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10 Random Facts About Cstarr

Here are some facts about the administrator you hardly ever hear from!

  1. I am one of the best three swimmers in the State.
  2. I am three grades ahead of the average person in math.
  3. I have been called a nerd countless times.
  4. I play trumpet with the 8th grade band, even though I’m only in 7th grade.
  5. I broke my arm last fall while playing soccer:  a large, obese kid stepped on it when i fell.
  6. I’m in school track.
  7. I still play soccer, on the same club as Sam, and have two-a-days with track and soccer.
  8. I am in the top 25 in the state in Cross-Country.
  9. I am smart, but hate reading and language arts!
  10. I can do 60 push-ups in under 50 seconds.

I am a total beast and am completely ripped.  I am the fish of the lunch table (we have this joke that I’m part fish).  I’m not trying to brag, but these are all true.

Sssaam: I’m a witness to number 5, lol!


9 Responses

  1. WOW!!!!!! A fat kid once stepped on my arm, but the fat kid sat on it and and sat on ME! It was sickening, I’m scared for life!
    Cstarr: Wow! That’s a crazy coincidence!

  2. I can’t swim at all, for reasons I don’t talk about.

    I’m in Algebra, I think that’s either 2 or 3 grades ahead.

    Go nerds!!!

    I saw you at honor band. Go Trumpet!!!

    I got cleated by a fat kid called Chancho, (that’s what we call him, and then he tripped and fell on me. I dislocated my shoulder.

    I can’t be in soccer and track, so I choose soccer.

    Soccer rules!!!

    I am 16th in Regionals, just good enough to NOT get a metal in Cross Country.

    When I have self-control, I have a ton. When I have a Dew, it all goes downhill.

    I can do 120 sit-ups in a minute and 36 push-ups in a minute(or at least I could last fall)

    I’m really small and you’re not a total fish unless you are ridiculously double-jointed like Micheal Phelps.

    And yes, it’s all true.

  3. Wow, I guess this is ‘Random Fact Day’, lol. It looks like you and Sssaam are both into football/soccer. Lol, same here. Is football/soccer as popular in the USA as it is here in England? It is over here, but in the USA I think basketball is a popular sport, isn’t it? We don’t even have basketball teams here in England, lol! I like it though. We play it in PE sometimes.

    Sssaam: It stinks because soccer is probably the least popular sport in the USA, we don’t even play it in PE! American Football and basketball are the most popular.

    Sreimer: most kids play soccer when their little here though

  4. ha ha! number 5!!

  5. Ouch. Were you O.K.

  6. Nice 3rd swimmer and 25th cross country in state!
    I am smart
    I play baseball (starter 3rd baseman ^_^)
    I can do 55 pushups in around 50sec :l
    I can run a mile in under 6mim 30sec not sure what time tho

  7. Whoop-de-doo. No one cares. Get a life and some friends, and get that 10 foot rod out of your but.

    Sssaam: Oh thanks! That really means a lot. We care about your opinion, and value it a lot (especially people from Minnesota, like you!). Usually when I hate a website, I leave immediately. But you cared enough to make a comment, thanks! Oh, and butt has two t’s.

  8. 😯 #5- OUCH! You got some impressive facts 😀

  9. OMG! You guys had 22 views on!
    or was it 21?
    Is this considered spam? XD I’m confused!
    I’m called a nerd a lot too!

    Sssaam: Sweet, the most we’ve ever had was 86!

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