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Pitchman, Billy Mays, Found Dead!

TMZ: We have confirmed TV pitchman Billy Mays was found dead today in his home in Tampa, Florida early this morning. According to the Tampa PD, the 50-year-old TV pitchman was found unresponsive by his wife Deborah at 7:45 AM.  TMZ has learned Mays’ body has already been removed from his home. Mays had just returned from Philadelphia, where he shot a new OxiClean commercial. He was a passenger aboard a plane that suffered a blown front tire upon landing. He told a local TV station, “All of a sudden as we hit you know it was just the hardest hit, all the things from the ceiling started dropping. It hit me on the head, but I got a hard head.” We’re told Mays was at his home around 6:00 PM last night, and according to a source Mays was “acting fine and normal … he was talking business with his father-in-law.” According to cops, there are no signs of forced entry to the residence and no foul play is suspected. The Medical Examiner’s office is expected to complete the autopsy by tomorrow afternoon. Billy’s wife Deborah just released the following statement:
“Although Billy lived a public life, we don’t anticipate making any public statements over the next couple of days. Our family asks that you respect our privacy during these difficult times.”

Sam: This is still a developing story. Check out the last entry in Billy Mays’ Twitter:

This is getting crazy. Michael Jackson, Ed McMan, Farrah Fawcet, Ed Thomas, and now Billy Mays, all in the same week.

Is this more than just coincidence?


Sreimer: I’m sad! He was my hero!!!!


43 Responses

  1. OMG
    this is soo sad, first MJ, Then FF and now billy mays???
    boo hoo

  2. i bet more people are happy about that then sad. no more HI! BILLY MAYS HERE! or OXICLEAN! i googled to see if he was and LA Times (no i dont live in la) says he is.

    Sam: Yeah, but I wouldn’t be glad for anyone to die. No one deserves to die, so I would never be happy about it, no matter who it is.

  3. woah….my friends uncle died yesterday too O_O death week!

  4. It’s been a bad week: five people dead. They’re all pretty famous too. It’s not right – I think it’s more than just coincidence. It’s pretty creepy when you think about it… 😐

  5. What is up with this week? Worst Eva. 😦

    TV will never be loud in the same way.

  6. This is DEFINATELY more the a coincidence.

  7. omg omg omg omg omg omg he was my favorite pitchmen

  8. oxi clean will never be the same or any thing he pitched on infomersals

  9. first it m j then its billy whose next

  10. i hope his son billy jr. takes over his life on tv

  11. Hmmm, all coincidence. Maybe… but I’m getting suspicious…

  12. whose next? paul mccartney? ._.

  13. It’s like “Week Of The Dead”, not “Day Of The Dead”.

  14. I think the world is going to end.

  15. I think its a government conspiracy.HATE the government.

  16. Next thing you know, miley cyrus will die (cough yay cough)

    OMG MY SISTER’S NEARLY 13 ASWELL! (Okay, 13 weeks…)
    We can only hope that nothing will happen this Sunday evening…

  18. It might be a coincidance, might not. Do you notice how BOTH Billy Mays and Mike Jackson were FOUND dead in their houses in a span of a few days 😯

  19. I actually think this is a bit more than a coincidance. Everyone knows hundreds of people die each day, but 5 FAMOUS people in the SAME COUNTRY died in ONE week? That’s not right.

  20. τηις ις τηε ραηιç βμττση¡
    ςό Ιετ΅ς άΙΙ ραηιç¡

    ώε΅Γε αΙΙ ζσηηα διε¡
    Pablo: If I read that right, we aren’t all going to die.

  21. its kinda weird how mj and billy mays died at age 50

  22. To many people are dying! This is chaos! 😦

  23. I agree with sam, no one deserves to die.

  24. wow. . . who knows what’s going to happen tonight???? LOL I’m very much creeped out. . . :-/

  25. whats next, Robin Williams? that would be so terrible!

  26. He was on the plane that had 2 front tires blown at landing in Tampa yesterday. People got hit by stuff falling and them slamming in the seat in front of them. He was hit on the head. He felt ok, but I bet you he probably had some small internal bleeding in his brain or something. Just like Natasha Richardson died. Felt fine after the accident she had and then died several hours later.

    Sam: Yeah, that’s what my family was thinking.

  27. wats up thats scary! my blog has like no hits but thats ok with me!

  28. they should of let him advertise for the ShamWow!

    Sam: He’s kinda dead now.

  29. I beat Santa Cluse dies next

  30. santa and the EASTER bunny have already made their bucket lists, unfortunately the Easter Bunny is close to the end of his, and his house is full of buckets he could kick lol!


  32. ya i was thinking the same thing yesterdat, they should have let hime advertise the shamwow, well when he was alive

  33. noooooooooooooooo

  34. okay, i was a little cruel about what i said a day or 2 ago……

  35. Well, I did that comment (see the last comment I made above) on my Wii, so I hit the symbols button!

  36. abcd77, Santa isn’t real.

  37. Celebrities normally die in threes, but trust Billy Mays to add one more in FREE OF CHARGE!✔
    Sorry, I found that on facebook, it’s soo cruel!

  38. The Autopsy Results are in:
    Billy Mays died of Cardiac Arrest!
    So did Micheal Jackson

  39. WHAT?? nuh uh!! michael jackson died of a heart attack!! VH1 had a video respective of michael all WEEKEND LONG!

    Sam: Cardiac arrest means heart attack. I think I’m going to submit this to FailBlog…

    Update; Sam: Hey, looky here!

  40. By the way Pablo, yes we ARE going to die!

  41. I just didn’t say ANYTIME SOON, did I?

    Sam: Lollerpuss.

  42. whats with all the famouse ppl dieing

  43. Could it be- Murders? Lol, I thought of that last year!! See, Michael Jackson’s doc could have, Billy Mays could have commited suicide, but Farrah Fawcet? Idk.

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