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Finding Someone Who Is Blogging About You

Every Thursday I make a post called “You’ve Been Noticed”. In this post, I say the people who have blogged about my website in the past week. It’s nice to know that people are talking about you in their blogs in a positive way. It can increase your popularity very easily. A lot of people ask how I find the people who talk about The Panic Button. Here’s a step by step guide to doing this.

The Talk

When people are talking about your blog, what do you think would be key words in their sentences? For example, for PanicButtonBlog.com, some key words would be The Panic Button and Sssaam. I would first go to
The first thing I would search is the title of my blog, The Panic Button.

Once you click search, click “Show the most recent”.

The list you’re looking at is every post that includes the words “The Panic Button” or whatever you searched, in order of when they were posted starting with the newest. You can know which posts are actually about your blogs by looking at the excerpt. The excerpt are the words underneath the title of the posts on the search results page. For instance, the first result from a search of “The Panic Button” gives this:

I know that this person is actually talking about my website because the excerpt says “The Panic Button is the place for laughs”, that’s a good explanation for us. I would then click the link to the post, and make sure it had to do with my site. Now I know that someone has talked about our blog. This is a really nice way to know that someone actually cares about the things you write; that someone cared enough to take the time and write a post about you, or including you.


A great way to insure that people will link to you more often, is reward people for linking to you in their posts. The polite thing to do, when someone links to you in a post, is do the same for them. I write a post every Thursday entitled “You’ve Been Noticed”. Here’s a little snipit:


I can guarantee that this will make people link to you more often.

What do you think of these useful tips?


13 Responses

  1. cooool i always wondered how u did that btw i was just thinking wouldnt it be kool if every week on saturday u could like add to the bottom of the post like who commented the most that week with how many comments? it would make ur hits sky rocket. but it was just an idea, anyways i bet in the future you’ll have a certein thing to post everyday, like the “youve been noticed” on thursday and the friday special and all that xD lol anywaysssss i was wondering what made u wanna do the back ground background thats blue, like why’d u choose that? just wondering ttyl

    Pablo: I have a pet peeve. The pet peeve is people that comment a lot to try to get attention for it. Some people just comment like this. “wow”. “lol”. “weird”. “i don’t get it”. They’re commenting for the sake of commenting. Comment actual things people. /end rant.

  2. 😯 that was mee! cool :mrgreen: I like the idea of it. it helps other sites be noticed, while yours is noticed too! it’s like a little boost for everyone! 😛

  3. I have your banner too :mrgreen: 😛

  4. hey sam guess wat , well the fastest web browser in the world ( safari) just made safari 4 with 150 new feachures it comes on mac but has a free download for pc , why am i telling you this , cuz it has some crazy css and html things you can use link ; http://www.apple.com/safari/features.html

  5. Pablo some times there not trying to get notice.I have this CRAZY thoguh that there just saying what they think about the post!Isn’t that just Crazy.I Don’t even know why I even said it….


  6. Opps Speeled though wrong

  7. I will do that for you the next week because i will go to camp now

  8. Hey sam go on aim later i rly rlly rllly need 2 talk to u its a life and deathh situation ….literally : s
    Pablo: He’s at the pool right now, can Pablo-Bot take a message?

  9. Hey, thanks for the comment on my site, Sssaam! That’s probably the nicest comment I’ve gotten in a while 🙂

  10. No one’s written about me- I checked.

  11. woops i forgot a sad face. 😦

  12. I don’t use wordpress!

  13. lol hey your blog is awesome and i like the mini i-pod how did u get it? reply in bold plz

    Sam: You make a MixPod on MixPod.com. When you are editing it (it will say edit/add tracks, customize, edit info), click Save. Choose Get Code. Scroll down and on the left side it will have a list of websites. Click other sites. Then click more, and then click the WordPress icon. Give your username, password, and website URL. Once you’ve done this quickly go to your site. You will see a new post with no title and just has the player. Click edit on the post. When you’re at the edit page, delete the stuff below the player, and click HTML. Copy that HTML, and paste it into a sidebar widget.

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