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Mr. Owl…

As seen on RedCowz, Made by Sam.

I think we all remember the old Tootsie Pop commercial. A boy would always come up to the owl with a single question.


“Mr. Owl, how many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?”

If I was in this situation, I would be asking why on earth this boy is in his nude, and why an owl is talking. Of course, some questions are best left unanswered. Back on track, the question of how many licks is the last question that comes to mind when licking a Tootsie Pop. The question itself is just a ploy to get consumers to buy these suckers, because the owl never actually says that desired number. I was searching the internet, and found two people who actually tested this. They go by the names of Dr. Shin and Miah.

They went out and bought three Tootsie Pops, cherry. They opened the wrappers of the suckers slowly, as not to damage the variables and rupture the results. Dr. Shin went at the first sucker quickly, and counted his licks aloud. One, two, three… and so on until he reached the “Tootsie Roll center of The Tootsie Pop” at that magical number, 457 licks. Miah then proceeded to the second Tootsie Pop, trial number two. He took it quite slowly and hit the center at lick 411. Perhaps the slower you lick, the faster?  The last trial was also carried out by Miah, and he ended with an astounding 314 licks. They ended with an average of 413 licks, an average time of 8 minutes-48 seconds, and about 2 hours of their lives wasted. It takes a very bored person to carry out such a test.


Then again, those are the same people who give us knowledge, knowledge we had yet to obtain.

What did you like about this post?


23 Responses

  1. hey thats not right! i tested this a long time ago and it took like an hour or two with 860 licks!!!!!

    • maybe u do short or fast licks. ( i cant beleive i am saying this but) everybody licks diffrently.

  2. I never lick tootsie pops, I always use my teeth. 😆

    Sam: I agree completely. It’s too much hassle to lick and lick.

  3. ribsy.no Dr. Shin and Miah licked “hehe licked” A stright line to the center.you most likely went around the hole sucker.and your right if you go all the around its near 800 or so.

    I’m a candy expert!


    Sam: I thought Willy Wonka was the only candy expert. I guess I was wrong.

  4. Will Wonka..I love that guy.”Well in a fan way” I hated the move..They made the Candy King look dumb.Hes not dumb just crazy.

    oh and The Ever Lasting Gob stoper!Theres 2 sizes small boxed candy or Huge Gob Stopper.

    I own and ate on just like that on a stick.And Its The most best Willy Wonka Candy Ever.

    One More Thing I’m am a Candy Expert!Ask me anything about candy and I’ll answer you faster than you can eat 2 twizzlers and a sweat hert!


    P.S:I also do Dr.Peper

    Sam: Ok. Tell me what my favorite candy is.

  5. the bg ones take 500+ to 700+ and the small ones take 100

  6. I can’t really tell what your favorite candy is beacuse i don’t know what you like to eat.You tell me what you like to eat and then ill answere.but for now im going guess.

    Do you like swedish fish?

  7. wow!!! really that much?? AMAZING! Anyways, I have a panic button banner at my site! (Click my name!) Oh and I now post about u a lot! Check it out!

  8. Lol im sorry there abcd but I’d have to say that I’M[in italics that i cant use haha] the Dr. Pepper expert(: I’ve made it before, have like 3 T-Shirts, have necklaces and the like. Oh I’ve been to the actual museum like 3 tmies and the Dublin Dr. Pepper factory 3 times as well…. whoa that’s sad but still I’m a complete addict![yes im only 11 but stilL:P]

  9. Wow. I would never be able to sit down and do that, the boredom would like explode my brain.

    Sam: Yeah. I would probably throw up before my brain exploded.

  10. Luckycharms,A few things.1st nice,You do know a lot about Dr.Pepper.I guess I’m not a huge expert on the soda but I’m a huge fan.If some one ever ask me what kind of soda i want,Then i don’t even need think about it.The only thing I ever made that has to do with dr.pepper is Dr.Pepper Ice Cubs.Onther thing what is your email?I would love to know how to make the stuff.also alot of people who comment on this site have blogs,do you have one?
    Please comment back luckycharms.


  11. almond joy

    Sam: Who told you that?

  12. Hey all Panic Button people!
    If you know of any other humor blogs like this can you
    comment on my site because I need 2 or 3 workers for
    my site and dont know where to find anyone

    Thanks a ton

  13. Well sam,I’m a candy expert!

    No i asked Risbythedog then she asked sreimer then he told her then she told me.Theres no way that i could ever know this without know you,but that still might be hard to figure out.

    oh and i hate Almond Joy and Coconut.

    go to the chat i think sreimer might still be there


  14. i told you not to tell him that!!!! oh btw sreimer says sam must be crazy and almond joy w/coconut is disgusting O_o i dont think its THAT bad

    Sam: It’s awesome! I love anything with coconut.

  15. my fave candy is poooop 😛

    eating poop iz goooodz

    Sam: I agree completely.

  16. O.o almond joy!! I love that stuff! I get tons each X-mas! 😆 I’ve tryed the whole lollipop thing before. I licked it (lol) untill all the chocolate was showing. 743 licks… I think… or maybe 734.. I can’t remember! Oh well, it took me 30 something minutes. It’s fun! But I just bite it, it’s faster! 😆 ~τ∂τΦšΜυš↑ç

    Sam: Yeah, it is.

  17. I know this dounds crazy but, how to you link to people in a post? Trackbacks? Plain links in text? Idk what you mean…I know it sounds awkward!

  18. Nvm. I linked to you though!

    Sam: Thanks!

  19. i have a blog! use this name i am under now and just add .wordpress ! All coconut candy is kinda weird, but i never tried it before. I but a panic button banner on my website and i put you on my blogroll. But how do i do the panicbutton icon for the blogroll?

    Sam: Go to your dashboard. Click Links, then click Panic Button Blog. Scroll down to Advanced. Open that up if it isn’t already. Put the URL of the image into Image Address. Click save.

  20. lol coconut is good.

    Sam: Only with chocolate though. It’s pretty bland without anything accompanying.

  21. Ooh Have you ever tried coconut and powdered sugar? It’s really good!

  22. i suck on mine.

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