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Seth (Sreimer)

http://1.gravatar.com/avatar/bd1a2f2ec216004d6a2c57e8c404e642?s=128&d=identicon&r=GHey, my name’s Seth aka Sreimer. I like to have fun no matter what.  I try to make everything fun, but it’s hard sometimes.  I like to be outside.  I like to do stuff with my friends like play sports, go to pool, go to a movie, etc. I like to have a challenge. I’m pretty outgoing and will try almost anything once! I love my friends and I can talk to just about anybody. I also love going to camps and meeting new people.  I like school for the most part.

It’s really hard to describe me, but I’ll give it a whack!

Favorite color: Dark blue, green and red at times, depending on my mood

Favorite food: I love food. Mostly Italian and what’s considered “american” food

Favorite season: Summer

Favorite animal: Dogs

MLB team: St. Lois Cardinals

NFL team: Chicago Bears

NBA team: Boston Celtics


Favorite School Subject: Science!

Favorite Number: 22 for no reason at all, except that I like it!

Favorite TV show: I like to watch anything entertaining I guess, I like Discovery Channel alot.

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Peanut Butter Oreo Blizzard from DQ or chocolate chip cookie dough

Favorite Day of the Week: Whatever day I’m in a good mood! (most days)

Apperance: I’m 5′ 3″ I have short brown poofy hair! It gets really crazy so I keep it short. I wear glasses. I have brown eyes. I get really tan in the summer. I’m kinda built like a football player if u know what that is.

Hobby/ Sports: I love to be outside! I like to play sports with my friends and just having fun! I play American football and will do track this year.  I love going to the pool in the summer. I’m there almost every day and Sam comes pretty often too. I just like getting a work out and having a challenge! I’m a linemen for my school team. I’m the starting center which is normally a big guy but I’m the smallest linemen and the smallest center in the league. I do pretty good for my size and can control the big guys.  I’m pretty strong and wiry. I love defense and am way better though. I play linebacker or line. I start both ways on A team.

Pets: 1 Evil Rabbit!!!

Sibblings: 1 twin brother and 1 sister

Personality: Hyper, Crazy, Fun Loving, Outgoing, Smart, Creative, Lazy (at times), Athletic, shy at times.

Phone: Lg Banter, a few complaints but it’s decent!


  • My eyes were crossed when I was born
  • I’ve had 2 surgeries to fix my eyes
  • I play trombone in the school band, I like it, it’s fun

    (Comment and let me know if you want to know anything else and I’ll add it!)


    10 Responses

    1. What do you like to do in your free time?

      Sreimer:sports and such that i said in it. i updated after you commented so just check it

    2. OMG GO CELTICS!!!!

    3. What position do you play in football? And is this American Football or Soccer? :S

      And I hope you have fun in DC, the east coast is the best. 😉 Philly Power!!

      Sreimer: american, and hopefully running back this year!!!

      Sreimer: amen!

    5. You like science?? I have a good GPA but science i was points away from a D. Is it like easy for you??

      The Bears where my fav team! But sadly my sisters friend got drafted to the bangles…:( so I’ll root for them 😆 😆

      Sreimer: Yea it’s easy for me and I love it! It’s sooo much fun (because I’m a nerd like that)

    6. eek i totally stink at science…. and i’d have to say the SOUTH IS THE BESTT!!! not east coast(: hehehehe SWEET TEA POWA omg have you ever had that like chocolate peanut butter stuff its awesome and you can buy it on the internet. its like PEANUT BUTTER with CHOCOLATE IN IT and its like not reeses. LOL im talking to myself now

      Sreimer: no thats NOT the way to go, Skippy Peanut butter with Hershey Chocolate Chips in it!

    7. OMG!
      I’m same height as you! LOL

      Sam: Zomfgroflbbqlol!!
      Sreimer: Thats grrreat!

    8. or you could just dip kit kat bars in peanut butter…. cold kit kat bars its gooddddd!!!

    9. XDDDDD U like me and ma bretheren

      Sreimer: coolio

    10. srry 4 da reapeat comments, accidently clicked it twice.

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