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Warfle Marflen

Today I got braces.


The braces really aren’t what bothers me the most. What bothers me the most are these:

These are called turbos and go on the back of your two front teeth. They’re supposed to help fix over-bite. Mine are extremely big. I can’t chew whatsoever, and I have a lisp now. Everything I eat has to be soft. The pain is coming right now, so I should stop typing.


Do you really have to pee?

Ankle Biting High Heel Shoes

That’s an ankle biter.

Foam and Resin Yellow Rhinoceros Sculpture

That picture is both relaxing and mind boggling.


Yes, Mona Lisa had a cross-bite.

Sun-Dried Alabama Possum


Condiment Gun

That’s something I would buy.

Bacon Potato Pie | McDonalds Japan

I don’t remember that being on the menu.

Funny Collie wearing Shoes and Hat

“Uh, it’s not what it looks like.”

Back Door Sign


Shape Sorter Bullies Illustration

ROFL!!!! Today’s blog of the day is…


Have you had braces?

27 Responses

  1. Yes I did! But they took them off cause they said I was brushing my teeth good! But it’s really hard to brush with them! So now im getting this weird thingy.. A lip bumper and this other thing.. I hope you feel better! It hurts after while I know..

  2. nope, they said i might have to get them this summer, but my dental appointment got moved that would’ve told me wether or not to go to the orthodontist. we went paintballing instead 😀

  3. noeyz but i have dis crown on my left molar.

  4. Nope, I’ve never had braces! I’ve never had a cavity and have always had perfect teeth (it runs in the family). BUt the rest of The Chipmunk Club did and for about two months I heard a bajillion complaints about them, though I don’t think they had turbos.

    “I can’ t just fall!”

    Sam: Awesome!

  5. 😀

  6. Omg i got braces on like a week ago. They dont hurt anymore but i think i swallowed a bracket 😳 dont worry. youll get used to them in about 5 days like i did

  7. btw wasn’t i supposed 2 b on da blog o da day?

  8. the blog of the day wont show! whos blog of the day?

  9. I had four braces a while ago.
    On my top and bottom front teeth.
    It fixed my underbite. 😉
    But now they want to put on more braces. 😦

  10. I’m getting them i think next week?

  11. O_O o my gosh i hope ur mouth stops hurting, and ive never had braces

  12. Awwww, Sam! That last picture isn’t funny 😥

    Sam: Rofl!

  13. i still hav mine but i get them off in a few months and they used a herps appliance fot my over bite

  14. They have the gun thingy with Ketchup and musturd!! I saw on the ripley’s belive or not website!

  15. Whoa, those turbos look uncomfortable.

    I have to get braces in a while, too. I hate the stuff they put in your mouth to get a mould of your teeth. It’s disgusting. The orthodontist said it tasted just like ice cream, but I thought it tasted much more like cement. Maybe there’s a cement-flavored ice cream?
    Anyway, I’m getting them fitted in a couple of months. I don’t want to get them, but I have to. Ah well, at least I’ll have straighter teeth when they get taken off. I hope.

  16. I have some on right now..but dont worry i also have a lisp :/ . well ive had it since i could talk and my preschool teachers said that i would be stupid :O but im not, yay!!! and for some weird reson i have to get my wisdom teeth pulled in a month and im only 11!

  17. I have some on right now..but dont worry i also have a lisp :/ . well ive had it since i could talk and my preschool teachers said that i would be stupid :O but im not, yay!!! and for some weird reson i have to get my wisdom teeth pulled in a month and im only 11!
    Oops, should have mentioned good post! Waiting for the next post!

  18. i’ll get them in 2-3 years, my teeth look really crooked
    -_- i have 3 cavities too….my family doesnt have very good teeth…

  19. on the gator toilet, to me it looks like there’s a cat at the bottom! it looks like its face!

    Sam: ROFL you’re right! Idk if it’s a cat but it sure looks like one!

  20. Awesome! I have braces, too! But the things that fix overbite, I don’t have them. Sam, meet me at my site and go to chat, I’d like to ask you some questions.

  21. Da good thing bout a lisp iz dat u can imitate Sid from Ice Age, but i think u’ve gotta have a LATERAL lisp

    Sam: Yeah. The guy who plays him actually puts a lemon wedge in his mouth when he does voice-over for Sid.

  22. I saw one of the bonus features of da 2nd 1 and he showed us more ways tom do a lisp

  23. *to

  24. today i got bottom braces! they hurt sooo bad!

    Sam: In about 3 days they should feel better. The first day, I couldn’t eat anything but apple-sauce. After a week of having them, I was able to eat burgers, pizza, and meat.

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