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Well, It’s Tuesday.

Today I just kinda feel happy and sad. It’s an overcast, but soccer practice is still on. Nothing new on my end.


You know a poster’s bad when all it does is repeat what’s in the picture.

the burger king king


dead babies

There are so many things wrong with Google Ads.

Insanity Mario

fireman group photo house on fire

car pooling gas expensive



Haha! A few relatives are coming over this weekend. I wish my relatives lived closer so we could see them more often, they live about four hours away. Today’s blog of the day is…


What’s the furthest away you’ve ever traveled?


23 Responses

  1. um..dude look at the stats 396,831!


    Sssaam: ?

  2. oh i thought that was a 9…..

    Sssaam: ?

  3. in the durn frecking number!i though it was 399,831 and you were going to get 400,000.

    Sssaam: Lol, you should work on clarifying things better.

  4. you think so too?

  5. Lol I like the finger one

  6. What site do you get these off of?

    Sssaam: A bunch of different ones.

  7. Wildwood, New Jersey! Only 5 hours away! But im going to Peru this year, its in SouthAmerica.

    Sssaam: Omg that’s awesome! The furthest I’ve been is to Lebanon, which is about 12 hours from me by plane.

  8. Dumb old Canda in NigraFalls..But i want to go to UK Oh wait you probley don’t know what that means..United Kidom..There Flag is frecking awesome!

    Sssaam: I think you mean Niagra Falls, in Canada. Oh, and I’ve also gone to UK. We stopped there on our way to Lebanon once I believe. I was really young though.

  9. ive travled to jordan and egypt in the middle east , each was bout a whole day so ya i beat everyone here , less you’ve been to australia or something

    Sssaam: Was this by car? Because I traveled by PLANE and it took 12 hours.

  10. Sam, why are all the posts by you?

    Sssaam: The other people just don’t really post anymore for some reason. I like to say I own this blog, but they get mad at me. But in my view, and almost everyone else’s view, I do completely own this website.

  11. but thanks for it anyway!

  12. lol these r funny (accept the 3rd one. EWW!) hey sssaam, that tip u gave me doesn’t work. I have windows vista for dell. is there anything else I can do?


    Sssaam: Are you sure you did it right? Did you click Prnt Scrn?

  13. I went 42 hours driving from California to Maine. Our flight got cancelled, and the weather looked horrible, so we drove. So we get there same thing. Wasted an extra 5 days of my life.

    Sssaam: Lol.

  14. oh yeah sony24dah works on my site and thats wat she signed up for!

  15. I remember yesterday on youtube it said sorry, there’s an error. Monkeys are dealing with the problem.

  16. hey i found this really cool sight i think you guys would love to try it out its so funny you can pick stuff like are you addicted to bacon or what would to taste like to a cannibal and how long could you survive trapped inside your freezer here the link http://www.recipestar.com/quizzes/view/bacon-addict

  17. Hey Sssaam, same way. Mitch102 has only done one page, and he has never posted. Not than owning horrible websites is bragging rights, but still…

  18. yes, i did it right. but my keyboard doesn’t say prnt scrn, it says:

    print screen


    Sssaam: Yes, some keyboards say Prnt Scrn, other’s have it fully printed. Just click that then.

  19. wait… you said it’s on my keyboard… if it’s on my computer, then where? i have internet explorer 8.

    Sssaam: No, it should be on your keyboard.

  20. …I feel the same way, mitch102 is so lazy.

    Sssaam: Lol, I’ll have to tell him that.

  21. it doesn’t work. now what?

  22. hey could u reply on my site plz?

  23. I’ve been to England, 24 hours by plane.

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