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300,000 Hits!



Yup, last night at 8:52 central time we hit…


Woot! That’s 300,000 hits in less than a year for those who are counting! Thank you so much to everyone around the world who helped us reach this incredible feat! I hope this huge animation won’t render anyone unconscious or into a state of epilepsy! An acheivement of this size needs such a huge animation! Also, thank you to everyone who got a picture…



Pablo: Yush! We got 300k hits! w00t! (Those are zeros by the way, what I do when I’m really happy, WordPress’ stupid font doesn’t show zeros as zeros D:) We haven’t even had the blog a year and we have 300,000 hits. All I can say is wow. So I will. Wow. We wanna keep this going, and get 400k, 500k, 1 million! We wouldn’t be anywhere without you guys reading our site daily. We love it ;). That’s all for now!

~Keep on laughing~



12 Responses

  1. WOOT! You guys deserve it your blog ROCKS.

  2. o em gee i got pics of both the 299983 hits and the 300017 hits too! WAIT A SECOND o i was the one that got the 300017 hits pic lol unless sam got the same pic too…odd y does it say last night we got that? it was tonight! but tomorrow tonight will be last night or will it be yesterday night?:lol:
    o btw ur time is diff cuz here is an hour behind? wow like the southwest rlly lags in time! (lol) whoa! look how long this comment is! wonder how long it will take to moderate it! Im gonna try to make this comment super long! (jk jk ) or am i???? o btw did u see http://i495.photobucket.com/albums/rr316/Ribsythedog/Picture79.png
    this other pic i sent to u? i hope u did and if u didnt, click that link now! btw im too lazy to look at the faq right now, when did this blog start? o btw sssaam did u catch the end of american idol? or did the blog and all that take ur time away from u? ew that sounded wrong and i didnt have a better wat 2 word it! r u gonna answer my questions!?!?!? ahhh! o btw @ school we played this game called bus stop because r art teacher is awesome as welll as some of the other teachers…anyway so we were playing it and u have to get the person in the chair next 2 u to get freaked out and move! with the whole class watching! anyway so i had to try to get my art teacher to move and i couldnt think of anything so i said the first thing that came 2 mind…
    “BURRITO!” and i flew my hands in the air and she moved lol anyway that reminds me! “put ur hands in the AYER AY AYER AYER AY AYER!!” lol whoa this comment is so long! i rlly hope u respond 2 it somebody! btw i wanna kno how long it took u to read this! im gonna say 2 random things now!
    a seventh grader hangs out with me and my friend after school cuz his parents dont pick him up from skool till like later and he thought i was a 6th grader and he was like “i thought u were in the 6th grade and that was weird, i mean rlly a 5th grader liking the song MY HUMPS!?” its funy cuz one of us would start singing it and the other could pick off thats y on chat it was so cool today! cuz sam is in the 7th grade whoops am i giving out his personal info? u can delete that part if u want anyway did u kno….

  3. CONGRATS SSSAAM AND CSTARR AND PABLO AND Y’ALL! 😆 .. but i was gone having hotdogs and interviewing a mini play script and fooling around talking about weird stuff with my friends 😥 … i so wanted to see the 300K mark.. but i couldn’t ! LOL congrats again!

  4. WOW!! Congrats!

  5. WOOT Congrats Dude! ROFL My site only has 7,890 hits

  6. Cooooooooooooool you guys deserve it just like Cali said i was asleep when it proboly hit 300,000 hits

  7. Congrats!


  8. Wow! Congrats, guys! You totally deserve it! This is one of the best sites of ever been to, I visit it everyday, and it always makes me laugh! Lol, you RAWK!!
    As Pablo says, Keep on laughing… Or giggling…. Hmmm, I suppose you could even say chuckling… 😆
    -Skatagirl96 😀 😀 😀

  9. how can you have 300000 hits and can you please advertise my site. it’s LINK REMOVED
    Pablo: Well first thing to do, is you make a blog. Yay. Okay, so now you have your blog. But OMG… it’s boring. So you brighten it up with some color and good posts. Then people are like, “XOMG!11!1!oneshift!11!1!!1!1 DATZ A KOOL BLOG!!1”, and they come back to it again. And again. And soon you have people come to your blog 300,000 different times. And then you get a 300k blog. ~Fin~

  10. I must’ve helped QUITE a lot with that…
    I come here LOADS of times!! 🙂

  11. WMG! [woah my gosh] 300,000 hits! awesome!

  12. Did you view it. By the way it’s a website not a blog.

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