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Edit… Or Not?

On this page, I (Cstarr) will have a picture and I want you to tell me if it’s an edit… or not!

Prize: All of the winners will get their name along with a link to their site on the results post!

So comment below and tell me if this picture is an Edit… or Not!


87 Responses

  1. not edit…?

  2. not an edit.
    ” Live life to the maximum, believe everything you read” Unknown man who got killed the next day after not believing a sign that said ” We’ll shoot you if you go in here”.

    Sssaam: Lol.

  3. Edit

  4. edit

  5. An Edit Again!

  6. EDIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Not Edit

  8. edit

  9. Edit.

  10. Uhhh… Edit?

    PS: This is Skatagirl96 – but I made another site all about funny pics and stuff. 😀 Yea, I know my new username is weird, lol. 😆
    -Heyitsme (Skatagirl96)

  11. Edit.

  12. edit

  13. real

  14. not edit!

    PS: tomorrow is gonna be so awesome!! im going on a super long field trip; we don’t come back home untill 6 pm!

  15. edit

  16. EDIT!

    it has the marks from paint on it, and its too common of a phrase to be a non-edit.

  17. btw bluwaddles, thats nothing. my school had a 3-day long field trip.

  18. sorry, edit

  19. NOT EDIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Not edit

  21. Not edit

  22. EDIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    xD xD xD xD xD xD

  23. not edit!

  24. By the way I’m bluecityfan so can you put my name (currant) if I win.

    Sssaam: Ok.

  25. not edit for sure

  26. not edit

    i have seen a sign saying you will be hanged if you steal something lol

  27. accessorystudios.wordpress.com

  28. not

  29. edit, i think… it looks a little pixilated around the edges of the words…..or maybe thats just me : )

  30. not edited

  31. Edit…obviously. Why would a store say THAT?

  32. ummmmmmmmm…
    not edit?

  33. edit

  34. totally edit

  35. not an edit

  36. not an edit

  37. not an edit.

    it could happen. shoplifters deserve that!

  38. obvious edit

  39. Not an edit XD
    They may not MEAN it, but it’s def. a real sign.
    Melissa has a sign like that in her window!

    “No trespassing. Violators will be shot. Survivors will be shot again.”

    Weightless… becomes Dateless…

  40. Not an edit!! Rofl!


  41. REAL!

  42. not edit


  43. I’m saying it’s not an edit

  44. Nope It’s not an Edit!

  45. Not edit. 😛

  46. edit. they would go to jail.. unless it was self defense.. nobody is THAT stupid.. except my ex boyfriend

  47. edit nobody would be killed to steal things

  48. but its funny lol

  49. Not Edited

  50. OOPS EDITED!!!:-)

  51. Not Edited. it looks likek its in one of those novlety stores. That sell random junk like that.

  52. not edited
    and i agree with eyewing.

  53. I think not edited

  54. Not edit

  55. This has been here FOREVER…

  56. edit. yes this has been here forever. somebody talked about a feild trip i went on a year ago, so ya its real old. so if there is a winner, does he say all the people that were right? and i dont have a blog sadly. i need one 😦

  57. not a edit. I’ve seen it on the internet before.

  58. real

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