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You Just Got Mind-Slapped!

Update: Woah. One year ago to the date we reached 50,000 hits.

What’s the first thing you notice when you log onto your web browser and up pops Google? Well, today it just happens to be Michael Jackson’s feet.

Birthday of Michael Jackson

Yup, today’s MJ’s birthday. I don’t mean to be rude, and don’t take this the wrong way, but this guy is gone. He’s been gone for three months. He wasn’t a saint, or an angel. He was a great singer, dancer, and choreographer, but you don’t see Google changing their logo for the posthumous celebration of  Elvis or John Lennon’s birthday, do you? This is taking it a bit too far in my opinion.

So what are you doing today?

If you choose to spend your day endlessly searching Google for a monkey on a unicycle, expect to see a pair of feet staring at you for the time being. If you choose to watch TV, E! is having an all-day Michael Jackson fest which includes an E! True Hollywood Story, “The Death Of Michael Jackson”, “Forbes Presents: Michael Jackson, Where’s the Money?”. If you’re going to be in New York City, head over to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. Spike Lee’s throwing a big block party in Jackson’s honor.


Michael Jackson, happy birthday to you, may you rest in peace.

Here are some FUNNY demotivational posters I made.

Yes, I made these.










Haha, those are fun to make. Today’s blog of the day is…


I just struck a sweet idea while making these posters! I’ll make a word or phrase every once in a while, and try to get it spread across the internet. The phrase today will be

Mind-Slapped: When someone does something that makes you confused into laughter.  For instance;

Sam: You know, 9 out of 10 Americans can lick their elbow!
Seth: Really? Let me try!
*Seth tries and fails*
Seth: Oh maaan! 😦

So get out there and tweet this phrase, blog it, instant message your grandma, or serve it on a platter to people who are willing to listen!

You just got mind-slapped!!

17 Responses


  2. Haha, good post today. I am totally going to the Fly on a floaty movie.

    And I cant believe they picked MJ’s b-day over mine.
    No it isn’t my b-day but still. 🙂

    Also, if you google Mind-slapped you get the panic button.

    In theaters Spring of 2011

    That’s a sweet hat.

    We’re screwed.

    xD ROFLOL! What’s your failblog username? I’m lolcatpop.


  4. Ha ha I’d totally go see Fly on a Floaty!

  5. Random Guy: Dude Your house is on fire!!!
    Bowler Hat Guy: Yep.
    Random Guy: *shakes head rapidly* Oh, by the way, sweet hat!

  6. Hey Sam, I don’t remeber that happening, well there was that 1 time when I licked Carters elbow…but thats another story!

  7. I’m ba-ack! How awesome is it to find a Dennis the Menace toy in the first shop you walk into for £1? ($2) Okay…the British DTM is different…
    Lol, but Tenby was fun…especially bodyboarding in the STORM! W00t!
    I’m gonna check out your latest posts now, then club penguin, then dan-ball, then make a pixel pic on paint, then post that on my blog, then feed my petz on petz 5, then play roblox…sorry about the continuous use of ‘then’, I’m really excited to be back home! And this time, I didn’t even have to fight my brother for the computer! (He’s sitting on the sofa 5-10 metres to my right watching the credits of Pokemon:Jirachi *wish-maker* because he either likes the song or the Pokemon constellations XD)

    Literally just got back…

  8. Thank goodneess sam,I’m onne of those lazy people who watch tv and I’m geting tired of all the MJ on my tv.

    @Tvguide Get the H#ll over it!

  9. ow. i just got mindslapped.

  10. Oh I’ll just read this post sam you need to try to get,LOLHeads over the internet!I made a post about a few days ago!Its a person that goes lol alot over the lest funniest thing.Like poeple who comment lol every post and it gets so anyoing.
    Please try to make that cool!

    Sweet hat


  12. i saw fly on a floaty i love the part when the beetle drowns and the fly cant help him because he is on a floaty. it was such a good movie

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