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New Page!

I made a new page entitled

https://i2.wp.com/4.bp.blogspot.com/_4QjkRIkMkus/SIEyP4ShkdI/AAAAAAAAANo/9v9fM7EDhBg/s400/GoGreen.jpgI feel as though, as the blog gets more popular, I can give back in some way. I want to spread the word of global warming activism. We’re not really into forcing people to do things on here, but I’m asking you to do one thing on this list. Once you’ve done this one thing, copy and paste the entire page, and make your own Go-Green page.




TreeHugger.jpg image by tecknopuppy

Tree_Hugger.png tree hugger image by Animalfreak1091

Lets all join together every woman and man – and, lend a hand all across the land if you’re in lets begin start right away. Together moving forward toward a brighter day

6 Responses

  1. wow. I don’t like tree huging…..You don’t really need to watch what your doing…I think about saving the earth as…don’t throw papper on the ground….don’t put stuff in water and recycle.what else do you gota do?The Earth casn fix its own darn shelf.
    Have fun hugging trees!

    Sam: There’s so much more to it than that. The earth cannot fix itself if we carry on our addiction to fossil fuels. Within a few years, we could be seeing major changes in the climate. What you’re doing;
    “dont throw papper on the ground…dont put stuff in water and recycle.”
    That’s very good. But remember, it’s not just you. Everyone else needs to have this same outlook. If they did, our world would be a better place.

  2. What I don’t get is why we don’t just take the fossil Fuels Oil Gas Coal and put them in a cloneing machine.Don’t call me stupid beacuse china and other countries they do have clone machines.

    What I think is a bigger promblem is this countries money promblem!Obama is spending too much.And that new bill that they passed witch starts with an S terrible!America Is failing even worse than the Earth is!

    Sam: Fossil fuels can’t be cloned. Yes, we are able to clone animals, but that has to do with stem cells. Animals are living, and therefore it’s possible. If we could clone liquids and food, then we would have no problems whatsoever. People would not be starving in Africa and all around the world. Think about that before assuming what we can and cannot do. Also, don’t make false assumptions just because you think it’s bad. I, myself, am not too in depth into polotics, and that’s why I never talk about it on the blog. You need to have knowledge over a subject before you teach. I hope you understand.

  3. you got that right sssaam i loveee this posttt…. lovee the songg!!! luhy has a go green pagee too!!!! its not very good though!!!!! and i love trees!!!!!!! i love the earth, “You can call me a hippie, but you cant blame me the day the earth is destroyed” thats my saying right there…… I LOVE TREE HUGGING! i really try to help save the earth as much as i can!!!!!!!! I only have one problem, i have a problem saving energy not being on my computer or itouch! ITS SOOO ADDICTING!!!!!!!!! I think im gonna add some stuff to my go green page 😀
    Luhy :mrgreen:

  4. I would be cautious if I were you about what you say. Many people don’t think the climate change is man made and there could be some arguments.

    Just some friendly advice. 😉

    Sam: Good point. But just because climate change isn’t happening, doesn’t give us right to pollute. Just because nothing is happening, it’s still better to do what’s right over what’s wrong.

  5. Sssaam,
    Hey! I was just going to say that the Go Green! page is a great idea, and I put a Go Green page on my website too. You should have a list of the blogs with a Go Green page, and it is really awesome what you are doing for the planet. THE PANIC BUTTON ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and Abcd77, shame on you!

  6. lol… I like to hug trees, it’s really fun. Don’t eat pine cones, though… They taste kind of good at first, and they’re really crunchy, but don’t eat them. People might think you’re weird if you do… But hugging trees is lots of fun! I do that all the time when I’m around trees, but not really, because then I’d feel like I’d have to hug all the other trees, so they don’t get jealous, but there are so many trees, I don’t think I could hug them all! 😀

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