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Things To Do

Check out these lists of funny things to do in different situations! We did not make or own any of these lists. These lists are in multiple places on the internet, so it is close to impossible to find the true authors of them.

25 Things To Do At A Tennis Match

30 Things You Don’t Want To Hear In Surgery

50 Things To Do In A McDonalds Drive-Thru

49 Things To Do In A Public Bathroom

49 Things To Do During A Test

50 Things To Do In A Computer Lab

67 Things To Do At School

40 Things To Do On A Bus

Things To Do In Your Cubicle

54 Things To Do At Work

20 Things To Do On The Train

32 Things to do In an Elevator

101 Things To Do To Your Roomate

101 Things To Do At Wal-Mart

99 Things To Do When Ordering Pizza

18 Things To Do In A Bathroom Stall

50 Things To Do At A Shopping Mall

20 Things To Do At Taco Bell

65 Things To Do On An Airplane

48 Things To Do In A Fitting Room

100 Ways To Be Annoying In A Theme Park

Things To Do At A Fast Food Resturaunt

23 Things To Do In A Movie Theater

More fun lists:

318 Interesting Facts

101 Facts About Chuck Norris


46 Responses

  1. Yeah, where do you get the ideas from???

  2. Lmao!! Nice site! Thanks for the Positive comment =)

    -Jrvr 2k8

  3. Hey, best site ever fun, funny, and brillant

  4. You should add things to do on a cruise ship!

  5. make “things to do at school”!

  6. Arent you EVER gonna add more?

  7. HooraY you added more

  8. can i b on ur blogroll> i added u

  9. Make “Things to do With your sisters/brothers Laptop”


  10. Do you have an fan club email everyone casn email on?

    Sssaam: Yeah, you can just send an email through our emailmeforms. Send a pic here and send a message here.

  11. I have come up with one!

    10 Thing’s to do it music class!
    1. Shout at the person beside you “SHUT THAT THING UP!” then grab their instroment and start playing the exact same tune.
    2. Start Singing the “Spongebob” intro tune. If people ask why your doing it, say, “Isint this singing class?”
    3. Read the notes out loud and shout them as loud as you can.
    4. Stare at people randomly, if they say “Why are you looking at me” Don’t answer, just keep staring.
    5. if there is desks/chairs in the room, go around before music class starts, and push all of them over. when the music teacher comes in, conplain that “Bob” told you to do it. (This works really well if there is no Bob in the class)
    6. If you are good at playing something and the teacher knows it, conplain the magic fairies made you forget.
    7. Pretend to fall asleep while the music teacher is talking.
    8. stand up randomly and then faint, say that always happen, then faint again. if no one worries, then say, I WILL DIE, CALL AN ANBULANCE! If they do, when they come, state you were acting, then repeat, “isint this acting class?”
    9. Start singing one of Elvises song again and again… then if someone just says “STOP!” ignore them and walk over to them and sing in their face, louder then ever.
    10. conplain about the killer bee’s coming to get you, then point at someone you don’t like.
    I will post more when I come back from my walk

  12. lol davydaddy did u ever come back from ur walk?

  13. lol ooops i mean davyxaddy! xD i didnt have my glasses on at the time.

  14. Look up ‘How to Keep A Healthy Level Of Insanity’. It’s funny.

  15. Lol, he must be on a VERY long walk! xD

  16. Talk about long walk… he’s been gone for almost 4 months!

  17. OMG these are so funny!!
    Jjacobb: Thanks!

  18. Um… Who the heck is Chuck Norris? Someone PLEASE tell me!!
    Pablo: Chuck Norris is everything.
    Sssaam: Lol, Chuck Norris is a US actor who everyone likes to make fun of. People say he’s really tough and stuff, like he has super strength.

  19. Am I allowed to put these on my site?

    Sssaam: Oh yes, go right ahead.

  20. I’m bored!I wish i had some-THING to do…
    got any ideas?

  21. Thanks for replying to my ‘Chuck Norris’ thing, lol. Now I finally know who he is! 😀


  22. i wish there was things to do over summer vacation….i’ve barely been on summer vacation and im already bored…
    ps: sorry i havent been here for a long time

  23. I love this page ^.^

  24. hey why didn’t you make your own?These are all found on another site?

    Sam: Yes, it says we don’t make any of these right on the page.

  25. what me and my friend k are gonna do is go to a restraunt and go into the bath room and make sure there are 3 stalls and we’re gonna go to the end stalls and wait for someone to come in and after a second i’m going to yell “ew something’s swimming in this bowl!” and she is gonna yell back saying:”yours too?!” and see what happens sorry ifi stole it from someone

    Sam: Haha good luck with that!

  26. Like to watch Stargate Atlantis episodes and also Lost. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  27. man dese r funny

  28. they look like they can keep boredem away

  29. totally lol

  30. lol this site is da best site i have ever seen!

    Can u plz help me with my site?

  31. this is my Fav site!!!! i have an idea for things you dont want to hear during surgery.
    31. Isnt this thing suupose to be beating?

  32. Chuck Norris?!?! Never heard of him although most of his facts r funny! 🙂

  33. chuck norris KILL AND CHOP AND BEAT UP PPL well wait what? OH YEAH TO THE END!!!

  34. hey pizzaman633! LUV ur avatar!

  35. i thought of one thing to do:

    Thing To Do At A Gas Station:
    -put used gum on the pump handles

  36. 33 Things to do at the beach

    1 Bring your own sand
    2 make a sand castle destroy it then yell at at random person “Whyd You Do That!”
    3 The night before bury some bones in the sand and the next day dig them up and scream
    4 wear “Really” short shorts
    5 (guys only) wear a bikini
    6 get someone to bury you up to your neck in sand, then yell at them and make them unbury you when you are half unburied yell at them to rebury you untill they leave repeat with different people
    7 attempt to fly seven kites at once
    8 use your chest as a plate
    9 fake a shark attack complete with fake blood
    10 read a book while swimming
    11 build a life sized person out of sand
    12 get intimate with your sand person
    13 wear multiple bottles of sunblock at once
    14 swing while wearing a tuxedo
    15 “Trip” over people
    16 wear a Jason mask while swimming pretend like you dont know its there
    18 lock all the bathroom doors
    19 use other peoples towels to dry off
    20 dig small sand pits cover them with paper plates and sand and watch people trip
    21 turn you radio to classical and max volume insist you have hearing problems
    22 while wet roll in sand then complain about how stick the sand is
    23 complain to yourself loudly about sunburn
    24 give a person who isnt drowning mouth to mouth
    27 climb the life guard stand and pretend your a lifeguard
    28 Revert to childhood
    29 build an island out of floaties
    30 dress like a pirate complete with a terett parrot
    31 Tell people its a whites only beach (works best if your white)
    32 pretend to hear a holy voice out of a shell
    33 talk loudly on a cell phone then drop the phone in water accuse someone of tripping you then pull another phone and continue your conversation

    i have more stuff if people like these just tell me and ill type em up ^^

  37. (Message to TornWingsOfAngels)How’d you make those? Did they just come to you? Can you check out mine and tell me what you think?

  38. Yes they did just come to me actually and i do have more though if you wish to converse with me im usually on my YouTube account (Same Name) cuz that would be easir for me

    But i did like urs though u used make out too much in my opinion 🐱

  39. I harmonise with your standpoint and will eagerly read your upcoming posts

  40. Chuck Norris is old now… Pretty old.

  41. Why is it called the panic button? It makes you laugh not panic!! WTF

  42. This isn’t my email adress. i don’t have one. this is some guys i found on the intonet lokking for spore cheats.

  43. thats looking not lokking just in case you want to know.

  44. Nobody has commented in 8 years. wow

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