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Schools Out For Summer!

Today school is officially out for us!

Simpsons20-20Matrix20funny.jpg the simpsons image by edward120





Seriously, what the heck.


barack obama

political pictures for your blog


barack obama

donald rumsfeld, george w. bush and dick cheney

donald rumsfeld

Haha. Today’s blog of the day is…


What’s the closest you’ve ever been to a famous person?

25 Responses

  1. I once was about 30 feet from president Obama (before he was the president). I’ve also seen Oprah Winfrey in person. I’ve been a few feet from David Beckham (when he played for England). I’ve tackled (yes, tackled) Randy Moss’ son.

  2. I was about 4 feet away from Shaquille Oneal

  3. i dont think ive ever et a famous person or anything but my mom met brad pitt and stuff before he was famous and my mom also was in an elevator with paul mccartney, shes so lucky lol

  4. I’ve never been close to a famous person… 😦 But I’ve met an actor’s mom [she’s a pastor at a church nearby]. My mom has been about less than 6 feet from Obama.

  5. 13 mi. away 😆 😆 😆

  6. Your lucky! Our school doesn’t get out untill Thursday.. 😕

  7. I am friends with a famous person actually!

    He’s a rapper. Method Man. His son was on my football team and I didn’t even know that his dad was famous. It’s pretty cool.

  8. Like 2,3,4 feet from James Harrison Sgined his name on my football…I love the steelers!


  9. I’ve been right next to a famous martial artist, S. T. Choe. He is my master in TKD.

  10. I was behind the Phillies dugout. First row, right in the middle. Everyone on the team was about 10 feet away from me. It was awesome.

  11. I’ve also been dunked on by Tyrone Swoops (The neice of Cheryl Swoops)

  12. our school came out on about lets see… March 23rd i think and yours went out yesterday? wierd.
    Pablo: Our school gets out at a normal time. Either you go back in like July or you never have any breaks.

  13. o btw does lisa frank count as famous? u kno she draws and suff. well if she does, she wanted me to be one of her models, im not kidding!

  14. I met President Obama and Michelle Obama.

    Sssaam: Omg, tell me more!

    Lol, I’ve been wondering who would win it, and it turned out to be me! Whoa! Thanks guys!

    And the closest I’ve ever been to a famous person? Well, I’ve seen famous people on the TV… does that count? 😆
    But my friend went on holiday and met George Sampson’s girlfriend (he won Britain’s Got Talent 2008, and he’s, like, really famous here in England), and apparently she might get to meet him.

  16. Well he came to the Embassy here in london and i got to meet him. I also got to here what he thought on Blood Diamonds!

  17. 169-comment count-up
    9-birthday count-down
    44-my school’s out countdown

    Do you have half-term holidays at your school?

    Also, how is your whole school…um…life set out? The UK’s is…

    Infant-Reception, Year 1, Yr 2.
    Primary-Yr3, Yr4, Yr5, Yr6 (my year!).
    Secondary-Yr7 (1st form), Yr8 (2nd form…), Yr9, Yr10, Yr11. (optional sixth form, or you just go to college.)

    Sssaam: We don’t have half terms. But we have breaks that can last from 1 week, to 2 weeks. Our summer is about 2 months long. Also, our curriculum is set out as follows:

    Preschool: Beginning block for ages 4-5

    Kindergarten: Age 5-6
    1st grade: Age 6-7
    2nd grade: Age 7-8
    3rd grade: Age 8-9
    4th grade: Age 9-10
    5th grade: Age 10-11

    Middle School, or Junior High:
    6th grade: Age 11-12
    7th grade: Age 12-13
    8th grade: Age 13-14

    High School:
    9th grade or “Freshman”: Age 14-15
    10th grade or “Sophmore”: Age 15-16
    11th grade or “Junior”: Age 16-17
    12th grade or “Senior”: Age 17-18

    And after that, it’s off to college.

  18. Ok! We leave college when we’re 18-which is when you start 😀

  19. Wen I was a baby, i was at this video rental wif Lester Holt and hiz kid

  20. Well, i was wif my dad but lester holt was there XD

  21. The guy who played Charlie in the old Charlie And The Chocolate Factory is my family vet

  22. I HAVENT MET ANYBODY FAMOUS BUT MY BROTHER GOT A DOCUMENT WITH THE OFFICIAL OBAMA STAMP. wwops sorry caps. im not lying. he actually got a pin with an eagle on it and the document thingy.(he put in a frame…)

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