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At times, my friends and I realize that we’re in the most boring part of the United States – the Midwest. With nothing to do in this small town, no places to go, no one to see, we begin to show hatred for the unforgiving rows and rows of corn that line this state. We can’t always experience the thin grains of sand melting between our toes as a swift breeze rolls across the vast beach. Deep within the backs of our minds we know that we have a simple oasis of our own that no tropical coastline can compare to – snow.

I can’t help but feel sorry for those who live in areas that will never see snow. Snow is something else, something other-worldly. It’s majestic crystals fly from the sky to greet you with a comfortable everlasting warmth. My words may have a cliché tone to them, but I can’t help it.

I was looking at the weather today and the first snow shower is headed our way tomorrow. Snow showers bring the promise of accumulation, which could always lead to a snow day. I remember when I was younger I would wake up in the morning on a school day to realize that I had slept in quite a lot, seeing as my mom hadn’t woken me up. I would look out the window to witness a vast, endless array of white serenity drifting into a deep horizon.

Carter and I live in a neighborhood that’s intertwined with the golf course. When it snows, the entire golf course with all of its mountainous terrain is engulfed in a blanket. This makes for perfect sledding conditions.

Once again, I show no mercy for those who dwell in the coastal planes, basking in the year-round warmth. They will never hear the cool whisper of a blanket of fresh precipitation, or know the feeling of sliding effortlessly down a slippery tundra. They will never experience the feeling of calmness and silent joy, or the sense of irreplaceable happiness when staring into the cold jaws of the long, white abyss that dances before them. They will never experience the mighty, modest awesomeness of snow.

I felt a bit compelled to write this post after reading that there was a promise of snow in the forecast tomorrow. Do you prefer a hot beach, or a cold, snowy tundra?


24 Responses

  1. Seriously, my area was the BEST sledding hill (maybe you even know what I’m talking about)! It’s super high!

    I wouldn’t care for year long warmth either. Not being able to see snow! That’s… horrid.


  2. That is a hard question… I like both!

  3. hot beach

    yes i do not get much snow where i live but when it does snow i love it!

  4. I prefer snow, but I also really like the beach. I don’t live near a beach and we don’t really get much snow here, so both are awesome. But as I said, I prefer snow because it’s so Christmassy and I love looking out of the window and seeing my back garden covered in a soft white blanket. It’s pure awesomeness. 😀

  5. You have every fun filled right to enjoy your snow. I for one, don’t get snow. I’m down here in Texas, Austin, TX to be exact. I thought I saw a light of hope when I checked the news Friday morning. It said we had a 60% chance of the awesome white stuff. But, we only got a few FLAKES. I was extremely dissapointed and thought I’d never see snow again. All I could do is watch everyone else on the news have fun in the snow while we down-here people get squat. So please don’t let my Texas warmness melt your snow. I watch you play from my door step in this muggy, humid rain I’m getting 😥

  6. i much prefer snow but i dont have much of a choice. i live somewhere where it is hot all the time. Florida. everyday its about the same climate and its been 7 years since i have seen snow. i beg my parents if we can drive up to north carolina and see the snow then come home but they always disagree. your very lucky to experiance snow. its boring living in florida because its always the same place, alawyas the same weather, always the same cumulus clouds. nothing ever happens. nothing. ~Saphire9410~

  7. Nice post Sam!

    I prefer a hot beach because in my country Cyprus it isn’t snowing a lot.

  8. Cold snowy tundra ALL THE WAY! :mrgreen:

  9. HOT BEACH FTW! sorry but I would rather live in florida with the nice hot weather than live somewhere where its always cold! i love hot weather which is perfect for me, a floridian! i know i’m….different but whatever! i disagree with saphire9410 and the rest. i personally don’t think its boring. i don’t like jackets. i haven’t seen snow since preschool.

  10. ya, its not like i hate florida but i would rather live in north carolina because its hot in summer and snowing in the winter. that would be nice. hey…its only a five hour drive from here to there…i have an idea thats bound to work!

  11. I love snow until it melts in my socks 😛

  12. hmm… i get your point, but i think its actually 10 hours. my mom says we might go to either north or south carolina in december to learn how to snowboard and ski. it sounds cool.

  13. Hmmm, well I gotta say. Like North Carolina Ohio also has that hot and cols thing going on. And it’s kinda nice. C:

  14. Cold not cols. Oops…

  15. I haven’t seen snow where I live since I was 3. my mom said it was only a little bit though. An guess what THERE’S A BLIZZARD IN THE NORTHERN PART OF THE STATE!!!! I hate Phoenix. 😐

  16. i live in maryland and i love it cause we get hot summers and pretty cold winters at the same time. I wish we would get a big snow storm this year though… i absolutely love snow cause its really pretty and stuff but i also like it cause u can actually get off skool 4 it 😛

  17. wellll. i prefer cold because i live in and have grown up in California and we have to drive two hours, up the mountains to see snow but, I LOVE it!! ive lived in ca for 10 yars now im almost 12 so…… i bored of the sun!

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