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Lights Out!

In my opinion, the three funnest things that could happen during a school day are…

  1. A storm (snow, rain, or any type of storm really) strikes and we’re trapped inside. Having a storm hit while at home is kind of fun, but it’s so much more fun when you’re with all your friends.
  2. One of those days where you just watch videos or hang out in each class. This is even better when there’s no homework. Too bad this only happens at the end of the year :(.
  3. The power goes out. There is absolutely no better feeling when at school than when the lights suddenly go out, the heater shuts down, and all is silent. First the lights go, and you wonder if it was just a small flicker, and then realize it wasn’t. Then the silence kicks in and you can actually hear yourself think. At this time you begin to wonder what caused this blackout. And then the rest of the school day the teachers have nothing to do because they can’t use any technology.

Number 3 happened today! Our entire schedule was off, and the clocks had frozen so everyone had there phones out to “check the time.” This only lasted about an hour, but it was fun while it lasted. One time, during sixth grade, I was in the gym when the power went out. The gym is probably the best place to be in this situation because there aren’t any windows so it’s pitch black. We spent the gym class running around the gym, fun times…

As you know, pretty much anything can happen on the internet. One of my favorite things to see is how an image can be changed, editted, and Photoshopped so many times, and yet still be funny. So here’s an image of a teapot.

Let’s follow it’s ride across the internet.

Well it seems the original pictures has drastically changed, wouldn’t you say? Today’s blog of the day is…


What’s the best thing that’s ever happened during school?


21 Responses

  1. when the lights went out during lunch :DD it was so awesome cuz we had like a mini-food fight and the teachers didnt no about it til the ligts came back on 2 hours later ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. on the last day of 5th grade. No homework or worries, or Elementary! I think my homeroom teacher cried on that day. Either because one of my classmates died in March or because we’re “moving on”.

  3. In my school if the power goes out the generator kicks in. 8( ya so nothing fan at my school

  4. FIELD TRIP TIME!!!!!!!!!!
    we went to a profesional hockey game 2day
    it was fun bc about 10 of us almost got left behind in the city hahaha i love field trips!!!!


    • Haha why did they stay behind? Roflol.

      • we hadnt rlly figured out what bus we were on bc there was a lot of other schools there and we were talking together so then our bus started to move but then they realized a lot of seats were empty haha that would have been fun being left in the city ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Hey Sam, you know a thing or two about math and physical science, right? If you do, there’s a good possiblity that you’ll undertsand this video with fine colors. Its called Powers of 10

    It goes from one square meter, to the size of the observable universe. And it goes from a square meter, to the smallest of subatomic particles. Some of the measurements used you might not FULLY understand them. Let me know how it goes.

  6. i sadly cant think of the best thing but i do no the worst 1.We were having a tornado drill so EVERYBODY had to go down on the ground,have knees touching the ground, and hands over your head for like 20 minutes. im not exxagerating. my watch has a timer. some of the younger kids cryed when they got up because their heads hurt. i didnt cry but it really hurt. i had a killer migrane for a couple hours after that. 2. 2 words. fire drills. you have to go outside for 7 minutes and just stand there facing away from the school. we arent aloud to talk and we are always facing the sun so it bugs the crap out of you. finnaly you here the alarm go off again meaning you can go back inside. we have a drill also every 2 weeks. a tornado drill we only have once a year. (thank goodness) Well thats all. i wish i could have given good times instead of annoying ones.i couldnt think of any at the moment. i will coment back if something good happens or i remember something good. Laterz! ~Saphire9410~

    • I don’t have to do tornado drills ๐Ÿ™‚
      If it was a real tornado, wouldn’t it be cool to grab onto the TOP of the desk and then ride it when the tornado picks you up?

      Actually, that’s kinda dangerous, with all the flying debris and crash-landing at the end…

      Get a helmet and LOADS of pads and do it! Lol!

      Hey, imagine if someone actually did that and put it on Youtube ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Whoaaaa…electronic clocks? Our clocks are all battery powered. Hooray for tiny schools with no facilities ~

    Meh, no tornado drills in Australia [cyclones only happen in Qld] but the odd fire drill. Nothing abnormal happens…that I will tell you ;]

  8. Btw this post is creeping me out so much and it will frighten younger children…

  9. The best thing that happens at school was last year (seventh grade) when our English teacher would be in the class *he is a very old man*
    we would make these humming noises and when he would ask who is making that noise we would say it’s coming from the lights and he would turn the lights off and we would stop humming..
    Then when he wanted to give us the lesson we would tell him we can’t see a thing and when he turned the lights on we would start again with the humming… ๐Ÿ˜†
    some days he wouldn’t give us anything just because of the ‘lights’ LOL ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. Ah, the best thing that’s happened to me at school was when the heaters all went out. This was last year, in Year 7. We were all sent home early because it was so cold (it had been snowing). Good times, goooood times. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. tornado drills are sooo annoying. and fire drills like i said you have about every two weeks, well you never no exactly what day that is. for example: im in homeroom writing down some homework and reading some books with your knees up to your chest and just sitting there, reading. then all of the sudden, a very loud fire alarm goes off and sounds like -booooeeeoooo! boooooeeeoooo!boooeeeooo!- and the teacher is shouting,single file! single file! and the alarm keeps going for a few minutes. tornado drills are super load and kill your ears.its unexplainable. and the teachers say, dont push dont push, but they make sure they are the first out of that building. its annoying

    • Our new schools bell goes off so loud it sounds like a fire alarm!!! -BRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!-

      In our old school, we had a fire alarm about every 2 weeks to a month but sometimes it was accidentally set off by smoke from the kitchen…
      -The bell went off during lunchtime and we were told to go to the end of the playground as usual, but we were all talking! One boy in year 3 or year 4 was on the toilet when it went! As soon as they told us we could go, we all spilled out yelling “YAAAAY!” instead of single-file lines in silence.
      -It also went off during T-Club-6 (edit of S-Club-5) and I had some mini-winnies. I was young so
      I just took them with me and, when the teacher told me off for not leaving them behind, I made up an excuse and said they were in my pocket :).
      -Finally, at half an hour after school ended (4:00) the bell went off while we were getting changed from our clothes (we had just had a school play)-it went off JUST before I unbuttoned my dress (lucky 4 meh XD) and, when we got to the playground, my friend said the ‘s’ word. Her friend told her not to swear in school, so she just said “It’s after 3:30, so (‘s’ word)!”

      I go on a bit, don’t I?

      Anyway, in my new school, we only had ONE fire drill and we’re not having ANY more drills until next year :D.

      p.s. Tengo montanas de deberes para manana ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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