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Sam (Sssaam)

My name is Sam.

I can be silly at times, but serious when needed. I love humor, and can’t stand people who aren’t funny. Humor is, in my opinion, the key to maintaining a socially healthy life. A person who is funny, but knows their limitations is a good friend for me. I like creating and inventing things. I love music, yet I don’t play any instruments. I am a first generation American on my dad’s side. I hope to one day live in a large, yet not obscenely large, house. I’m not sure what I want to do when I grow up, but time will tell. I have a good memory when it comes to things that don’t matter. I once memorized sixty digits of pi because I was bored. I learned how to solve a Rubik’s Cube in two days. I’m a nerdy humorist, but in a cool way.

Age: 13.

Grade: 8th.

Birthday: January 11th.

Hobbies/Sports: I’m very physically active. I go to the pool with Sreimer almost every other day. My hobbies include Soccer, biking, being outside, collecting and selling golf balls, going to the movies weekly, listening to music, blogging, laughing, adding to a conversation, bringing a sense of craziness to an otherwise lifeless event, make computer games, hanging out, watching tv.

Appearance: I have brown hair and brown eyes. I have a natural tan. My clothing style is plaid or khaki shorts year round with graphic tees. I wear glasses because contacts are just too much of a hassle. Last time i was measured I was 5′ 7″ (about 170 cm for people on metrics). I’m muscular (not as muscular as Cstarr, he’s a hard-core swimmer 🙂 ). I have braces.

Favorite food:  Sushi and Burgers.

Favorite teams: For soccer (football) my club team is Real Madrid. My favorite national team is Brazil. Do you see the pattern? Kaká.

Siblings: 2 older sisters.

Pets: I don’t have any pets. One time I had a fish, but it died. I like cats.

Favorite TV show: I like Saturday Night Live, Nitro Circus, and America’s Best Dance Crew.

Favorite movie: Pay it Forward, Castaway, Dark Knight.

Personality: Funny, crazy, oblivious, exciting, smart.

Biggest fear: I really don’t like when people surprise me when I least expect it.

Favorite colors: Blue, red, and green. They just fit so perfectly together.

Favorite number: 11. I was born on 1/11 at 1:00 on the 1st day of the week.

Favorite day of the week: Friday, hence The Friday Special (servin’ it up since 2008).

Favorite music: I love R&B and Hip-Hop. I like Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, John Legend, U2, The Killers, Empire Of The Sun, Black Eyed Peas, Queen.

Favorite era: The ’70s, mainly because of the music.

Worst injury: I’ve never broken any bones  😮 but one time my sister had the brilliant idea of tying a jump rope to the back of her bike and have me hold on to it while on rollerblades. I slipped and scratched up my knees really badly and couldn’t walk for a few days.

Phone: Samsung A737

Favorite ice cream flavor: I love butter pecan. I usually go for Oreo cookie when getting ice cream shakes thouh.

Other websites/blogs: I originally had Sssaam.WordPress.com, but left that one for this one.

Record for juggling a football/soccer ball: 119.

Record for hang time of a punt: 4 seconds.


22 Responses

  1. ok to things, not to be like mean or anything but i just wanted 2 point out u forgot to bold biggest fear and forgot the g in thought in the end of fav ice cream flavor

  2. other then that awesome page

  3. O.O Knowomg? Really? The ending was… a fail. yay lets run toward the tree with some bunnies!

    handy andy

  4. Those are some awesome artists (Singers)!

  5. lol YOU KNOW GOOD MUSIC XP snl is awesome. bring it on down to plasticville!!!

    Sam: Haha I love when Justin Timberlake is on it.

  6. Cool! We watched Pay It Forward in R.E. at school once. Trevor dies at the end. 😐

  7. Oo very descriptive page. Great job!

  8. Lol, I got a fish when I was five, but it died when I was about eight. It was called ‘Doodleyroo’. LOL. I couldn’t decide between ‘Doodles’ (a dog out of the Tweenies) and ‘Roo’ (the kangaroo from Winnie The Pooh) so I merged them together and ended up with that. 😆

    Sreimer: I got a fish when i was like 7 that died on the 10 minute car ride home 😦

  9. Yeah… my fish always die within a week or two. But I am very proud, I have a Beta named “Neon” (He has neon colors on him) and I have been keeping him alive for 5 months!

    Cali+girl+998 = Caligirl998 😀

  10. Awww… thats sad Sreimer! 😥

  11. OMG 170 cm?!? I’m only 142! Okay…so I am 2 or 3 years younger…

  12. what is your fav word? what is the weirdest thing you have ever done?

  13. I was born on the 8th day of the 8th month of 199*8*

  14. So you support Real Madrid? What do you think of Ronaldo? I don’t like him, lol. He’s dives too much. Kaká’s all right though. 😛
    My football team is Liverpool FC all the way! Torres is, like, the awesomest football player ever. That’s why I support Spain (well, England are cool too). 😀

    Sam: In my opinion, Kaká is the second best player out there. Messi is number one.

  15. Oh, I mean ‘HE dives too much’, not ‘he’s dives too much’, on that last comment. I hate making grammatic errors. Yeah, call me a nerd, lol. 😆

  16. I have a Samsung J700 and my worst injury was a cut on my thumb while playing soccer with my dad. Techiconaly I have been injury free for 11 and a half years (all my life).

  17. I support Arsenal. Emirates cup winners 2009 and 6-1 v Everton yesterday wooo!

  18. 11/22 BABY! Yes, I have an 11 in my birthday too.

  19. When I went on vacation, my family and I were watching the soccer channel. For some reason, we loved the player Alexandre Pato. Have you heard of him?

  20. Cool 😀 I was born on the 8th Day of the 8th Month of 1998. AKA: 8/8/98

  21. Cool pic of you you had before you put that peace sign up again. You look like a sophomore in high school. (forgive me if I misspelled it)

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