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Twitter Is A Cool Word.

I was just thinking about the entire concept of Twitter. Whoever made the word, Twitter, was a genius. There’s so many things you can do with the word Twitter. For instance, the act of using Twitter is called “tweeting”. When someone is addicted to Twitter you call them a “twit”.  Then there’s the applications such as

Twitteriffic, Twhirl, Tweetdeck, Twellow, Twubble, Twitdir, Twitscoop, Twitterment, Twitbuzz, Tweetmeme, Twitterverse, Twitstat, Twitterholic, Twitrank, Twemes, Serendipitwiterrous, Tweetwire, Twitturls, Twitterlinkr, Twittearth, GeoTwitterous, TwitSpy, Twi8r, Phweet, Tweet2tweet, Twalala, My Tweeple, Qwitter, Twitterless, Twitterator, Twitter100, Twitterlex, Twitterfeed, Loudtwitter, TwittTwoo, WordTwit, PingTwitter, Twibler, Twizon, iTwitter, Twitku, Twitget, Twitt, Twittertise, Twittpoll, TweetBurner, TwitterGrader, Twitfluence, Tweeple Twak, TwitGraph, Tweet140, TwitterRatio, Twittad, Twignature, Twitpic, Snaptweet, Twixr, Twiddeo, Twitplus, Twittershare, Twixxer, TweetCube, Pikter, Twittermail, OuTwit, Vtwitter, Mail2twitter, Twittytunes, Tweetake, Twitspam, TwitterIM, TwitterYM, Twessenger, Twit4live, TikiTwit, Twitterific, Tweet-r, Twidget, Twhirl, Twinja, Snitter, Pwytter, Teletwitter, Twitterlicious, Twitteroo, Twadget, Twitgit, ZenTwitter, Twitux, Gtwitter, Tweeter, Twitterpod, Twittereeze,TwitKit, Twitterfox, Twitbin, Twitterbar, Tweetbar, Twippera, Twitzer, Twitterlights, Twitterbook, Twitterline, Twitterfone, Twitsay, Itwtr, and so much more!

That just goes to show how amazing the concept of Twitter is. You can change the word, skew it, stretch it, step on it, chew it up, spit it out, and throw it at old man Jenkins next door. There is no end to the possibilities of what you can do with the single word. So remember; if you ever make a website that will become very popular and famous, give it a catch name for people to butcher.


Mucho gracias to Davyxaddy for this wonderful picture. If I ever made something as big as Twitter, I would make the name Camzy.

Camzy is a cool word.

What would you call your amazing genius idea?


18 Responses

  1. YouTwitFace (youtube Twitter and facebook) 😀

  2. Wordtunes (WordPress and itunes) :mrgreen:

  3. Oh, I must be a twit lol

  4. “Throw it at old man Jenkins next door”Your funny

  5. i would make it planet zorrton

  6. Actually now it’s just Davy for DavyxFluffy

  7. “twitter” a cool word. but it just a word but because many people don’t like to “tweet”

  8. If you’re upset because it has helped to publicize your blog through my I can pull the threads, I’m sorry, I hope you do not get upset

    Sam: I very much appreciate that you are using my website thread in your blog. I have deleted a post that I no longer wanted on my blog, but I see it is on your blog because all posts I make go on yours. The post is here:
    It contains personal information that I thought, at a certain time, was an appropriate act, but now I do not. I would appreciate it if you removed the post, thanks!

  9. The post has been removed, thank you for your understanding and sorry for something, I can continue to post articles from your blog, and congratulations on your work with the blog!

  10. That bird comic remides of this show on this cable channel called “Nicktoons Network” called “Making Fiends”. The blue bird is Charlotte and the green 1 if Vendetta.

  11. =o davy’s up there! ^.^

    “I am almighty! Fear the fuzzy! Fear it!”


  12. Twirl is in there twice.
    LOL I made another!

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