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A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

It takes an amateur to create a piece of art that deserves applause and laughter. It takes a true talented artist to render complete silence and make someone think.

Cotton Candy Clouds

My favorite pieces of art are those that becomes more fictional the more you view and process. The first thing that you see when looking at this picture is a girl with cotton candy, a realistic idea. Next, you see a large pink tornado/cloud occurrence, which translates this picture into fictional. Perhaps this girl is running from the tornado in fear. Maybe she’s running in happiness because the tornado supplies her with cotton candy. We will never know the true meaning of this picture, and that is the essence of excellence.

The first thing you notice in this picture is a girl on a wall. The first thing I look at is her extremities (hands, feet) to find an explanation for how she is hanging on the wall. There are no ledges, and adhesives have been ruled out by logic, so we can conclude it is fictional. On the ground there is a fish tank shattered and a fish flopping around next to it. Perhaps the girl dropped the fish tank and jumped onto the wall in fear of being cut by glass. Another piece of this picture is the strange dark passage that the girl’s head is turned to. She might see something coming, feared it, and hopped onto the wall. Again, we will never be able to depict what is really happening in this picture. You can think what you want about the story behind it, but you may never know the truth.

First thing noticed is the silhouette of a girl with balloons on the wall. You look down to see the shadows of her two feet meeting the shadows of a middle aged woman walking by. This isn’t fictional, as this may happen in real life. Then again, the sun must be in the perfect spot so that the shadow of her body is lost within the silhouette of the girl on the wall, but it is possible. In my opinion, this image represents the woman’s inner child wanting to break free.

What do you think these three pictures represent?


12 Responses

  1. Probably because I jusst read it, but the girl in the 2nd picture reminds me of Alice in Alice in Wonderland//Through the Looking Glass. Not exactly sure why, but it seems like is has that essence.

    I love pictures like the third one. I always wonder how long they took to make it, or if they did it the lazy way (a.k.a. painting).

    library soon with Steph

  2. 1st one happiness in life.
    2nd imanation
    3rd you got it her kid!

  3. Hello, Sssaam… What can I do so you put me again in your Blogroll..? I love this site, and your on my Blogroll, so, could you add me to yours?

    -Laughing Ninja

    Sam: I may have a contest in the future. You have to show me you deserve it. I look around at hundreds of blogs per week, and delicately pick which one I want on the blogroll. The blog must have divine class and a certain elegance to it. In my opinion, quality is much better than the amount of hits.

  4. im not much of an art guy, but idk. They all seem pretty deep to me.

  5. But, I do my best making posts, I try to make them the funniest I can puttig the best pics I find. I have not alot of hits, but, as you said, quality is much better than the amount of hits. I even made a ChatGroup at Xat.com… I know I don’t have a CSS, or a very cool header, but, I made a “Downloads” page, it ony has a “TheNinjaLaugh Wallpaper” but, I think its cool… Go check it out! This was the blog who inspired me… to make my blog… Bye, Sssaam! I hope you reply…

    -Laughing Ninja

  6. Where did you get that iPod widget? I really need one for my site! It’s so cool, I’ll give you credit.

  7. 1. Taken from Broadmoor, Aldershot, Loony Bin
    2.the girl is annoyed, she has dropped her bowl, jumps up and down in anger
    3. shadow of her past

  8. Just to let you know, the B.B.A. (Best Blog Awards) (That you entered) have started on my site. Go and vote (But not for yourself!)

    Sam: Shweet!

  9. I have a question. For your MixPod, what code did you use to put it on your sidebar?

    Sam: You make a MixPod on MixPod.com. When you are editing it (it will say edit/add tracks, customize, edit info), click Save. Choose Get Code. Scroll down and on the left side it will have a list of websites. Click other sites. Then click more, and then click the WordPress icon. Give your username, password, and website URL. Once you’ve done this quickly go to your site. You will see a new post with no title and just has the player. Click edit on the post. When you’re at the edit page, delete the stuff below the player, and click HTML. Copy that HTML, and paste it into a sidebar widget.

  10. What happened to Cstarr, Sreimer, Pablo, and Jjacobb?

    -Laughing Ninja

    Sam: Idk, they don’t post for some reason.

  11. In the first picture, I thoght that the gril was Megan Fox lol

    Sam: Lol

  12. I thought it had something to do with Transformers lol

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