April 20th, 2008, I was at Cstarr’s house experimenting the life of a battery for a science project. He knew that I had a blog, and thought it was a cool idea. He asked if he could make a blog, to share his funny pictures, so I went on his computer and made him a username and blog. We didn’t know what to make the url of the blog, so we just named it Cstarr.wordpress.com. At this time, it wasn’t called The Panic Button, it was just called Cstarr’s Weblog. His first post was a funny picture of a procrastination poster. I got tired of my other blog, so I quit that one. Cstarr asked me if I wanted to join “Cstarr’s Weblog” and I gladly said yes. We grew very fast because we advertised on FailBlog, and got visitors through that website. At this time, FailBlog wasn’t as big, and was based off wordpress. Anyway, we were doing pretty good. We were at about 1500 hits when we added our other good friend, Pablo. Pablo isn’t his actual name, he just goes by that online. We were a good group, and were at about 3000 hits when we asked Sreimer and Jacob to join. They immediately said yes, and our blog was growing very fast. On June 10th, we changed the blogs name to “The Panic Button“. I was never told about us changing the name. I just logged on one morning and saw the new header. On June 12th, 2008, our blog was the first result when you searched “funny” on Google, and we got 3000 hits per day. We were having 31 people on the site at a time, and we were growing faster than ever. At 30,000 hits, we were no longer on Google for that search, and remained at about 500 hits per day. We kept this up, and maintained the blog for an entire summer. At the beginning of the 2008-2009 school year, we got on Google once more. This time, the first two results for “funny” under images went straight to our website. We were getting about 6,000 hits per day. On Monday, December 8, we had 7,334 hits; the most we’ve ever gotten in one day. After that, our Google spot light lessened, and we moved on. Today, we have been running this blog for over a year, and keep a 1,000-hit-per-day quota. And it all started with Cstarr’s Weblog. Check out the blog history video here.

What is the relation between you guys? Pablo, Cstarr, and I have known each other since we were about 5 years old. I’ve known Jacob since I was 8 years old. I met Sreimer about a 2 years ago. We’re like brothers in that we all are best friends. We all go to the same school and are the same age.

What is The Panic Button? It’s our website which includes funny pictures and videos. Duh!

How many people work at this blog? There’s Cstarr, Jjacobb, Pablo, Sreimer, and me (Sssaam). 5 people.

What is your real name? My name is Sam, Jjacobb’s name is Jacob, Pablo’s name is Grant, Sreimer’s name is Seth, and Cstarr’s name is Carter.

Where do you Live? Iowa, USA.

Can I join The Panic Button? Well, a lot of people ask that and every time they do, I have to say no. We’re all like brothers and made this site together. We don’t like to add people because if we do, others want to be added, and it just becomes a real mess.

Why was it called Cstarr.wordpress.com? Well, like I said, I used to have another blog. Cstarr made this blog and named it after him. He then added me, and everyone else just sorta followed.

Why do some of the things on the Thing To Do page Say -Removed-? Those are the ones that were removed because they were innapropriate.

Why do some of your links open in a new window? We like to do that so you don’t leave our site to visit a new site. I usually do that with Blogs Of The Day so that you can check out the person’s site, exit that window, and be back to our site.

Do you have AIM? Yes, on the left sidebar under contact it says The Panic Button Blogs AIM username is “PanicButtonBlog”

What’s that smell? Sorry, I farted.

When does the caption contest end? It ends when there are about 30 entries.

You and your stupid site are so stupid! When people make these kinds of comments, I realize that they must like the site a little. If I absolutely hate a website, I’m going to immediately leave. But when a person cares enough to make a comment, they must not hate our site that bad.

How old are you? We range between 13 and 14 years old. We are all in the same grade though.

What are your views on Beef-Jerky? It’s really good.

Do you have Twitter? Yes, the links are on the right sidebar.

What’s your favorite TV show? Saturday Night Live or iCarly.

¿A qué hora es su sombrero? Ci, dos horas.

I didn’t know you spoke Spanish! I don’t.

Chicken Noodle Soup. I agree completely.

Tengo una Hornet en el nido de mis pantalones! Oh really, that must be very uncomfortable.

How can I contact you? On the left sidebar there’s a button that is grey and has an envelope on it. Click it to go to our contact form. Also, you can contact us through AIM (see above).

Can you solve a Rubik’s cube? Yes, I can solve a 3×3 cube and a 4×4.

You spend a lot of time on the computer, are you morbidly obese? No, we’re not morbidly obese. We too actually have lives (shocker!). It may seem like we’re on a lot because there are always new posts, but remember, there’s five of us! We are all athletic and in great shape.

Does FAQ Stand for fart, answer and question? No, it stands for Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you get a lot of spam? We get an occasional sprinkle of about 5 to 10 Viagra spam comments, along with the weekly haters.

What sports do you play, and what teams do you like? Sssaam: I play soccer (Fútbol) and I do swim team. My favorite soccer team is Brazil’s World Cup team.
Pablo: I play baseball and like the Cardinals.
Sreimer: I play Football and I like the Bears, and Colts. I also like baseball and the Cardinals.

Have you ever been to England? We were flying overseas when I was 2 years old and stopped in England. We were only there for an hour or two, and I was too young to remember. I don’t think anyone else has been to England or overseas for that matter. I have an uncle who lives in England though.

What instrument do you play? Sreimer plays Trombone and Pablo plays percussion.
What’s your favorite video game? Sssaam: I would say Super Smash Bros Brawl.
Pablo: Old school Nintendo.

What’s your favorite music? Sssaam: I like rap, r&b, and a little rock.
Pablo: Depends on the day.

Who’s your favorite actor? Sssaam: Tom Hanks or Nicholas Cage.

Who’s your favorite super hero? Sssaam: Iron Man!
Sreimer: Google? or Elmo, OR Batman!

PacMan, or Mario? Sssaam: Mario.
Pablo: Luigi!
Sreimer: MARIO

Do you get bothered by random questions? No, not at all.

What grade are you in? We are all in middle school.

What’s the most people you’ve ever had on your blog? 86! Check out the post, here.


(Comment below)


139 Responses

  1. That’s very funny. You are a very funny person, lol. and, ELMO’S WORLD? DORA? No offense, but they kind of suck. lol
    Pablo: I agree, The Backyardigans are WAAAAAAAAAAY better 😉
    Sssaam: Elmo and Dora pwn!

  2. Happy birthday!
    It’s not my birthday.
    Lolz, awkward!

  3. Lol!! This is funnyz. I like how even when things are like normal, you guys make it funny LOL i love it!

  4. whats AIM?
    Pablo: AOL Instant Messenger =]
    Sssaam: What. Wow.

  5. on msn?
    Pablo: No, on aim… http://dashboard.aim.com/aim

  6. whats the staff’s favorite panic button banner?
    Please don’t aprove this comment untill at least 2 people give me there answer please.


    Sssaam: Well, mines either 17 or 21, Pablo?
    Pablo: 22 or 23 😀

  7. Lol – “Tengo una Hornet en el nido de mis pantalones!”
    I mean, who’d have Hornets in their pants?!?! It must hurt baaaad. LOL!! Awesome page btw 😀

  8. Hey, I know CStarr. Sam, Mitchell told me you were considering CC. Is this true? Wow, I must be bored. I know you and am not illegal. Yes, I’m innocent!!!

    Sssaam: What’s CC?

  9. Yay Polldaddy!!! I was gonna use that for my pole cept’ it didn’t work :(. O well, my page is really dumb. Know what, you have access to my page. Betcha’ $5 you can’t find it. Think of all the webpage/ internet stuff you do.

  10. But are you gonna be in CC?

  11. lol that was sssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny

  12. I have probably been looking around online for like the last 20 minutes for a site like yours. So i just want to give you a big thank you and tell you too keep up the hard work. Have a great weeken! =) Thank you!
    Sssaam: Thank you so much!

  13. I have to go with Pablo on the Backyardigans… sorry, Sssaam, but I have to say that Mr. Rogers pwns all.

  14. LOL, in the Backyardigans,there’s someone called Pablo.Is that why Pablo likes it?
    Pablo: You’re a smart one, now aren’t you? Last year before school our teacher would have his T.V. on at the beginning of the class. And right before class started, around 8 A.M. for us, the Backyardigans would come on. So it’s an inside joke with some of my friends. 🙂

  15. ok, here are my questions:
    1. You spend a lot of time on the computer, are u morbidly obese? (JK JK JK! I dont mean it!!)
    2. Does FAQ Stand for Fart, answer and question?
    3. How old are you?
    4. Do you get a lot of spam?

    Sssaam: Lol, all your questions have been answered!

  16. I keep making pages- and when I do, they get into the way of my posts! How do i fix how many pages are displayed on the page bar under/above the header?! I can’t remember!

    Sssaam: With you theme, no matter what, all your pages will show on the bar. I suggest you try going with another theme, or take pages off. Sub-pages are really helpful!

  17. What sport do you like and if you like a sport tell me what team of that sport you like.

    p.s.Ilove soccer and I support Arsenal.
    Sssaam: Answered!

  18. Ask sssssaam to support Arsenal 9despite there are in the U.K.)

    p.s.My fave team in America is Galaxy.

  19. Have you ever been to England.
    Sssaam: Answered!

  20. What insturment do you play?

    p.s.I play the piano and keyboard.

    Sssaam: Answered!

  21. Sreimer, Do you play for an Americian football team.
    Sreimer: If you’re talking about for school then yes.

  22. ssssssaam support Arsenal, they rule. Trust me.

  23. What’s your fave subject in school?
    Sreimer: SCIENCE/BAND if u count band, but jazz band is better than regular band

  24. I remember when I was overseas, I stopped at Afganistan for a few minutes.

  25. Have you sworn in your life?
    Sssaam: No comment.

  26. How do you make a video about your website?

    Sssaam: You need a video making software like Microsoft Movie Maker or Camtasia Studio. Which ever one you use, to make a really good video, you’ll have to get to know the software very well.

  27. By band, do you mean music. because I’ll count band as music.
    Sreimer: not exactly “music class” band as in playing songs with the big group, you know with the brass wood winds and percussion?

  28. Well I’ll count it as music anyway.

  29. You may have not heard of cricket but I play for a crticket team which is not school and I’m 11.
    Sreimer: ik what cricket is, I’ve seen some people play at a park by me before, so thats cool, i just didn’t know if u meant like for fun or payd or school or something else

  30. Sssamm, outside U.S.A(America) they call soccer football.

    Sssaam: Yeah, I know.

  31. Sssam support Arsenal. Man UTD cheat. I swear look at Ronaldo, he trips over and says “Ref, I swear I didn’t do anything,” when he did something to get a penilty for nothing. Go the word. SUPPORT ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sssaam: Rofl, PENIL-ty.

  32. Do you think Manchester United cheat and why the hell do you support them, Sssam. Support Arsenal ore else.

    Sssaam: I’m not big at watching games constantly everyday and keeping up with teams. I’m not a huge fan of watching the game, I like playing it more.

  33. I keep up with teams that’s why I own a website about Arsenal. SUPPORT ARSENAL OR I’LL REPORT YOUR BLOG. DO IT DO IT DO IT. JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sssaam: Lol, you really need to stop, or I’ll have to IP ban you. I rarely do it, but when someone excessively tries to persuade, and threaten, I have to.

  34. I was just joking like many soccer fans do. That’s what soccer’s about and i don’t use wordpress. i just have an account.

    Sssaam: Okay that’s fine. And btw, I can still ban you without a WordPress account 😉

  35. how?

    Sssaam: I’m not going to go any further.

  36. I hope Man UTD lose on Tuesday/Wednesday against Arsenal.

  37. Is bluecityfan crazy? yes he is.

  38. Looky here, Buster. Ronaldo dived and scored a darn free kick.

  39. Please delete the comment by sam and delete all my comments. I went over the extreme of football (soccer).
    I meant all the one about Man UTD.

  40. Holy cow!! 22 comments by me.

  41. What happened to tttristan? he never posts and you don’t ever talk about him. the only way I know who he is, is from the FAQ page on question 3 (how many people work at this blog?)

    Sssaam: He used to be on here, but he decided he didn’t want to be on anymore.
    Sreimer: this is brian sam! LOL!

  42. whats your guys favorite video game?
    Sssaam: ANSWERED!

  43. music?
    Sssaam: ANSWERED!

  44. actor
    Sssaam: ANSWERED!

  45. super hero
    Sssaam: ANSWERED!

  46. pac man or mario
    Sssaam: ANSWERED!

  47. do you get botherd by radom questions?
    Sssaam: ANSWERED!

  48. what grade you in?
    Sssaam: ANSWERED!

  49. whats your soda favorite?

  50. Youtube won’t allow me to upload a windows movie maker clip.

    Sssaam: Well, make sure it’s not in windows movie maker anymore, and is saved as a movie. Go to movie maker and open the file. Then go to FILE and then SAVE MOVIE FILE (not save) or click CTRL+P. Once you’re there, you set all the settings, and save it to your desktop. Upload it to YouTube after that.

  51. are you all boys on here?

    Sssaam: Yeah, of course.

  52. whats your favorite soda?I love Dr.Pepper

  53. I got it. It’s on the youtube page on my site.

  54. Hey. Umm on one of the jokes, about where do you live and all that, you said “Where do you live, what’s your adress…” Aren’t they the same thing?


    Sssaam: I could answer “Where Do You Live?” with the state and town, but “What’s Your Address?” is more in depth. I would answer it with the street number and street name.

  55. If you were lost some where in the Rain Forest and all you had was a Knife,Ketchup,A lap top and wi-fi,What would you do…..

    I know this isn’t a FAQ that has anything to do with your site but i was bored so,WHAT WOULD YOU DO?


    Sreimer: contact people to get me out then blog a while and eat a yummy meal i find
    Pablo: I’d wonder what the heck I was doing in a rainforest.

  56. how did you make your header like that?

    Sssaam: An animated header is just a series of images placed one after the other in order to make a moving picture. Download Microsoft Gif Animator first. Then open up Paint, or any image creating software. Create an image, copy the entire image, then paste it into the gif animator. Then go back to the image, move it or change it so that will move or change during the viewing of the gif. Copy the entire image again, and then paste it again. Keep doing this until you’re satisfied with your work. Also, if you have HyperCam, you can make any video into a gif. Simply click the open button on the Gif Animator, and then find the video (make sure it’s in AVI format), and click save. For any more help, just ask.

  57. Do you want me make any animated headers? (I know you can, but when I make them, the quality won’t be lost)

    Also, do you want me to make a game? Maybe, a panic button comes up and you have to click it as quick as possible.

    E-mail robod AT live DOT co DOT uk (I’ve written it like that to stop spam-bots picking up my e-mail address).

    Sssaam: Thanks, but I actually made a game about The Panic Button. I use Game Maker 7, you?

  58. What was the first post EVER on this blog.

    Sam: Why don’t you go find out! Just follow the yellow brick road! Jk jk, here’s a short-cut.

  59. Tengo una Hornet en el nido de mis pantalones!
    I have spanish lessons at school, so it means something like-
    I have (Tengo) a (una) Hornet in the (en el) ? (nido) of my trousers! (pantalones)

  60. I’ll answer some questions that are in the FAQ!
    What is your real name?
    I’ll give you a clue. A very popular video game character with the last letter of his name changed to an ‘e’. That’s easy.
    Sam: Marie?
    Where do you live?
    How old are you, what’s your last name…
    I’ll just say that my 11th birthday is in 4 days from now.
    What’s your favourite TV show?
    TMNT (Fast Forward)!
    Have you ever been to England?
    Duh, I LIVE there!
    What instrument do you play?
    Well, I used to play piano but NOW I play the drums!!!
    What grade are you in?
    Uh…YEAR 6. Not grade 6. It was meant to be…grade 4…I think…

    p.s. Fútbol? Don’t you mean Football?
    Sam: Yes.

  61. I use Adobe Flash (CS4 is the version I use). In Game Maker you just use pre-made things or something, don’t you? Well, in Flash, you have to code it so you can make many things; and not just games either. I could also make gadgets or interactive widgets. Also, could I see the game that you made?

  62. how far can you spit..lol i can spit really far and I’m going to try to some day have the world record for spiting the farthest.


    Sam: Lol, I don’t think I’ve ever heard that!

  63. Do you want Pakistan to win the twenty20 world cup in cricket. I do.

  64. who do you want to play in the Waldo Movie?

  65. just like you sam i think Tom Hanks is a great actor..I loved Forest Gump and the Big movie.


  66. why don’t you play smosh videos any more?


    Sam: Their videos aren’t that funny anymore.

  67. Who spends the most time on this blog out all Sreimer, Sssaam, Cstarr, Pablo, and Jjcaob?

    Sam: Me, definitely.

  68. Can you belive its not butter?

  69. How did you do that without shaving crem?

  70. Elmo is awesome. 🙂

  71. PacMan, or Mario? Sssaam: Mario.
    Pablo: Luigi!
    Sreimer: MARIO

    Oh yah?


  72. can u check owt ma site and tell me wayz i can improve it?
    Pablo: It’d be helpful if you told us what your site was.

  73. email me, respond 2 dis comment, or put a comment on ma site wit da wayz i can improve it. I envy ur opinion
    Pablo: Once again, what is your site?..

  74. what color hair does everyone that works for the panic button have?

    Sam: We ALL have brown hair.

  75. um ribsy…why do you care what color peoples hair is?

  76. When was the last time you added someone to your blogroll?

    Sam: Currently, the last time was One Artist Journal.

  77. are there certain requirements to be on ur blogroll?

    Sam: We don’t add anyone to the blogroll currently.

  78. Favorite: Beatles, ABBA or Queen ?


    Sam: That would be a tie between The Beatles and Queen. I like Hey Jude and I am the Walrus by The Beatles, but I also like Bohemian Rhapsody and Another One Bites The Dust by Queen.

  79. Iz it fun bein admin for da panic button?

    Sam: Yes. I love your comments and you compliments.

  80. You got it! My name’s Marie!

  81. Real Madrid or FCBarcelona?

  82. Hao do u get subpages? (you no, those pages u end up in when u click a link on a regular page) I really dont no wut they r. Also, hao did u make all these buttons clicks, like the site map click.

    Oh and the “Your Pics, Send Them!” button dosen’t work

    Sam: Try to arrange how your sidebar is going to look in a post. Create a post with the pictures and buttons you want on the sidebar. To link things, just highlight what you want linked, and click the chain button. Go to the HTML tab, copy everything, and then paste it into a sidebar widget.

  83. but what about the subpages thing o, 1 moar question, if u dont mind, hao do u reply 2 comments the way dat u do, like wen ur gonna respond 2 dis 1

    Sam: Click “Edit” next to the comment. Put in “Pizzaman633: Thank you!” or whatever you want to say. Highlight the words that you said, and click the button that says b for bold.

  84. and do u ever use ur chat?

    Sam: No, not really. Only on special occasion (HALF A MILLION HITS IS COMING).

  85. wut bout the subpages thing, hao do u make a page dat doesn’t appear on da pages list and hao do u make ur subpages

    Sam: Check out the WordPress support page for this answer.

  86. and hao did u make ur panic button widget, hao did u get it 2 take u 2 a random post?

    Sam: The Panic Button widget is just an image linked to http://www.panicbuttonblog.com/?random.

  87. and hao did u get ur clothes line started? Hao do u make all dose fancy picz like the cloud on top of the “Get a Panic Button Banner for your Site” and hao did u get a google page 2 post ur panic button banner codes

    Sam: The clothes are made on CafePress.com. I use PhotoBucket to get the stickers like the clouds. Click here to create a Google Page. Most of this stuff is located on our site. Just look around…

  88. Hey Sssaam, didn’t i c u on dis bribble chat like a 10 monthz ago? I think it belonged 2 jacob, i cant remember.

    Sam: No, I don’t think so. Was it JC4x4?

  89. i might have

  90. iz it still on? wut port was it?

  91. o check owt my new post, it has something in it involving u

  92. Can u help me find da attributes module? Or, cant u just help me make those “subpages” or wuteva they r? U no like “30 Things You Don’t Want To Hear In Surgery”, was that a subpage or what?

    Sam: Yes, I gave you a link to the WordPress page that shows you how to make them.

  93. Yo Sssaam, do u use photoshop 2 make the logos like “The Panic Button” or other stuff like dat?

    Sam: I used PhotoBucket to make the banners, and I use Snagit 9 editor for the headers.

  94. Oh and did it cost anythng 2 make and sell stuff on cafepress?

    Sam: No, it didn’t.

  95. Oh sam, i made dis poll on my site and i need u and a bunch of other peepz 2 vote on it. Comment on da post i posted da poll on 2 let me no dat u voted


  96. What’s your fave Michael Jackson song?

    Sam: Rock With You
    Pablo: Man in the Mirror

  97. Yo sam, my new post sez im movin 2 minnesota. I kinda assumed u lived up there cuz it pretty warmup there and itz like hot down here. U can chek ma new post 4 moar info. Let me no if where im movin 2 iz close 2 u.

  98. Umm, wut city dose it pass through and wut direction? I’ll try 2 find da place from there, or at leadt da city.

    Sam: I don’t think I can tell you that, sorry!

  99. K, I need help! I’m really confused! Didn’t you used to have a page on here that told how to make a widget? If you still have it, can you direct me, plz? I can’t find it!

    Sam: Click here.

  100. Wow this a um weird faq page lol

  101. Who’s the biggest football (soccer) fan ever?

    (Let me guess, me)!

  102. How would you react if I told you that you guys have the best humor blog?

  103. i bet its Des Moines

  104. I’m just guessin

  105. Y dosent jjacobb post as much as da rest of u do?

  106. my question is

    are we allowed to copy stuff from your site and put them on our websites? Of course we have to give credit to you, but are we allowed if we do give credit????
    Pablo: If you link to us with credit then yes.

  107. Hey sssaam, didn’t u say u were gonna post a review on the blog of the day at the blog of the day part of 1 of ur posts?

    • You know, I don’t think I’ll do that because it takes a long time and I like to get posts done fast so I can read the comments when they come.

  108. u guys live in Iowa!!! I used 2 live their 4 like 10 years n then i moved when i was in 5th grade
    and im ur age 2!!! Weird?!?!?

  109. Hey sssaam, wut time do u get out of school (dissmissal)

  110. i have 2 questions:
    1- sssaam, do you have a girlfriend? if so, whats her name?
    2- I subscribed to the panic button so that every time you have a post up it sends me an e-mail but when it does it send the email like 1 day after u guys put up the post … is this right?
    thnx 🙂

    • That would be a no and a yes!

    • 1. No, I don’t have a girlfriend. I’m really not into that scale of drama. I’m good friends with just about everyone and that’s good enough for me.
      2. This might be because FeedBurner has to recognize that we made a new post, and send all contents of the post to over 40 people. It also has to convert YouTube videos to icons and give links to bookmark websites like Digg.

  111. i’ll do a little about me!
    Pacman or mario: thats a tough one, but i’d have to say mario.
    Music: Rock & pop.
    colors: blue purple and black
    least favorite colors: yellow and brown
    eating right now: oreos
    name: starts with an m and ends in a. thats all im tellingand its not Maria
    animals: black panther, panda, tiger, iriomote wildcat (u can tell i like cats)
    flavor of ice cream: chocolate chip cookie dough

    whats your fav flavor of ice cream?

  112. What ever happened to Ribsythedog?…….

  113. Do you like those Slush Puppie’s or Slushee’s? Lol, I love ’em!

  114. Have you played Kingdom Hearts 1 or 2? I love them

    Do you like Percy Jackson? If so, are you going to see the movie?

  115. Sam, whats the most any has EVER donated to you site?

  116. Hm, what Ethnicities are you guys?

  117. What computer do you use?

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