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Grant (Pablo)

http://0.gravatar.com/avatar/8597e1aa499e00b6c13a490631ae7052?s=128&d=wavatar&r=X Hi, the name’s Grant.

Kinda lazy right now, so I’m going to keep this short and edit this up neat and tidy later. My name’s Grant. That’s all you really need to know. I play all percussion (that’s right, I play the cowbell too :).) I’m always a little on the quiet side. When I want to be I can be all the social I need to be, but most of the time I’d rather just keep quiet. I’ve known the rest of TPB gang for awhile now. Known Cstarr and Sssaam since Kindergarten, Jjacobb about a year after. Met Sreimer 2 years ago. For a person who spends time on the computer, I’m almost completely computer illiterate.  I am not good with HTML or coding of any kind. I just kind of go with the flow of stuff here.

Like I said I’m lazy, so I’ma just take what Sam answered, and put my answers down.

Age: 14.

Grade: 8th.

Birthday: June 30th.

Hobbies/Sports: I play Baseball mainly. I golf non-competitively. I like to hang out with my friends, but some days all I want to do is hang around in my room and sleep.

Appearance: I have brown eyes and brown hair. My hair is the longest out of anyone on TPB, but it’s not that long. Just at about my eyebrows, almost in my eyes. I usually just wear a T-shirt and some shorts, I don’t like getting all fancy fancy. I was 5’8” at the start of the Summer, but I grew. A lot. It’s now August and I’m now around 5’11”. I just keep growing. I’m rather thin for my height, almost to thin. I have braces, currently black chains, usually I have a normal Silver color.

Favorite food:  My mom’s Mac’n’Cheese is Nommy.

Siblings: Older sister, younger brother.

Pets: I have a dog and a cat.

Favorite TV show: I watch T.V., but not a lot. King of the Hill is a good show, and I seem to watch Scrubs a lot too.

Favorite movie: Hardly watch enough movies to answer this.

Personality: Quiet but loud when I need to be. Sum’s it up.

Biggest fear: Looking outside a first floor window at like 3 A.M. Used to be just fine with this, but one time I was downstairs getting some water about 3 A.M. and some guy ran accross our lawn outside and it scared the heck outta me.

Favorite colors: Orange. Sums it up.

Favorite number: 24. It just is, don’t ask.

Favorite day of the week: Saturday, a whole day of relaxing.

Favorite music: 80’s stuff, I love it.

Favorite era: 80’s, read above.

Worst injury: Never broke anything. Messed around on my scooter once and took a lot of skin off my shins when I was about 8.

Phone:  Some LG crap phone.

Favorite ice cream flavor: Chocolate chip? I don’t know.

Other websites/blogs: None.


12 Responses

  1. more cowbell more cowbell!! (lol idk if u get this or not but XP)

  2. LOL @randomdudette101 “more cowbell more cowbell!!!” xD my FAV snl skit xD roflmao

  3. hahaha lol with will ferell

  4. Not to pick favorites but pablo is my favorite 🙂

  5. Yo dude, your 14 and in 7th grade? So that means you *gulp* flunked? How dat possible, YOUR TO AWESOME TO FLUNK!!!

  6. Oh God I’m sorry man.

  7. Hey Pablo, are you Grant Dillard on Facebook?

  8. Dang! You are TALL!! 🙄 I thought 5″6 was tall, but woosh! 😛

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