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Ten-Thousand To Go!

I got that picture at 7:16 central time. We’re almost at four-hundred thousand which, as most of you know, is a very large number. We’re only ten-thousand away. At one-thousand hits per day, we’ll probably hit the big number on May 21st.  Thank-you to everyone who has answered the survey, we were bombarded with many ideas. The ones that we’ll probably will be carrying out are

  • Chat party.
  • Contest.
  • Have everyone get a picture.

We don’t quite know what the contest will be, but we’re sure the prizes will include blogroll, and other such extravagant items.

Special thanks to Kaveman722 for telling me to screw a monkey :).

It’s a simple equation really.


20 Responses

  1. That’s how I deal with haters, I turn their insults into humor. It’s the ultimate form of recycling!


  2. hahaha!yea rember when i called etheir Sreimer or cstarr a tree huger and they laughed about!i wasn’t trying to offend any one~


  3. Pwnage *Gives thumbs up*

  4. did i not just comment?

  5. gosh darnit

  6. Dear Sam,
    Screwing monkeys is quite the thing to do nowadays. In ye olden days… Jk. How are you doin Sam? You know I was Just kiddin when i said to screw a monkey. And not a hater… I’M A LOVER!! Ur site is awesome… as always. Sorry I never posted when I ‘worked’ here. I was always soooooooooooooooooooo busy. As I grow up, I get so much busier. And Screwing monkeys totallllllllllly= ELMO!!!!!! Please Comment back to me sssaam (sam). Whatever you want me to say. Best of luck with your website. I loved workin here with ya’ll. I visit ur site EVERY day (almost). Have a good rest of the year and whatever the heck.

    -Your old buddy and pal

    Sssaam: K, thanks! 😀

  7. Dear Sam,
    Screwing monkeys is quite the thing to do nowadays. In ye olden days… Jk.

  8. what is ur email

  9. Sorry I sent that. I was bored…so. How are you doin? I had a long message typed out but my cp screwed up. And I visit ur site everyday… still.

  10. ( . ) ( . )

  11. How did u find out it was me? I P adress?

    Sssaam: Yeah, IP address.

  12. Lol, nice recycling. Ooo, the chat box party was my idea? Was it a good one? Yes i am so happy to have one of my ideas chosen.

    Sssaam: Yeah, a bunch of people asked that we have a chat box party.

  13. Awesome! And what’s with the screw and the monkey…? Lol, you recycled an insult into a comedic equation! Nice! 😆

    ~Heyitsme :mrgreen:

  14. Hey the chat party was my ideal! cool! happy dance

  15. Um… That picture says 390,085 hits, but the blog stats says 389,951 hits

  16. Lol, You Guys Rock!
    Sssaam: Thanks!

  17. Hey!

    Did you get the contest idea from me?


    Sssaam: Actually, a lot of people gave that idea along with the chat box idea. It would be too much of a hassle to put everyone’s name up there. Thanks though!

  18. OMG YES!!! MY IMAGE OF A PENGUIN (me!) ON THE SIDE OF THE COMMENT WORKED :d :d :d I was trying to get that to work for agggggggeeeeeeeeeeeessssssss


    Sssaam: Congrats!

  19. Hi!!!!
    I have a really important post on my blog!!!! try clicking my name and it will take you there PLEASE READ IT AND COMMENT WITH A REPLY!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASERS!!! thank you!!!!!

    Sssaam: K.

  20. What happened to ur tshirt post? and the tshirt??

    Sssaam: It had Elmo on it, so CafePress took it down. 😦

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