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25 Things To Do At A Tennis Match

  1. When someone makes a point yell “Goooooal!”
  2. Pull out a 2 foot long sub sandwich and start eating it, offer it to others.
  3. Pull out a golf club and start eating it, offer it to others.
  4. When umpire asks for silence, yell “Don’t tell me what to do!”
  5. When serve is about to be made and all is quiet, yell “Moooo!”
  6. Spark a conversation with the umpire while game is in play.
  7. Constantly argue with umpire. Say a ball was out when it was clearly in, vice versa.
  8. Bring your own racket, ask when it’s your turn to play.
  9. Laugh loudly and yell “Someone colored the ball yellow!”
  10. Grunt loudly every time a player grunts.
  11. When deuce is called, ask “What did you just call me?”
  12. Tell everyone around you that you’re just here for the food.
  13. Constantly whisper in the ear of the person sitting next to you. Notify them of every celebrity look-a-like you see.
  14. Fall asleep halfway through the game. Awake and yell “How did I get here?” , “Who are you?” , “Where am I?!?”
  15. Scream every time the umpire makes a call, tell him to chillax.
  16. Regularly talk to yourself. Argue with yourself about whether a ball was in or out.
  17. Tell everyone to save your spot because you have to go to the bathroom. Walk halfway down the bleachers, stop, turn around, and sit back down.
  18. Introduce yourself to the person sitting next to you, tell them you are an excessive tennis fan and have been to many games. Introduce yourself again 2 minutes later and say this is your first tennis match.
  19. In a conversation with the person sitting next to you, predict which player will be killed first.
  20. Bring a strange animal (exe: monkey, lizard, snake), say you’re the halftime show.
  21. Bring a plastic sword, swing it violently in the air.
  22. Have a player sign your racket. When they touch the marker to the racket, tell them you will sue them for vandalism.
  23. Bring a camera, record everything up until 3rd set. Leave saying “That’s all the evidence I need.”
  24. Reminisce about how you’re planning on killing the umpire. Speak loud enough so that the umpire can hear you.
  25. Reserve the seat next to you for your imaginary friend. Tell everyone that he has a terminal illness.

Made 100% by Sssaam!

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16 Responses

  1. um, who is the umpire? is he basically the narrator of the tennis match? (sorry for the dumbness, im young)
    Sreimer: The person that says in or out and that fine stuff

  2. I have a few!!!

    Whenever the umpire yells “love”, as in, “40 – love”, yell “No, I’m not gay!”

    Whenever the umpire yells “lov”,e as in, “40 – love”, yell “Really, 40 times. I myself have only 32.”

    Every time the ball lands out of bounds, yell “In” or “Out”.

    Ask the umpire stupid rackets, like “Are you sure that those rackets should go that way?” and “Why is a racket called a racket.”

  3. i play tennis and it is not called a umpire… It is called nothing. The players do all that stuff so…. thouse jokes about the umpire would be good for baseball. But really big tennis matches i think they have coaches. I forget ill tell you what they are really called. ~Ponchieoo

    Sssaam: No, in pro tennis matches, the person who calls whether a ball was in or out is the umpire. That’s a well known fact. https://cstarr.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/tennis-match.png

  4. 350,578 hits!

  5. ROFL, I can’t stop at 15.!!!

  6. I did number 3! My mum said it was just silly and my dad said well done.

  7. Hahahaha! I actually play tennis and all of those are hilarious!

  8. LOL haha nicee

  9. lol, no.2 is funny……… wait…… ew!

  10. OMG those are hilarious!! I was drinking some coke at the time and almost choked on it when I started reading! 😆

  11. lol..

  12. i have one, go out into the court and start throwing a basketball at the other person

  13. hey great things to do they work great

  14. OMG! I completely lost it on #4 XD

  15. I don’t even like tennis; I still love this.

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