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My Story

As most other bloggers began, my web-life all started with Club Penguin. Club Penguin is an online game in which you can interact with other kids who are online. I advise you not to join, seeing as it can easily engulf your life and your money. My sister had a basketball tournament in 2007, and we were staying at a hotel. One of her teammates was on the computer on Club Penguin. I watched her play and thought it was really cool how actual kids were online at the exact same time as her. When the basketball tournament ended and we went home, I immediately made a Club Penguin account. I tried every username I could think of when making my penguin. Sam11 was taken, so was 1Sam1 and SamTheMan. I ended up simply lengthening the letters in my name to make


I played Club Penguin during the winter of 2007-2008. I encouraged Grant to join Club Penguin and we had a lot of fun playing. There would always be something new to do and see. That’s what makes the game so addictive. I would find myself on the computer for hours playing non-stop. I decided to look up things about Club Penguin, so I went on Google. I found some websites that talked about CP Cheats, so I looked at them. I noticed that, in the address bar of every Club Penguin website was a small W.


I looked at each website and learned that this W stood for WordPress. I visited the home page of WordPress and found out what it had to offer. Out of simple boredom, on March 24th, 2008, I made an account.

I used my username, Sssaam. My WordPress blog was Sssaam.wordpress.com, and it’s still up today. We have deleted all the posts, though.  My first post was a picture of my penguin. I then posted a picture of Grant’s penguin (named Pablo). I told Grant about the site on Club Penguin and he checked it out. He commented asking me to let him join. I did, and that was that.


Our site reached 1000 hits, and we thought we were doing really well. I found out about YouTube channels for Club Penguin players. A Club Penguin player by the username of Heatblast227 was the most popular CP YouTuber (and CP player, I would later realize). Through a series of crazy events, somehow I managed to become his buddy.


Through our strange, somewhat crude comedic images, we loured in viewers and soon reached 1700 hits.


In mid-April I received hateful comments from one viewer named Phillip. He has changed his username many, many times, and you can visit his site here. He had jealousy toward me for some unknown reason. Somehow he coerced Heatblast227 to remove me from his buddy list. I was sad, and told Grant that we should quit. He agreed, and we stopped playing Club Penguin.

Here’s where Carter comes in. Carter, also known as Cstarr, would always send me funny pictures through email and instant messenger. On April 20th, 2008, I was at Cstarr’s house experimenting the life of a battery for a science project. He knew that I used to have a Club Penguin blog, and he wanted to make one. We named it Cstarr.WordPress.com, and added Seth, Jacob, and Grant. On June 10th, we changed the name of the blog to The Panic Button, and the rest is history.

So I guess you could say the creation of The Panic Button was directly related to the moment in time when I saw my sister’s teammate playing Club Penguin in a hotel lobby.

It’s strange the way things work.


13 Responses

  1. I see youve added your own story! It was entertaining, thanks for shariing 😀

  2. miness wayy different than urs xD

  3. haha I’m of the only people (besides Christine) who know in or age group that hasn’t started blogging o a club penguin blog :]

    may be a getting a zune and tablet for christmas!

  4. woooooooooooooooooooooooow. It is strange the way things work.Too bad you had to quit clubpenguin, I play it and its super fun but I try to limit myself. Last year, I spent all my time on cp, and that was basically what I did when I got home from school besides homework.Then i realized that I needed to spend time with my family so I quit for a few months. Now I play it again but I make sure I only play it for and hour because if not I get a little carried away. ~Saphire9410~

  5. ya and all of the sudden whenever i scroll ur site gets all jiggly and like starts cutting stuff… idk if its just my comp but its been doing that for like a week now

  6. Haha, its funny how we all started out on CP.

  7. My story is similar to yours in multiple ways. Here goes, and feel free to respond if you find it interesting because I thought yours was.

    It all started in mid 2007. My cousin told me about Club Penguin and I thought it sounded fun. So I made an account, MartyMap (I can’t really remember the name all that well). Its still up today, I just forgot the password and part of the name. My brother heard about too and created one as well. Named Manbolt, he still uses it today and he is almost addicted to it, he now goes on this game called Wizard 101. Anyway, I ended up forgeting my password to MartyMap (the name wasn’t random btw, I was always interested in geography and thats where the name came). So in October 2007 I created a new account, Pizzaman633, the name was almost entirely random. Then in March 2008, I created a Youtube channel, because of all the Club Penguin players on Youtube with their own channels. I wouldn’t start making videos until several months later, but I’m getting ahead of myself. In June 2008, I was browsing my favorite CP cheats site, Watex’s Cheats. Watex, a famous CP player, was really popular that time and I thought, why can’t I do something like that? So I created a WordPress account and made my first blog, Funstand. It was, of course, a CP cheats blog. It didn’t start off to good until I learned a technique that would change my weblife forever. Pressing Control and Print Screen at the same time to make an image of the screen. From that point my blog changed, and my weblife changed. At the same time I joined a scoial network called PengSpace, similar to MySpace. It was created by a CP loving guy like a summer earlier or something. It was created from a place called Ning, where you can make a scoial network of your own. I thought it was cool but I quit a little after I made The Laugh Bag, but I’m getting ahead of myself again. Meanwhile, away from blogging, I was going on these chatboxes called Bribble chatboxes. I got into those when I started going on Watex’s, yes he had one too. And his chatbox was where I made some of my oldest web friends. That time was a really happy time. I was at my peak on the web. And I think a little later on I went on other bribble chatboxes. Back on blogging, my blog was doing really well. I remember I had a commenting contest and it was a success, for the most part. In Early August 2007, I made my FIRST Youtube video. With my unregistered Hypercam 2 I made a music video. It was really basic. It was just a puffle singing a song I liked. I just opened a blue puffle pic with Microsoft Paint and use this circle tool for mouth movement. I made a few more of those and they were hits. I even eventually started my own CP Youtube series! In November of 2008 I started an animation series called No-L. It was based on a movie that came out a couple months earlier that I liked. The name stands for Natural Oil-Lubricator. It almost perfectly suits his directive, compacting needless trash into oil. He and his friends had some unusual misadventures which I thought were really funny. I just used MS Paint for the anime images. There was no actual movement. It was just a few still images and some classic cartoon stuff to simulate movement. A few months later, I think in Febuary or March, I realized how little views they were getting and the series was cancelled after the Valentines Day special. And I think I finally see why they were getting little views. Either the animation sucked or I did a poor job advertising. Sometime in March 2009 Funstand was deleted because I got bored with CP, and it had almost reach 4,000 hits. I then created pizzaman633.wordpress.com. It just had some basic stuff, I can’t really think of the actual topic. Either way, I deleted that too in early June of 2009 beacuse I started getting hooked onto your blog and I decided to be a little like you. So on June 28, 2009, The Laugh Bag was created. And it’s still going pretty good today. As for video making, after No-L was cancelled, I still went on with my CP series. It was just my penguin having comical adventures, which was cancelled either in early summer, or a little after No-L was cancelled. Either way it was cancelled and I ended up deleting all of my CP videos, because I thought you’d think they were lame. But I did end up making some more, but again I’m getting ahead of myself. And around a month after I created The Laugh Bag, I quit PengSpace, because I, of cource, got bored with CP. Don’t get me wrong CP is still an OK hangout. I still go on it, just not as much as I used to. As for video making, in the summer of 2009, a guy I was on a chatbox with linked me to a site where I could download this animation program called Flash. I’ve heard of Flash before and I tried to download it but it cost money. Anyway, he linked me to a site where I could get Flash for free, no joke! And I started using it up until mid September of 2009, when my computer got hit with an awful virus and deleted virtually all my work. You see, I was going on Answers.com for something I needed to look up when this window appeared saying that my computer had a virus and that I should download this program to help fight it. I took this very seriously and downloaded it. Turns out it was a lie and that the antivirus program put the virus in my computer and that I had to BUY the program to stop the virus. I wasn’t gonna have my Mom waste her money on a deceitful program so I tried to uninstall it. Couldn’t do that. I tried to fight it with what other antivirus programs we had. Couldn’t do that. So I tried to download another antivirus program that would help me. The installation didn’t work and when I realized it had failed to install, almost all of my precious files had been deleted, including the animations I was working on with Flash. All that I had left was some files and pictures in my pictures folder, which was inside my documents. I was devastated. I cried and sobbed for hours. Then a week later I got over it and had my computer cleaned out and the virus removed. I forgot the link that took me to that site where I got Flash for free so, I gave up on that. But that didn’t stop me from making videos. I started making some comedy videos. And I’m also going to start making more CP videos, because they were fun to make and they get good amounts of views. And as for going on Bribble, in early 2009 Bribbles became less popular and the web friends I’ve made go on these chatboxes from a company called Chatserv, founded by some dutch people in the Netherlands. I still go on the chatboxes that I see my web-friends on, in secret. Back in September my Mom caught my cousin and I in a fight. He was really ticking me off and I didn’t really know what to do, but I discovered had a critical advantage. He stayed the night at my house one time and he left his MP3 player behind. So I told him I was gonna destroy it. That really set him off and he blubbered to my Aunt about it and found out what material is on those chatboxes (cussing, offensive stuff, etc.). So they gave us a long lecture about how bad it is to go on chatboxes and stuff and they said they don’t want us on anymore. But we both still go on chatboxes, just in secret. So thats basically my web story right there, and it ALL started with my cousin telling me about CP. Events are weird like that.

    • WOW! Awesome story! I think that might have been the longest comment we’ve ever recieved. You should post this on your blog!

    • Well, I’m Currently 11 years old an my absolute favorite song is Fireflies. I guess, my wordpress life sort of started with Club Penguin and sort of didn’t. I had heard lots about Club Penguin and how it can suck your wallet dry by making you pay a ton for a few years of membership, so I tried as hard as I possibly could to stay away. I’d also heard that it was still really fun.
      So, one day, I was channel surfing (you gotta be really bored to channel surf with satellite) when I came upon Disney Channel, and one of it’s cursed Club Penguin commercials. I spent most of that afternoon trying to decide whether or not to join club penguin and finally gave in and immediately made an account which soon became a member. I instantly knew that I would name it 20toaster.
      So one day, I went cp cheats searching. Of course, I came upon cpcheats.info. I soon scrolled down to the bottom of the page where I found “Powered by WordPress and K2″. I was curious about “Wordpress”, but that didn’t mean I would make a blog there. At least, not yet…..anyways, so I went quite a while without a blog. Until one day, ( strangely enough, at Sunday school ) my friend Kaleb told me that he had gotten a blog and gave me a note with the name on it. “How?” I asked. “I made it with wordpress” he replied. So, I thought about this, and without knowing that it must’ve been kind of popular from seeing it on cp cheats, I probably still wouldn’t have made a blog. But, knowing that at least some people were using it, I wasted no time in creating a blog there.
      So I guess you could say that, like most bloggers, I’m partially here because of Club Penguin.

  8. Oh I will! I’m going to make a “My Story” page too. And I proofread that story myself. Thanks for your positive opinion! It’s greatly appreciated.

  9. i started out on cp also! it all started out in October 2006 when my friend told me about Club Penguin. so i went home and tried it out. I tried tons of names and got frustrated because nothing worked. My mom tried a bunch of names too and picked Bluwaddles. I hated the name but i didn’t know how to make a different one at the time. i played cp and loved it for many years and told all my friends over the years. it was awesome being with my real life friends and online friends. then one day somehow i discovered wordpress and created a blog. it wasn’t popular at all and it was about cp. i reached 5,000 hits. i had an online friend that worked there, got mad at me, and deleted it. i was very, very sad. then, i discovered Piczo somehow and created a site there. it wasn’t popular either. but then, i quit cp because it became very boring, money-wasting, and time-wasting. my Piczo suddenly got many more hits. apparantly quitting cp was good for my site. i currently stand at a little over 6,000 hits with my piczo. my penguin is over 1,100 days old and i am deciding if i should give it to someone or not. my online name has changed many times. I am Bluwaddles/Blu/Meena/Bluwaddles-Meena/Unicorndrago/Ichigo/StrawberryMewNightmare/Maximum Ride. You can call me Ichigo, Maximum Ride, or Blu.

  10. Remember me? Skaggs101? You told me to quit clubpenguin cause it messes up school grades! I quit. Then joined. Then quit. Then kepy playing. Then quit. Now I’m playing for a while! This blog is awesome! I remember you talking on a chat deciding this!
    Ahh. Gooooood Times, Good times

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