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Easy Like Sunday Morning…

Big news: We now have custom CSS. With some help from Ilan, this blog will be better than ever!

Swim team season is over. Hopefully next season I’ll be good enough to go to the meets. When I started, I really didn’t like it. It seemed strenuous and boring going up and down the lanes. After the first practice, I wanted to quit, but I decided not to. I’ve gotten faster and better because I stuck with it. I plan on going to the pool at least four times a week in off-season. I like swimming because I love the feeling of weightlessness.

My out-of-country relatives are here. They’re actually a lot like us. I was surprised to learn that they’re simple and funny. I thought they were going to be uptight and fancy.

The big golf open is going on right now in my backyard. Yesterday I went looking for golf balls and found twenty six. I found four Calaways, which are supposed to be worth $3 a ball. Not quite sure about that, but my uncle plans on buying the whole lot of them. The is a fun, easy way to make money. The way I see it; I didn’t pay to find these golf balls. When I sell them, it’s free money. They say you have to lose money to make money, but there’s always a loophole.

School begins again on August 19th. 8th grade, here we come. I have two classes with Jacob, one class with Cstarr, no classes with Pablo, and Sreimer hasn’t gotten his schedule yet.

funny pictures of cats with captions


21 Responses

  1. No one’s ever in my classes. -.-

  2. 8th grade? wow-im in da same grade as you

  3. Yea same, but only because I skipped 2 grades.
    Wow Ilan is an author? Congrats XD
    love the CSS!
    Pablo: I had the option to skip before, but decided to stay in this grade. Ilan isn’t an author either, and thank you.

  4. The CSS makes it 5/5!
    Pablo: Credit goes to Sam

  5. What’s a CSS? Is it the background thingy?
    Pablo: Yup.

  6. The CsS is ok..

  7. I like the comments box.

  8. Well, I’m going into 6th. Also, what is a CSS? Is it this weird, red stuff? Lol.
    Pablo: The backgrounds and everything.

  9. 1. I would say don’t change TOO much with the colour scheme and stuff.
    2. You can edit the CSS for free, and edit even more things if you host WordPress by yourself.
    3. Why ‘with some help from Ilan’? How is he helping with the CSS?
    Pablo: 1. We’re still experimenting
    2. Do we really want to make the site over?
    3. Ideas I assume.

  10. Why pink, Sam? I’m not sure about this CSS.

    Pablo: We’re still experimenting.

  11. i know css

    Pablo: Cool.

  12. I use own-free-website and you can use css for free!
    You can’t change the colour of the comment boxes though and the site has to have google ads o in the future the site can not have google ads if you pay money.

    Pablo: Like I said, we’re not making the site over.

  13. i told cstarr you guys should have a wrandomn strange background he said u guys tride that with the pink/red squares , but the smily’s are nice try putting th epic on microsoft paint then with the spray paint thing on it put them mustashes and put fart bubles on them. im hyper and full of ideas cuz im getting the 17 inch mac book pro and photoshop and flash CS4 . hey cant u attach programs threw email , well if i get photoshop do you guys want me to try and send u guys photoshop? HYPER

    Pablo: Too… many… words… D:

  14. I love the css!
    Well, im going to 7th grade and school starts the 24.
    You guys are lucky! I don’t get my schedule ’till the first day if school! The only this I get is my homeroom.

    Loving the CSS,

    Sam: Thanks so much, we’re still experimenting!

  15. THE css is coolio

  16. The css is cool, but the smiles are a bit overwhelming, maybe if you change them to like a watermark it wouldnt hurt my eyes as much. Or maybe im just like epiletic

    Sreimer:i agree!

  17. I’m going to secondary school after the holidays! (Sep1st) I may be going back later, but you left earlier!
    I’m pretty nervous…

    to jjdogg,
    The background hurts your eyes? Last week my teacher (not any more) put up backing paper for one of the display boards in the classroom and it was autumn leaves! Loads of people (including me) complained of being dizzy! Isn’t it strange what pictures do to your eyes?

    to Pablo,
    If you think THAT’S a lot of words then look at my comment on Sssaam’s post, ‘Explaining some Credidentials’

    Bit of a long comment before I go to holiday club!
    (I’m listening to ‘Poker Face’ oh it just stopped!)

    Bye! Marie.

  18. I love this CSS!!!!!!

  19. Nice! I’m gonna be in Year 8 (7-8th grade) when I go back to school on September 7th. Apparently it’s the easiest year, so I’m not worrying too much!

    Sreimer: 7th grade at our school everybody says is the hardest, 8th is easy though.

  20. 8TH GRADE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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