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You Guys Are Funny!

One of the greatest benefits of being an author on this blog is reading all your hilarious comments. I asked you on the last post,

Have you ever gone to sleep in your bed, but mysteriously woke up in a different place?

Saphire9410: I was sleep walking and my dad was sitting on the couch watching TV. He saw me come down the hallway, go to the fridge, eat or drink something,  mumble a few words to him, and then go back to sleep. The next morning I woke up with a taste of mayo in my mouth!

Cca: One time I fell asleep in my bed. When I woke up I was laying down by my computer at five in the morning and my dog was licking my face. It was weird.

Davy: One time on break I fell asleep and found myself in a beach chair next to the pool.

Barbere: I went to bed in the living room and woke up in my my bed, fully dressed. There was a gallon bucket of ice cream on the floor. Imust have eaten it while I slept!

Haha, I love your comments! I think I might do this more often. Once in a while when I find myself with too much free time I’ll post some of the funniest and craziest answers I get from the post-end-question of the previous day.


What’s the worst embarrassment you’ve ever gone through?


27 Responses

  1. I jujually don’t answer these bottom questions, but I have a good one for this. I liked a girl and was planning to ask her out that day. I was sitting across from her at lunch and this kid ran up and yelled, “So Blake, when are you gonna ask Beatrice out?” and she was right there. Worst. Day. Ever.

  2. At an ice cream parlour that had a two hour wait, it was packed full and the workers yelled from my table: ” Everyone listen! We want to embarass Jake and sing happy birthday to him for turning twelve!!!!” than they sang happy birthday and everyone was staring at me.

  3. A few years ago it had just rained out and we had to run laps, but when I was running I fell in the mud. LOL I didn’t know I fell in the mud I thought I fell next to it, so I was walking around and the teacher pulled me aside and was like, “Did you poop in your pants?!?!” haha!

  4. When I told this new kid in my Art class I told him I’m from Wisconsin. He said “okaaaaay” and a bunch of people next to me started laughing. I felt weird afterward. Btw, I”M NOT FROM WISCONSIN!!! Rofl

  5. One time, I was at the neighborhood pool, and me and my cousin were doing funny ‘tricks” off the diving board. I tried to do one where I crossed my legs in mid-air, and my bathing suit ripped. In half. Thank god I was only 5, and my mom was standing nearby with a towel.

  6. Cool i was in a post! YAY! The most embarassing thing that has happened to me was when i was in walmart and i accidentaly grabbed a complete strangers hand instead of my dad and he said “wat the…” and it was sooo embarassing. of course i was 6 but still.

  7. Ok this happened not to long ago. I was in first hour and herd laughing and I turned around to see what they were laughing at I didn’t see anything. So I went from 1st to 2nd hour then 2nd to 3rd and in every class people were laughing next to me so when I got to 4th hour the teacher asked me what was on my back and I gave her a weird face then I reach up and find a sticky note on my back that says “I love my mommy” and you know what I do love my mommy! (sorry it was so long)

  8. oh one time I couldn’t hold until I got to the toilet. I was wearing long pants. Oh and it was a poo. Not a wee. A poo. So basically it came out before the toilet came. And I felt it gooiness slide slowly all the way down my leg inside my pants until it got to my shoe. (I don’t know how that happened because I’m pretty sure I was wearing undies)???!!! lol Well that’s my embarrassing moment…… What’s yours Sam?
    – Gobie

    • I’m really not sure! I try not to let things bother me, and make the best out of everything. To be honest, I can’t remember a time that I was truly embarrassed.

  9. My worst embarrassment was when I had to do a project about the military in front of my whole class.

  10. When i was four years old, I was walking in Walmart. I was really sleepy and I wanted to go to bed. I grabbed on to my moms hand(so i thought) and began hugging her. In the end the person I was hugging was some stranger who took me to the cashier or something and announced that some weird kid was hugging a stranger. To the whole store! My face was probably as red as a cherry…

  11. i just noticed! the guy before me had the same thing! that is embarrassing…

  12. when i was like 7 me and my friend, and my dad were at this auction thing and i saw something that i wanted so i went up to this complete stranger and i said hey dad can i get this and the guy was like umm???? I’m not your dad. and my friend was right there

  13. Lol, awesome post!

    The most embarassing thing that’s happened to me is so embarassing that I just can’t say it… xD

  14. I played with my friend and his friend’s friend (I have a LOT of friends who are boys.) and we pretended we were in Narnia, but we could be anything we want. So I chose to be a baby monkey, and whenever I said ‘Aah.’ my friend’s friend pretended to peel a banana, throw it in the air and I would catch it in my mouth. Whenever I saw him, we did exactly that. One day, I saw my friend with a friend who had hair VERY SIMILAR to the other boy’s hair. So I went up to him, and I went ‘Aah.’. He looked at me as if I was weird, and as soon as I realised it WASN’T him, I ran off. I just heard him say to my friend “Who was that?”

    Embarassing. Lol.

    Also, I’ve never woken up in a weird place, but I once sleepwalked, went to the loo and did a poop and walked back to bed again. Without flushing the toilet or washing my hands (or even…u no.)

    I have a load more stories-I could probably fill up an entire blog (about 1/3 of the size of TPB tho…)

    Anyway, I have half of an ESSAY to write for HISTORY and it’s due TOMORROW 😦

    Tengo un grande montana de deberes de musica, historia y biblioteca 😦


  15. A talent show! God I feel so stupid now…

  16. TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am offically 11 now!!!

    😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂

  17. It took me exactly 21 tries before I could hit the birdie in Badmitten during gym class one day. Then some kid yelled: “What’s wrong with her?”

    *Hides in shame corner*

  18. ya badmitten is a little tricky.

  19. i was in a shop with my mom and i was wanting to go home and play minecraft so i walked up to (my mom) a total stranger and said “are you done yet cuse i want to continue with my famerly map” and when i sor it was not my mom i just stod the petrified like she was about to punch me

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