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My Back Hurts!

That seems like a line that only an old person would say, but during school I must have pulled my back because I can barely bend over. This has happened to me before right in the middle of a soccer game. I couldn’t play for the rest of the game because I couldn’t walk. I’m pretty sure it happens when you’re moving your muscle’s a lot, and then suddenly sit down.

I don’t think I’ll be going to swimming tonight, which means no homework! Just kidding, there’s still homework :(. There’s always homework.


We received 22 responses to our comment prompt yesterday. What’s the worst embarrassment you’ve ever gone through? Here were some that I thought were funny.

Tatosmusic: A few years ago it had just rained out and we had to run laps, but when I was running I fell in the mud. I didn’t know I fell in the mud – I thought I fell next to it. I was walking around and the teacher pulled me aside and was like, “Did you poop in your pants?”

Thegreenllama: One time, I was at the neighborhood pool, and me and my cousin were doing funny tricks off the diving board. I tried to do one where I crossed my legs in mid-air, and my bathing suit ripped. In half. Thank God I was only 5, and my mom was standing nearby with a towel.

Barbere: I was in first hour and heard laughing. I turned around to see what they were laughing at I didn’t see anything peculiar. So I went from 1st to 3rd hour, and in every class people were laughing next to me. When I got to 4th hour the teacher asked me what was on my back, and I gave her a weird face. I reached up and found a sticky note on my back that said “I love my mommy.” You know what? I do love my mommy!

Scikid: When I was four years old, I was walking in Wal-Mart. I was really sleepy and I wanted to go to bed. I grabbed on to my moms hand and began hugging her. Turns out, the person I was hugging was some stranger who took me to the cashier and the cashier announced that some weird kid was hugging a stranger. To the whole store! My face was probably as red as a cherry…

And as I write this post, I logged on to Twitter to see the Fail Whale staring back at me.

What’s the most frustrated you’ve ever been?


11 Responses

  1. Most frustrated? Let’s see…

    i had loads of homework, I had to study for a huge test, our state tests were coming so I had to write a practice essay, my siter was screaming, my dog was barking, my cats were waving their butts in my face, my parents were watching a movie on full blast, I couldn’t find my pencils, half ours pens were out of ink, our internet was down, and when I found my pencil, the a storm started and a little bit later the power went out

  2. Most frustrated? well once in 4th grade i had to make a crossword puzzle for homework with my 20 spelling words and i kept messing up and my face got all puffy. i called my mom over and she couldnt get it, mom called dad, who couldnt get it right, dad called my brother and made remarks about how uneat that is making me nearly punch him in the gut. finnaly, after hours of work, i gave up and told my teacher i couldnt do it and she said they didnt have to connect” which made me bang my head on my desk over and over and over. Sorry mine was long ~saphire9410

  3. Ok this my not sound like much but I would not talk to my friend for a week I was so mad at her just because I told her it was 12 days till Christmas and she said 11 days you “don’t count the day of and because today is half over”. So now we can’t talk about how much longer something is.

  4. In third grade we had a relay race between all the classes and me and my friend realy really wanted to win. On the last lap I handed the stick to a girl in my class while we were in the lead, then she dropped it and we lost the whole thing and the other class got a ribbon and rubbbed it into our faces.

  5. I was eating and found a came across a chip that tasted like foot sweat. It was disgusting. I decided to stop eating at that point. xP

  6. I don’t remember the MOST frustrated I’ve been, but I know several times where I’ve been frusterated. In music we had to make this raps about how great our school was. so i was in a group with my friend and a girl that always frustrates me. we had to draw notes to the beat of our song, so the music teacher told the people in my group about the different notes (I play an instrument, so I know). then, we start writing them, and the girl who frustrates me said, “How do you do this? I don’t understand it!!!! What are thse notes for?!?!”. I asked her if she even listened and she said yes! what the heck!?!?!?


  7. I couldnt go to the bathroom and I had to focus my whole body on holding wha tI needed to do(#1)

  8. Thanks for posting me!

    When I was 10.6789321 years old, I was always obsessed with building robots. So, I set out to well, build a robot! When I was done, the robot would move his head and then it would fall off with a big clank on the floor! Then, its arms would swing around and smack my TV! Every time I tried to rebuild it the same thing would happen. In the end, I took out all of my stress by squeezing an orange. The orange split and the juice squirted on my robot. It went crazy and smashed into the wall. A dent was in the wall and my robot was dead… 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦


    If you dont beleive me, ask Double Mvp:

  9. When someone gets me in trouble. Usually I’m just standing getting some water and all the sudden the teacher says, “You will be sitting out for recess today.” That get’s me mad.

  10. I was practicing spelling all week and a lot harder than ever before beacuse I had a big fat F in spelling.And come friday I find out I’m not having a test this week.

  11. i was on this game online and it was so frustrating so i looked up how to complet it and when i found out i was so inoud because i had the thing that you had to have to finish the game but i did not know that

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