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Almost At 5000 Comments!

Pablo Again: Is the MixPod still automatically playing for you guys? It is for me O_o

Pablo: For all of you that just decided to spam comments on this post, too bad. I deleted them. We don’t want our comments to be made just cause you want to be the 5,000 comment. We want actual comments. Oh, and I don’t know what the other members of TPB consider, but commenting like “lol” or “i dont’ get it” or “wow” on different posts just cause you want to comment on a lot of them, it doesn’t cut it for me. I’ll be deleting those too. 🙂

That’s funny because we’re almost at 500,000 hits and 5000 comments. Anyway, I contacted WordPress about the Shockwave-Flash games on the Chat & Play page. They have told me that what we are doing is completely fine. I will be releasing the code for Club Penguin soon.

funny pictures of cats with captions

I’ll be home on Monday. The computer I’m using now doesn’t allow me to add many pictures.  Today’s blog of the day is…


Also, I have made the MixPod non-autoplay (doesn’t play automatically anymore) due to multiple complaints. If you object to this, please comment on this post.


17 Responses

  1. that comment hey should be considered spam or whatever Pablo was talking about. Anyway congratulations on almost 5,000 comments!


  2. hey you guys , im not commenting to get to the 5,000 comment , im just here to tell cstarr that i replyed to him message he sent to my aim.

  3. You guys have a great website!

    Sam: You’re the 5000th comment!

  4. You have won The Blog Award for the section “Funny”

    (I got the idea for the blog from you guys on the page ideas for a blog…..)


  5. I come here like every day lol

  6. congratulations accesorycp!!!
    lol pablo you spelled congratulations wrong…
    Pablo: I didn’t spell congratulations wrong, I spelled congradumalations right.

  7. Thanks for trying to make it not automatically play the MixPod player, but it, unfortunately, still is. The reason I don’t want it auto-playing is because I listen to my Spotify playlist instead.

    Also, congrats on the 5,000 comments and nearly 500,000 hits.

  8. The ipod thing still plays automaticly for me. :S

  9. ya the mixpod starts when you get on and that bugs me. but i still like the mixpod

  10. Oh Pablo why?
    Pablo: Why what? That I deleted spam comments? They aren’t necessary to do, this isn’t some comment contest. You don’t get a reward when we get it, just the person that did it gets a picture of the comment in the post. =\

    Sam: Woah Pablo, whats with the up-tight-ness. Let loose, go with the flow. Keep this up and you’ll harsh me out and discolor my mood ring. Keep it fresh and groovy. Peace.

  11. Yeah the mixpod still auto plays

  12. what the heck sam??

    Sam: Haha. I like to fight hate with humor, rather than hate with hate.
    Pablo: Dang Hippies. 🙂

  13. 😦
    Pablo: Why so glum?

  14. Lol I see now XD your like me dad XD he says tht 2. didn’t realize thts how u spell it… :/ Wow Hippiness Sssaam! high five!

  15. It was at my school today…this boy asked me out and said ‘you’re well fit’ and stuff like that and then he dumped me within the same day (see my comment on ’10 random facts about Sssaam’) yep…that was the second time.

    Our teacher gave us all chocolate but there was nothing else I liked…

    And I fancy another boy but apparantely he would say no if I asked him out but I don’t really trust the people who told me that…

    ALL TODAY! 😥

  16. The i pod still plays for me too! I hope you reach 5000 comments, you’d be doing waaaaaaayyyy better than I am at the mo with my blog, I have 4997 less than you!
    ( Yes, that’s right I have ……………………………….. 3) 😦 please visit, I know it’s not good, but I’m trying my best!

  17. Molly (the lolcat) will be just one inky cat. LOL! And the mixpod is auto for me too. 😦

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