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Frazzle Snazzle Bodazzle

Sorry for not posting for a few days, I’ve had soccer practice and preperation for some out-of-country relatives coming over next week. Today is a b-e-a-utiful day! The temperature is perfect. Not too cool, not too hot. Anyway I haven’t been on for a while. When I logged in, there was one comment in pending…

I wasn’t sure whether this was a spam comment or not. I clicked the links in the comment. Apparently this guy owns a site called

Famous Blogs - Blog Of The Day Awards

I tried to see how many hits this website had, so I could know if it could be trusted and if it was genuine. I didn’t find a pageviews indicator, but I did see that this guy, Bill Austin, has over 100,000 followers on Twitter. I concluded that this was a serious comment. So on July 17th, go to his website and check to see if The Panic Button is blog of the day!

I was looking at the cover of Super Smash Bros Brawl for Wii and was thinking about who’s job it was to make that cover. That’s a funny job when you think about it. You’re making a picture that will represent the entire game, while a bunch of other computer geniuses make the actual game. Maybe I should try…

All you do in this game is look at funny pictures nonstop. It’s been called a “masterpiece” by IGN magazine.

This one entails that you consistently hit a panic button over and over until your thumbs get sore. The object is to hit it more than your opponent. Lots of fun for the whole family.


This game is all 25 things to do at a tennis match, acted out virtually. Due to the danger of actually performing the activities in real life, this game was made.

This one entails that you add a caption to a picture of a cow. There really is no purpose, this game is a one player game.

Today’s blog of the day is…


Which game did you like?


12 Responses

  1. congrats on the blog of the day awards thing xD meet me on chat sometime or go on aim or something : D

  2. lol great games!I can till you i would(n’t) buy them!

  3. i want to see the new harry potter movie i havent got my copy yet ( i can get copies of movies like that) did u see the comercial for the harry potter game for DS , im a nerd. nerds rule…..poop…….. that is all…………o and good job this site rox………………………..

  4. im so angrey , frikkin tubbo says bad words all they want and stilla rent off , just read there latest post one of the first words in the tital is the P word , not pee , but uhh yeah…………i frikkin hate em then i make a site against them and BAM im off the web

  5. 25 things to do at a tennis match that’s my fav. but they are all really good

  6. how do you get a music things?

    Sam: You make a MixPod on MixPod.com. When you are editing it (it will say edit/add tracks, customize, edit info), click Save. Choose Get Code. Scroll down and on the left side it will have a list of websites. Click other sites. Then click more, and then click the WordPress icon. Give your username, password, and website URL. Once you’ve done this quickly go to your site. You will see a new post with no title and just has the player. Click edit on the post. When you’re at the edit page, delete the stuff below the player, and click HTML. Copy that HTML, and paste it into a sidebar widget.

  7. I might actually buy the tennis match one. But you’d have to update it pretty often 😀

  8. WHAT?! was that comment fake? THAT IS SO COOL

  9. Wait…quotes? He’s the one who made that funny jokes blog! This may actually be a (not so) funny joke…

    Sam: Actually, I checked the “blog of the day” site today. We’re were on it!

  10. thanks…..best WordPress Comedy Blog….

    Sam: Thanks!

  11. how much are the games? i want 25 things to do at a tennis match for Wii! lol

    Sam: Lol!

  12. I want the Tennis Game one

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