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Sam’s Guide To A Succesful Blog


Categories help a lot with getting noticed. An easy way of getting noticed is putting a popular category on a post…

When you publish the post it will say “Filed under: funny”…

Then click the link that the category goes to and in this case it would bring you to  wordpress.com/tag/funny which tells you all the blogs about funny…

And your site will automatically be there, and that should get you an easy 5 or 6 referrers!


When a website is said to “be on Google” it means it is on google’s websearch. In our case, if you search “Fat Person” on Google it will bring up…

And when someone clicks it, it goes to our site giving us a hit. To do this, you must first think about the search term that you would like to be searched to go to your site, for instance, Fat Lama. If I wanted people to be able to search fat lama and have a picture come up from my site I would first use a simple method…

Notice how I made the title FAT LAMA (all capitalized), the caption FAT LAMA (all capitalized) with a few exclamation points, the category: Fat Lama, the tag: Fat Lama, and that there was no other word in there but fat lama.

This would probably get you on Google’s search, but Google is also about luck. There are over 156 million blogs and websites across the internet, so don’t just create one post like the one above, make lots of posts on different categories and be patient!


Remember to be social when blogging and comment a lot. Chances are someone who reads the comment will click your name and be directed to your blog. It’s sort of like simple advertisement. But remember to link your name to your blog. To do this, go to My Account -> Edit Profile and add your blog under “Primary Blog” and “Contact Info“. When you do comment on someone else’s blog, remember to actually say something pertaining to the post or page. Don’t just say simple short things like lol, cool, nice, good job, etc. Actually say something sincere that would make the person feel good and want to continue their blog.


Never under any circumstances simply say “Go to my blog” and give a link. There is absolutely no gain from this. The author will most likely delete the comment and ignore future comments by you.

Use an icon (also known as a Gravatar) for your profile. This way people will recognize you from your image and know who you are. To change your icon to an image, got to My Account -> Edit Profile and click “Change My Gravatar


People care a lot about the design and presence of a blog. If it’s bustling with joy like this blog, they’ll probably like it. But if it’s too crazy, they won’t. Find a theme that best fits what you plan on doing with your blog. If your going to have big pictures, you might want the WordPress theme: Silver Is The New Black because of its wide margins…

Or if you like lots of information in the sidebars, you might want a theme with double sidebars like Digg 3 Column or Andreas04…




Custom header’s are also a good idea. It gives the reader prior knowledge of what the blog is about before actually reading anything. Your header should include the name of your blog and either a tagline or the names of the authors. Making a good header is a very hard art to master. It’s ok if you don’t know how, because you’re in luck. Check out these blogs that make awesome FREE headers!

Contrasted Color

Lyon Shore Graphics

Feelin Like Graphics


You should also think about a color scheme. You don’t want tons and tons of colors because that leaves more room for them to clash. Our color scheme is red, green, and blue. We make sure most of the images we use incorporate those colors.


Design in posts is very important. First start by fixing your spelling mistakes. The reader will have more respect for you and will think you are very intelligent. WordPress has a built in system that allows you to do this. When you are finished making a post, to recheck that you haven’t made any mistakes click the spell check button…

Notice how button is spelled incorrectly, when I press the spell check button is underlines it. When I click the underlined word, it will give me a list of correct words…

When you click the correct word, it will automatically replace the incorrect one.

A thing people often mistake is capitalization. When Making A Post, Don’t Capitalize Every Word Just Like This Sentence. Make it smooth.

When making posts, try to center everything. I like centering everything because it makes it look neater and more symmetrical. If you look at most of our posts on this blog, we’ve centered almost all of them. For those who don’t know how to do it, you click CTRL-A when making the post which should highlight everything, and then click the center button that looks like this:

Make sure you know the length of your margins so your pictures aren’t invisible. The margins are the width of a post. The margins on this page are roughly 477 pixels. An easy way of finding the width is using your Hypercam. To find the width using your hypercam, first go to your blog, and click the “Select Region” button in the Hypercam.

Click one of your margins then the other.


The hypercam should open again and it will tell you the exact width of your margins. When in a post, change the pictures length and width so that the width (The first number) is exactly the width of the margins, or else the picture will fall off the screen.

The above was made completely by Sssaam, copying without credit is illegal.

Please comment and tell me if this was helpful, I will hopefully add more stuff on here soon!


44 Responses

  1. I love this guide!

  2. Awesome!

  3. wht are hits???? and how do you get them? i dont get this page!!
    Sssaam: Hits are page veiws.

  4. I have another question, how did you make your words
    as the above picture has shown in the things to do! thinng. How did you make it block letters??

  5. cool i will do that

  6. Thats a really good idea thanks alot!

    ~Cali 😀



  9. RIP my loverly men in red, ye did real well…*sniff*

  10. lama is spelled llama

    Sssaam: I meant to spell it that way… 🙄

  11. Gosh! Can someone please help me? Okay, instead of showing… When I write a post, all my stuff shows up in HTML. I don’t have a Visual opition when I am writing a new post or page… What is the reason of this? PLEASE TELL ME! It’s annoying. I have to write EVERYHTING in HTML instead of Visual please help!
    Pablo: Wait, so at the top of the posting thing on the right, there should be a tab that says “Visual” and one that says “HTML”, click the Visual one

  12. Im trying to fix up my blog thx for the advice to!

  13. How do you design your own header? My Blog only let’s me put a picture, like you see here- http://www.thegreenllama.wordpress.com . You designed your own. How?I

  14. Suprisingly that helped me A LOT those are actually some pretty cool ideas you got there… I just dnt get the thing bout the margins…. Thanks Sssaam DANG THAT NAME IS LONG!!
    -Luhy :mrgreen:
    P.S. Sssaam how do u get ur link at the end of ur comment like that like where it says “The Panic Button” and it links to your site, how do you do that???

    Sam: You just put the HTML code for a link at the end of your comment.

  15. you spell llama with 2 l’s, a lama is a preist in some country or religion

    Sam: I meant to do that.

  16. Sam…
    Can you help me make widgets? And how do you post the codes, without it showing up as the widget?

    PS: I have a feeling I’m really annoying you… Am I?

  17. thx for da tips

    Sam: No prob!

  18. and also i cant seem to under stand how to put pics on da side of a blog its confussing. :/

    Sam: The sidebars are all in HTML code. You must learn the basics of HTML code to have a successful blog. HTML code is everything you see on a website, just in code. Here is a basic HTML code for an image:
    <img src=”URL of image”>
    Where it says URL of image, thats where the URL of the image goes. To make a link, this is the code:
    <a href=”URL of link”>
    If you put that code before any image or words, it will automatically link them to the URL of link part. Remember; you must put </a> at the point when you want the link to stop.
    I hope this helps, I will be making a page soon.

  19. Buttno…..lol

  20. How do u get those buttons on in the middle, behind your posts. I know i’ve asked this before and i feel like such a dummy.

    Sam: I’ll reply on your blog.

  21. Wow! Cool, thanks! I’ve followed your guide, and it’s helped to get me quite a few viewers, but I find it sad that when you look up Emilylondon, I’m not the first result, it’s Emily Blunt then a model named Emily whos from London. 😛
    The Tags are a great idea!
    Also, how do you think I can improve my blog?

  22. I love this guide. Its really helpful even though I kinda knew all this already heehhe ive been using wordpress for four years.


  23. also how did u get the black with white and orange dots for the back back ground???

  24. ty Sssaam! I have a “random kittens” page on my blog and now i get like, a bunch of views every day just from that search!

  25. GREAT guide! Thanks so much! I think I’ll go make everything in the middle right now…

  26. How do you makw the random post button?

  27. Thanks for linking to Feelin’ Like Graphics! 😀

  28. Hey, could you please update? I mean, it’s great, but can you add more? I’m really in need of help! 🙂

  29. haha. ik i left a comment on this like… a month ago [and 2 days to be exact :] ] but this worked GREAT for me. ty so much for posting this.

  30. 2 questions:

    #1. How did you make your Panic Button widget come up with different results each time?

    #2. How did you create a logo for your blog?

  31. Thanks for the help on Logo’s. Im working on it now!

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