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Movie In Review: 2012

I tried to make this review spoiler free, enjoy.

To say the least, this movie was freaking awesome.


Plot Criticism

In 2009, Dr. Adrian Helmsley and an Indian colleague discover that solar flares on the sun have become increasingly larger and the temperature of the earth’s core has grown. From all the information gathered, they conclude that a series of catastrophical events will occur sometime in December, 2012, likely to destroy humanity as we know it. They publish their results and the governments of the world are notified.

The movie then proceeds to the main character, Jackson Curtis (John Cusack), in present-day 2012.

Jackson Curtis is a non-acclaimed author of Farewell Atlantis, a novel about the aftermath of an apocalypse. He presides alone in a coastal California region. He is divorced and is taking his son and daughter to Yellowstone National Park, also known as one of the largest dormant volcanoes in the world. During this vacation, he is witness to geological changes including the disappearance of a large lake. He is then confronted by army officials and meets Dr. Adrian Helmsley who in an ironic turn of events has read Curtis’ novel and agrees to let him and his children go.

Back home Jackson’s ex-wife and her boyfriend make a close call with an earthquake that leaves a large gash in the earth’s crust and order Jackson to bring the children home. The earthquakes continue and get increasingly larger. The family evacuates and one thing comes to another (I won’t give away too much) and they end up narrowly escaping an enormous surface cave-in by plane in an amazing heart-pounding edge of your seat thrill scene.

And that’s not the only intense sequence that will leave you dazed and speechless. The movie continues with the family traveling across the world, barely surviving an enormous volcanic ash cloud in Vegas, and attempting to land in the harsh snowy mountains of the Himalayas.

It is revealed in the end that an international plan has been devised and was in effect in China for the last 3 years, with hopes of saving the human race. Only a select few hundred thousand people are able to take part and survive, but it’s mainly due to wealth and how much the person can pay.

Although the Curtis family loses a member, they are able to barely sneak into this huge project. In the most agonizing and vehement underwater scene I have ever seen, Jackson Curtis ends up fixing the few flaws of this project and saving the entire human race.

Movie Criticism

This movie will have you constantly at the very edge of your seat. You will feel the adrenaline flow through you as a small double engine airplane surpasses the immense forces of a pyroclastic flow speeding down a city, tearing up everything in its path. In the movie 2012 I can guarantee you will sense every emotion the characters do when faced with these extremely dangerous life or death events. This movie will make you treasure the value of any given human life, no matter how small. If you enjoyed apocolyptic movies such as Knowing and The Day After Tomorrow, you will surely love this movie. You must be warned though, there is quite a lot of death but nearly no gore at all.

The only flaws of this movie would likely be the unreasonableness of certain scenes. For instance, the family is able to out-drive the pyroclastic flow of a volcano in their car. Pyroclastic flow (fast moving, hot gas traveling down a volcano from the result of an eruption) is known to reach speeds of more than 450 mph. Most cars I’ve seen can’t travel that fast, much less 200 mph, making it impossible to outrun them.  Also, the plan devised to save humanity in the film would take more than 20 years to complete, although they were capable to complete it in just three.

This review was made completely by The Panic Button.


16 Responses

  1. I was going to see that movie today.I won tickets on the radio but the stupid movies laws say that you can’t use free movie tickets on opening WEEK!

    Its frecking retarded!

  2. Yeah, I agree with your entire review except when you said that most cars drive less than 200mph, That is three years from now and some cars are hitting about 450 horse power and 184 mph, just think about how fast and powerful they will be in 2012.
    Do you guys believe in the 2012 apocoylpse?

  3. I.Want. To. See. That. Movie!

    Aaah, it seems so cool! I love those end of the world movies….

  4. i want to too! cool backround for the place where u type its bouncing panic buttons!

  5. Haha bouncing panic button

    You made that movie sound so cool, but what is it rated? I can only watch movies rated U, PG or 12. (I think you rate it G, PG, R and then X?)

    But if they completed it in 3 years, they either ended in 2015 or they ended in 2012 and started…now. Lol. Not gonna happen XD.

    • It’s rated PG-13. G is for basically any age, PG is Parental Guidance, but it’s not bad at all, PG-13 might be minor swears and violence, R is Restricted, must have a legal guardian if under 17, and we have NC- 17 now, which is hardly ever used, but it’s No child under 17 admitted, which is basically the replacement of X.

  6. i really wanna see that! a similar movie is war of the worlds wich is about alians destorying the world! you should see it! oh and i love the new comment box thingy!

  7. WHEE BIG BUTTON FLYING AROUND AHH! (Please Stand By) lol, ONE QUESTION: is it bloody or stuff like that?! PWEASE WESPOND! tank woo. T-t-t-t- (hmmm :l) ok, FROM: me. BUH-BYE!

  8. And yet another apocalyptic movie, i am really wondering where this is heading. Ah, cool blog by the way 😉

  9. It is really a great and useful piece of information. I am glad that you simply shared this useful info with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

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