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Way of Life

Hey everybody I’ve been off for a while just taking a little break but im back and so is cstarr! YAY! I’m glad we finally got a domain name…thank you!  So, I had this scary dream a few nights ago and  I died 13 times, was shot 22 times, and then killed the easter bunny with a butter knife, it was weird.  But anyways the point is is that i couldn’t go back to sleep so I was thinking bout what life would be like in other countrys here r some examples

Life in Romania

Life in China

Life in the north pole during summer


Life in Iran

Life in my world (sorta an inside joke, i love google, and sandboxes!)


18 Responses

  1. lol i just refreshed my computer and a new pots was here lol.

    Sssaam: Lol, what a coincidence…

  2. Yo!
    Weird dream…

  3. Very weird dream.My weirdest dream was that I was being chased by rottweilers in like toon town and the floor kept falling and the dream kept happening.It was weird and freaky at the same time.I like the China one 🙂

  4. The movie Knowing looks good.I have never heard of it so I searched it.I read the plot and it sounds ver ery berry good! 🙂 maybe that shall be on my “I need to see!” movie list… 🙂

    Sssaam: Yeah, it was really good, we all went to see it together.

  5. hey congrats on getting the domain! i was camping so i couldnt get on the computer lately

  6. Wierd dream. My wierdest dream was actually just last night. I’m not sure how or why, but I was in America on Liberty Island and there was this meeting (I’m not sure why I was going there either). I walked in when I saw a small bomb go off on the Statue Of Liberty. It didn’t fall down, which was unusual. Then he shouted something like “I will bomb the gruhanza”. I think he was trying to say Statue of Liberty. I couldn’t think of that word either, so that was probably why. Anyway he closed the doors and all security guys came in and held us hostage. Then a friend of mine (Paraig) Who’s nicked-named Podge ran for the door and got out. I didn’t even know in the dream why he was there O.o So anyway I made a run for it but got caught xD. Then a guy came up to me with a knife and I said “Please, Don’t stick it in me”. and then he scraped my arm with the knife. There was 2 wierd things about that: 1. I felt the pain, which was unusual… 2. I woke up with a line on the exact place I had scraped! So anyway I went on and finally got out the door. Then suddenly Gavin, who isn’t as fast as me (Gavin is a guy in my class. I changed his name for security reasons) Tried to hit me with a razor. It was simple to out-run him, and then out of no where my dog was beside me. He’s also very fast so it started to go to a comedy. Then I woke up.

    Wierd dream, Huh?


    P.S. I got this really funny text. It reads:

    Due to the ression in Ireland the goverment has began de-porting mently-ill people. I started crying when I thought of you. Run my crazy friend, run! :p

  7. Another thing-I’d ❤ to do the China one! It looks fun!

  8. sssaam , why would you ask if i made dat stupid spam comment?

    Sssaam: It matches your exact IP address, I know it’s you.

  9. Last night i had a dream when i was the first man on mars and i met nice martions.

  10. LOL! Life in the North Pole. You offended Santa! Coal 4 You’z! lol

  11. lol Romania


  13. srr that was a weird comment and i was on caps lol

  14. my world=http://static1.brusheezy.com/images/screenshots/0000/2422/Oh_So_Random.jpg

    Sssaam: Lol, nice.

  15. HAHA HA!!! OW MY RIB!! (credit to pizzaman36)

  16. This is scary…….

    i went on http://www.hillarrydduff.com………….. but it was supposed to be http://www.hilaryduff.com. It said:
    “Your death will be now.” or something like that. Then I fell into a deep sleep and woke up with my lip cut and my ankle broken! I figured out i was sleeping when my plane to florida crashed.

    Pretty scary huh?

  17. omg! thats horrible!

  18. also, my weirdest dream was probably when i was getting ready to go to school and aparently, i forgot to put on clothes and i took my pajamas off, so i was in my underwear.(blushes). then my brother came to pick me up and hes not old enough to drive! so we were crashing into other cars and stuff and all of the sudden my grandpa was sitting in the car with me eating an orange loliipop. then i was in my green robe and we went to this park into the middle of the desert and i played in the jungle gym and stuff. i have had a weirder dream but i cant remember it. the dream i have just told about, i have had it 3 times. and i think my dream might have been trying to tell me something.in the part where i went to school without my clothes on,the only people who laughed at me were my friends.

    weird dream huh?


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