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Where’s The Party?

When I first listened to the song, Party In The USA by Miley Cyrus, It had me at the beat. As the song progressed, https://i0.wp.com/www.thehypefactor.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/Miley-Cyrus-Party-in-the-USA-Cover.jpgand Miley started talking about moving her hips like “ya”, and listening to Jay-z and Brittany, I knew this song just wasn’t her. As it turns out, she performed this song at the  Teen Choice Awards. I watched the entire video, and was in shock. Of course, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. She had forgotten what age group she stands for, performed a very risque move. I went on iTunes, and just before I bought it I read the reviews.

Almost every review on there was a negative one! I feel sorry for Miley in a way. It’s as if she’s has to be confined to a single age group genre even though she’s growing older. That’s the life she chose, so that’s the life she will lead. The strange thing about this song is that it’s getting terrible reviews, has a rating of 2.5 stars out of 5, and yet it’s the number one song on the iTunes top ten. Don’t get me wrong, the song is a nice tune, but what is the message shes trying to convey. Usually she sings aboug living a double life, or being unique and standing out of the crowd. It’s just that there’s so much controversy brewing around this single, it’s hard to tell what group Miley appeals to anymore. She used to stand for kids and teens, but now she stands for herself.

So what do you think of Miley’s new image? What do you think of this song?



19 Responses

  1. 😯 well did you here what people where saying about her performance on the TCA?? Totally false statement! I thought the chorus was interesting. :mrgreen: !

  2. Not tying to be anyoing but you said “she performed this song at the at the Teen Choice Awards”Now I know how much you hate it when people do that so say they speeled somthing wrong so just delete this comment.

    Sam: Haha, mucho gracias

  3. Jeez, if you didn’t see this coming when she was 14, I dont know what to say.

    I knew from day one that she would be the next Paris Hilton or Brittany Spears.

    In the next few years she will be on every tabloid available. It’s not really her fault. Child popularity does that to people.

  4. i think the song is very appropriate for her age. i mean, she’s 17. give the girl a rest. people are only in shock because they are used to her popsy wopsy girl image.

  5. What. The. ****. XD, that’s my fave.

  6. about 10,855 hits to half a mill-ion

    I did math!!


  7. OK, Miley Cyrus can’t even sing. So she uses songs like this to make it sound like she can. I mean seriously the Climb… TERRIBLE. And this song is honestly no better. And now, she is trying to go all punk rocker chic… Miley just cant pull that off… and yea shes 17 and trying to look hot on evry pic and album cover available. The new image/songs have not been a step up for her… maybe a step down but definately NOT a step up.

  8. Very perceptive! Good post, very smartly done.

    Sam: Thanks!

  9. I don’t agree with the 1 stars.. I wouldn’t even take the time out of my day to rate it or write a review. I’m not with or against her but all I will ay is, GIVE UP HANNAH MONTANA! Some, but few, of her songs are good, the 2 I like are 7 things ( but it’s dising Nick Jonas 😦 ) and The Taking the Party with us song cause it has the Jo Bros 😀 . But really, threatening to destroy Radiohead and saying Nessie Hudgens is her role model? Nope, my even neutralism ( is that a word? ) is gone with her.

  10. I think it’s a bit Inapp. Yeah, you can say she’s 17, but she picked to go with Disney, she knew she couldn’t do things like this, but to do it on the TCA XD


    P.S. It is TEENS choice award, or does that mean its for teenagers?

  11. 😐

  12. Dunya, she’s 16, not 17. 😆

  13. Great post.
    Bad Miley Cyrus!!!!

  14. I’m not a huge fan of Miley Cyrus, nor Hannah Montana. But, “Party In The USA” is probably my favorite from Miley.

  15. she is tooo young for that video.. i mean the song isnt any better i mean brittney n jay-z??? what the heck! but the song does have a nice beat

    by the way her voice SUCKS!!! 😛

  16. Miley doesn’t sing about a double life, that’s Hannah Montana. Hannah Montana’s gonna be over pretty soon, so don’t expect any more double life songs!

  17. Miley Cyrus. Bleh. In my opinion, she’s probably the worst singer I’ve ever heard. Her songs make my ears bleed. xD
    I recently found out that my two best friends actually LIKE her music, so I gave them a lecture on why to dislike her, but they wouldn’t have any of it. I’m gonna stay away from them for a while, to let it sink into their heads that she actually sounds like a cat being dragged down the motorway while being strangled. 😆
    Lol, just my opinion. Nice post, btw. 😀

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