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Doodle Image Contest Voting!

Here are the entries for the Doodle image contest. Please look them over, choose which one you like the best, and remember the name of that person. Vote for that person in the poll in the end of this post.
































Now please vote for your favorite Doodle. One vote per person. You may vote for yourself if you choose. This poll will be up for 1 week, so that means you have one week to tell everyone you can to vote for your Doodle (via post, or comment for example).

Do not vote for someone if you feel you were forced to.

Do not vote because of favoritism.

Please vote for who you truly think has the best Doodle.


37 Responses

  1. Itz obvious ribsythedog is gonna win, i wonder if i should give up all hope
    Pablo: You gotta week, and you guys don’t know what the results are. Don’t lose hope. 🙂

  2. Uh panic button admin, can u respond 2 da comment above, can every 1 o u ask hao u think o it? (plz dont post dis comment), well actually, go ahead so i can c ur opinion =)

    Sam: Don’t have such low self-esteem. Anyone can win, as long as you want it. Try to post on your blog, and comment on other blogs and tell them to vote for you. That’s the way of competition. It’s all about how bad you want it.

  3. No i voted for pizzaman its way better than risbys

  4. I think Pizzaman633’s is super good! So are all the others!! People did a great job! Mine seems so ordinary or plain when I see everyone elses!

  5. OMG!!! they are all so good vote for heyitsme or ribsythedog or tatosmusic. they are byfar the best!

  6. WHAT HAPPENED TO MINE!?!?!?!?!?!

    Sam: That’s the one you sent me. You can send it again if you want and I’ll replace it.

  7. yaa i probly wont win xD im not such i good artist so i scribbled a bunch xD

  8. Thx!! 😀

  9. I think Spiros’ is really good!

  10. I voted for pizzaman633’s. I liked it the best.

  11. I voted for ribsythedog’s.Ribsy Ftw @/_\@

  12. wuts pablo and cstarrs aim?

  13. Spiros has the best one I think!

  14. I like Spiro’s, it sorta pops out at you!

  15. I vote for spiros!


  16. i stil havent voted yet, would it be wrong to vote for myself?

  17. Pizzaman, I genuinely think that yours is the funniest; for that reason I voted for it. It isn’t the best-drawn entry, but I come he for humour, not well-drawn pictures!

  18. I think Spiros’ is awesome! 😉

  19. I think Spiros’s one is the best!

  20. I’ve linked this contest to Penguin Planet and Facebook!

  21. Spiros all the way! It looks like the real one

  22. Uhh, sam, wutz wit da rules on top of da poll?

    Pablo: Because we want people to not vote if they feel forced to, don’t vote because of favoritism (you like that person better), and vote for you think has the best doodle. Why else? 🙂

  23. I like Heyitsme’s

  24. I don’t know the guy Spiros but he has the best drawing man.

  25. I personally think that the Most “coolest One is Spiros Because it Looks Excatly Like a real button and HE actually credited himself!!

  26. hey sam, you keep telling spiros that he is forcing people. lol I’m his friend, but when I saw his post, I told myself “lol I’ll just vote for the best drawing, not just him”, but then when I saw his drawing, I saw that his was the best. He’s not forcing anyone to do anything.

    Sam: I said that his post seemed forceful. He never even showed his image in the post. He just told people to vote for him. I’m glad that you voted for you favorite one, rather than just voting.

  27. Ok Ok! I changed my post go see it Sam!

    Sam: Thanks!

  28. Man, i was gettin all da comments but nao spiro stole my spotlight, y did u do dat man. 😀 lol

  29. I voted for spiros’s because it looked like the official one.

  30. Spiros is pretty well drawn, but it’s not very original. And also, Pizzaman633’s name makes me hungry. lol

  31. Ha ha ha Tatosmusic rocks!! heheh spiros is nice and pizzamans sorta makes me hungry

  32. Oh my rib!!!!!!!!

  33. I think spiros Is a winner! just guessing.

  34. I think Spiros has the best one. It looks the most like the real one.

  35. Tatosmusic is my fave.

  36. oooooooooooooooooo they are too good i cant choose!

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