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Guess Who!

Well, as you know, The Panic Button is coming out with its video game soon. And these are the characters! :


Hmm, 5 people in the game, there’s 5 people on the site,Β  I wonder who these people are.

“OMG DERE DA PANC BUTT(ON) CR3W!!1!!111!oneshift!!1!

Well, we decided to have a contest. A contest to see if you can guess which character is for which admin.

We have Sssaam, Pablo (Me), Cstarr, Sreimer, and Jjacobb.

Have your Entries like this: “Pink=Watermelon, Blue=Watermelon, Orange=Orange, Green=Grape, White=Banana”. Except with our names instead of the fruit.

Don’t do: “Well the one with glasses is Grape and the one with brown hair is Banana.”

If you’re the first person to get it, you’ll get your name in my next post.

I’ll tell you if you’re wrong or right in your comment. To prevent spam guessing, you can’t comment again until someone else submits an entry. Not another comment, an entry.



put your entries lihttp://icanhascheezburger.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/funny-pictures-cat-has-contest-with-his-shadow1.jpgke “T

33 Responses

  1. Pink:Pablo

    I dont think I got any right. lol

    Pablo: 0/5. I’ll tell you how many you got right in your comment so it’ll make it easier for everyone.

  2. Okay I’m probably going to get these soooo wrong… but hey lol.

    Pink: Sreimer
    Blue: Pablo
    Orange: Sssaam
    Green: Cstarr
    White: Jjacobb

    eep….. lol so intense XD

    Pablo: You’re 2 for 5 on them.

  3. Pink: Sreimer
    Blue: cstarr
    Orange: pablo
    Green: sssaam
    White: Jjacobb

    Pablo: 2/5

  4. Pink: Sreimer
    Blue: Jjacobb
    Orange: Sssaam
    Green: Pablo
    White: Cstarr

    This is hard. I bet I’ve got all of them wrong, lol.

    Pablo: 2/5

  5. Pink=Sreimer
    Blue= Sam
    Green= Pablo
    I’m not sure at all lol most were lucky guess if they are right xD

    Pablo: 1/5

  6. Whoops! I mean green is pablo!

    Pablo: Fixed it for you.

  7. Pink:Serimer

    A little bit clueless but…


    Pablo: 1/5

  8. Pink = Cstarr
    Blue = Pablo
    Orange = Sssaam
    Green = Sreimer
    White = Jjacobb

    They’re educated guesses because:
    a) I looked at the two guesses and replies above and;
    b) Sssaam’s avatar is his Twitter profile picture; I would look at the other Twitter accounts’ pictures, but Twitter is down.

    Pablo: 1/5

  9. Pink: Sreimer
    Blue: Pablo
    Orange: Sam
    Green: Jjacobb
    White: Cstarr

    Pablo: Best so far with 3/5

  10. Pink: Jjacobb
    Blue: Sssaam
    Orange: Pablo
    Green: Cstarr
    White: Sreimer

    Pablo: 0/5

  11. Pink: Sreimer
    Orange: Sam
    Green: Pablo
    White: Cstarr

    I think I got it!!

    Pablo: 2/5

  12. Pink = Sreimer
    Blue = Cstarr
    Orange = Sssaam
    Green = Jjacobb
    White = Pablo

    If that is wrong, something doesn’t add up with your replies to other peoples’ answers.

    Pablo: Bam, we gotta winner.

  13. Pink: Sreimer
    Blue: Cstarr
    Orange: Sam
    Green: Jjacobb
    White: Pablo

    Pablo: Late but 2nd person to get.

  14. Got it. I’m pretty Sure.
    Pink: Sreimer
    Blue: Cstarr
    Orange: Sssaam
    Green: Jjacobb
    White: Pablo

    Pablo: Late but 3rd person to get it.

  15. Pink: Sreimer
    Blue: Sam
    Orange: Pabl0
    Green: Jjacob
    White: Cstarr

    I think this is all about the process of elimination…

    Pablo: Well, 3 people have already got it right, and you only got 2/5 right. 😦

  16. Aw man you gotta be kidding! Lol. The same time too!

    Pablo: Refreshed the page for new entries and all 3 of your guys’ comments were there, Bod’s first. πŸ™‚

  17. Dang it, u didnt approve of the other persons comments tho so i didnt kno i had to like hurry xD

    Pablo: Bod didn’t know if someone else’s was waiting to be approved either. πŸ˜›

  18. Lol. That was still fun. I can’t believe that me and bod submitted our comments at the same time but I couldn’t hav 2 in a row. Lol. Congrats bod!

    Pablo: Yeah, and the thing is these all resemble us, ‘cept Cstarr’s and Seth kinda look… different. Lol πŸ™‚

  19. Dang! I had just figured it out right after!

    Pablo: So close, yet so far. 😦

  20. Oh. Wow. Lol. (i just read your edit)

    Pablo: Yeah, I’ma make the post later, got school registration soon.

  21. Wowzee xD why r we all talking on here thru comments when we could be on tpb chat? xP

    Pablo: No clue, but I’m rapidly refreshing to make sure I don’t miss anything.

  22. Yeah. I guess thats how it goes. Ralph Mayo ( roflmao sounds like that xD)
    Is there a you’ve been noticed today? And what time is it where you guys live? its 5:33 here lol

    Pablo: CST, It’s 11:34 as of when I edited this comment.

  23. Woah that was close between me and Dieter. Well done on getting the right answer, though, even if I did beat you to it. I would say well done to Ribsy, but I’m not sure if she’d already seen mine or Dieter’s comments. If you hadn’t well done to you too!

    Pablo: She did get it right on her own, when I refreshed the page all 3 comments were under moderation, no one had seen yours Dieter’s or Ribsy’s.

  24. Yeha lets talk on the chat!

  25. IMPORTANT NOTICE!!! Pablo, tell all da panic button admin 2 chek owt da newest post. It imvolves all o u and itz rlly important, plz. I hope dis duzzn’t exactly break an advertising rule. πŸ˜‰

    Pablo: Your site link isn’t in your comment, link me please?

  26. i would say just “lol” but i dont wanna be annoying xD cuz the pet peeves and ya

  27. Newest post on my SITE!! Im srry 4 not mentioning dat in da earlier comment lol. Read da comment above 2, da newest post on my blog imvolves u and itz important

    Pablo: I don’t know what your site is though D:.

  28. Are you on chat?

    Pablo: Yup

  29. Orange — Sam
    Pink — Sreimer
    Blue — Cstarr
    White — Pablo
    Green — Jjacobb

    ??? I was thinking about it. Completely guessed lolz XD

  30. Pink = Sreimer
    Blue = Cstarr
    Orange = Sssaam
    Green = Jjacobb
    White = Pablo

    Pablo: The contest has been over.

  31. http://www.thelaughbag.wordpress.com πŸ˜€

    Pablo: I commented awhile ago, hasn’t gotten approved.

  32. Are those Miniclip YoMe’s?

    Sam: Yes!

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