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What A Week!

Man, this week has been crazy. On Monday we had ITBS testing which is basically just a large, long group of tests from different subjects. It took us four days to complete, testing two hours each day. I have to admit, however, classes were shortened by about fifteen minutes each. We also had a huge science project over ecoregions and biomes. I chose to type mine rather than hand-writing it so hopefully that will add to my grade. My awesome math teacher was sick since last week and returned on Thursday, sporting his Yankees cap, shirt, and jacket. We had a geometry test over isometries on Monday. Thankfully, I got a 100%. In social studies, I’m researching innovations by Google for a big project. Yesterday, my social studies teacher imformed me that I had the best NWEA (long, fancy, sophisticated computer reading comprehension test) score in the grade. I am a VERY slow reader, because I can’t understand a book if I read it fast, so this was a bit of a surprise to me. We spent the entire health class period meditating as a part of this stress management unit we’re in. We layer on the ground and practiced breathing, tensing muscles, and imagery techniques. By the time we were done, I found myself half asleep laying on a sandy beach in Florida. The next few classes were a bit hard because it was as if we had just woken up from a coma. Actually, I’ve been told comas are really relaxing and stress relieving. Maybe we should just practice banging our heads against the walls until we go unconcious next health class. Nah, we might damage the walls.
Sorry about not having any images in this post, i’m typing from an iPod Touch.
Have you ever fainted or been knocked out?


22 Responses

  1. yes and yes… but then again I am the most clumsiest person anyone could probably meet!! I’ve fallen down the stairs and got knocked out, fallen down stairs (again) and gotten knocked out, ad when i rode the Titan 5 imes in a row i like blacked out 8 timess…. yup i counted… hahaha. akward

  2. Yes I have passed out before. I got my wisdom teeth pulled ( and yes i am only in 6th grade) and a few weeks later it started puffing up so i went to the doctor. it ended up that it healed to quick that some liquid got stuck in the whole. they had to cut opon the whole to get it out. they were trying to numb my mouth with a shot in my mouth. when the about 6 inch needle came to my mouth i was trying to fall asleep but I blacked out. my mom said my eyes were rolling around in my head and i was rolling into a ball. she said it was almost a seizure :/ . Normally people get there wisdom teeth pulled when they r in there 2os so it hurt cuz it was made for adults. after the opperation it felt like I was getting a neverending shot in my mouth for about an hour. i was crying very loudly. and i barely ever cry of pain. i split my head open ones and i didnt cry. i had to take 2 teaspons of medicine 4 times a day for 2 weeks. i had to take it at school and everything. it was a pain. i have to go through all this again with the top wisdom teeth, sigh. this happend in october and september. wowerz that was long hope u read it!

    • Wow! My sisters got theirs wisdom teeth pulled and I’ll have mine out soon, I’m kind of scared!

      • I’m kinda hoping I don’t even GET wisdom teeth, they’re so far back in your mouth they’re just a hastle. I remember my most recent trip to the dentist. I had to get 3 extractions, each of them MOLARS!!! And get this. They did give any laughing gas! They just shove this big shot or whatever it was into my gums and rubbed up the area with this tasty gel stuff. It was really hard eating with a ginormous hole in my mouth. Luckily right now they’re almost completly grown! Now its my canines (those weird pointy, shark-like teeth) that’re concerning me.

      • oh its ok its not that scary. when ur getting them pulled they give u a pill to take so u fall asleep and dont remember a thing.

    • yeeah! The same thing happened to me, but the doctor missed my gum and hit my cheek and I saw my cheek go blue and that was the end of my conciousness!
      That’s sounds like a pretty good school you go to TPBT! I have a project that’s working on a pumpkin. 😐
      Good Luck on your project Sssaam!

  3. Wow, what a crazy week!

    We haven’t had that many tests yet – only one for Science, one for Maths, and one for German. We get all the tests when we’re in the last few months of school.

  4. I passed out before.

    Thanks for the comment and nominating your blog for review, but did you notice that the comment above, on bold, I said “No more blog reviews for a while until I catch up”? No matter, I’ll do yours anyway.

    You’ve got a nice site here. I’ve been here, like, once before, and I hope we can visit each other’s sites more often.

  5. I’ve only ever gotten 1 tooth pulled. But last year, when i was in 6th grade, i got hit in the temple (on your head) when we were playing dodgeball with high schoolers. I blacked out for a few minutes, and when i woke a kid was poking my face saying, “Is he dead?” It was hilarious! But my head hurt really bad afterward

  6. I got knocked out and fainted. I got knocked out when I ran into a pole (Yes, I was young! 😆 ) and fainted when I was really sick in school and just went. It’s very weird, fainting. You don’t get flashbacks, like you might see in movies, just, if you look into a light, you know how a kind of patch of blindness comes up? Well, those start popping up until your blind and then you go. Well, I think thats blacking out, I don’t really know 😆


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  8. I once fainted.. I just was really sick and fainted.. That’s my story, 😆 not very interesting I know! 😛

  9. I haven’t fainted before but I was half-faint (totally WHITE) when I asked my friend to do a blood-sugar test on me-and she pricked my finger and squeezed the blood out!!!! (I got a result of 4.9, which is good)

  10. i haven never fainted. i dont think i am the type of person to faint. i live in florida (going to be going of topic in 3…2…1…) and i sat out on some swingsets and looked up into the sky. the wind brushes my hair torward my side, rustling the chimes and the sound of rustling leaves.the grass did sort of a wave and i heard the pools movements lightly pitching up and down. WOOPS! sorry i got reallllllly of topic. my brain goes of like that sometimes. like one time when i was sitting in my class thinking about how nice it would be to go jump in the pool. then my teacher said ” (says my name), do you know the answer?” i told her “im still pondering about it” then she glared at me. DANG IT! WHY DO I KEEP GETTING OFF TOPIC! okay okay okay.i have never gotten my molars of wisdom teeth of stuff pulled out.

  11. sorry for getting off topic so much

  12. lol dude, ive done that meditation thing in class before, and I thought I could basically drop down and go to sleep afterwards, it was so relaxing, except nobody else said they liked it 😦

  13. Well, I kicked a guy so hard he unconscious!! Sparring in a Nation wide tournament……. he ****** me off, I kicked him so hard WHAM!!!!!!!! he on da ground…. i lost a 3 foot trophy for it but ya know….

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