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Updates And Comments

In the poll in the last post, so far a day in the life of a Panic Button member is winning. I’ve already started on that video, and it’s looking pretty good. If another video idea wins in the poll, I’ll just make two videos and publish them at the same time.

We get an average of about 20 to 30 comments per day. A conversation was sparking in the comments of the last post. A lot of people wanted to know what percentage of all our comments were made by them. The leaderboard…

  1. Abcd77 with 780 comments, 16.25% of all our comments.
  2. Ribsythedog with 247 comments, 5.1% of all our comments.
  3. PixelCreationz with 208 comments, 4.3% of all our comments.

Thanks for your comments everyone! Without them, we would have no inspiration or motivation.

funny pictures of cats with captions

If you want to know what percentage of all our comments were made by you, just comment on this post.

41 Responses

    What I said yesterday about the orange juice, does not apply for the internet.

  2. Check out the graph I made, Sssaam!

    Sam: Rofl!

  3. Hey!
    Sam, guess what?
    My blog’s been getting more popular!
    I hope it gets almost as popular as yours!
    PS: Are you a girl, or boy?
    Pablo: He’s a boy. Oh noez!

  4. For me its probably half a percent. *sighs*

    Sam: You’ve made 94 comments, 2%.

  5. Meet me in my chat! I won’t be here at 12:00 PM or something Eastern Standard Time (I think your time, 10 AM?)

  6. Just out of interest, what percentage of comments have I posted? Lol, it’s probably something like 0.0000000001%.

    Sam: 51 comments, about 1%.

  7. How much is mine and bluecityfan added together.

    Sam: 144 comments, 2.9%.

  8. fir-*gets shot* xD jk
    what’s my percentage? lemme guess, .9%?

    Sam: .7%

  9. Hey everyone, please visit my site and comment…

    -Laughing Ninja

  10. O_o wow that was kinda shocking, i thought ive only commented like 50 or 20 times xD i think everyones commented more then they think : P o btw since were on the subject of comments, you guys should have a commenting contest on one post!

    Sam: hmm…

  11. Yea a commenting contest for some type of prize like who ever comments the most gets to be in the video ur making or something and you could be talking on aim or SOMETHING or you could give away something! or it could be a commenting contest for blogroll!!!

  12. *silently hopes other people will think its a good idea*

    Sam: Lol every time I refresh the page there’s a new comment from you.

  13. lol and every time i fresh the page, its been moderated and posted xD

    Sam: Lol.

  14. eh im just gonna keep commenting cuz im bored

  15. theres 316 votes on the poll in the left sidebar O_o

    Sam: You’re in the video I made btw. There’s a part where I edit your comment.

  16. yay!!!!!!

  17. lol

  18. this iz gonna b fun

  19. i mean wen the video is posted

  20. my spree continues…

  21. Okay with all the talk about comments I feel like commenting. A lot. heehee

  22. I’m gonna go click the panic button(:

  23. woohoO!!!!!!!! i did. cool my favorite song is on oh yeahhh!

  24. bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum i used to rule the world…………. LOL that songs gonna be in my head all day :-/

  25. bum bum bum. another one bites the dust hehehe

  26. lol i just decided to say that on twitter . . . RANDOM

  27. cool they are getting out of moderation hehe

  28. lol Lucy in the Sky is. . . odd. . . lol itz funny

    Sam: The Beatles rock!

  29. W00T, I got about 1%!! 😆

  30. Am I in your video?

  31. Yup they do! I like the song Michelle(:

  32. wow 144 comments-holy cow

  33. bla bla bla bla bla…..

  34. wat about meeee
    its prob .05 or something lol

    Sam: 0.49%

  35. wow your joking right 780 coments…………How did you find that out?You keep score with pen and paper?

    Sam: No, I just do a search of your IP address on the edit comments screen and it gives me a number of results.

  36. wheres the ip adress at?

    Sam: It’s right below the email address. https://cstarr.files.wordpress.com/2009/07/ip-address.png

  37. I’ve been slacking off lately…I bet I’m at 4th or 5th by now…

    What’s my percentage?

  38. So I’m going to comment loads more, but appropriately, of course. Not TOO appropriate, however.

  39. How about we have a comment song where EVERYONE is invited to type something and only the first ones are posted (if two people do one line, delete the second comment so we just get the actual line that is used!)

    On the first day of TPB, Sssaam gave to me,

    (carry on)

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